I Told You He Was There

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A dream I had.

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012



 I lay alone in my dark room. The fan spins silently above me. A faint glow comes from outside my window. The moon is the closest connection to anything I have. My body is sprawled along my bed. I try to keep my eyes fixated on the turning blades above me. I try not to look at the distorted figure on the opposite corner. My hands shake tremendously as the fear crawls, licks, tears through my thoughts. We have played this little game for so many nights I do not know. He stares at me. I force every muscle in my body not to spasm, not to look. Just try to ignore its presence! The fan blades continue to spin and the dark figure shuffles side to side. He is overwhelmed with anticipation. Air steadily seeps through my nostrils leaving a quiet whimper. The only other noise in my darken prison is the deep slow breathing. I can just feel his excitement. Yes I have told others of his existence. They ignored me. Maybe they thought it was a cry for attention? Maybe I was just tired? Crazy? Now the only attention I get is from the solemn being that lingers about three feet from the bedpost. I cannot help but notice a flash of light twinkle from his eyes. The moonlight reflected so quickly, so gracefully that only this twinkle could be seen. Without thinking, my eyes turned in its direction. The moon was glistening off of its long metallic like finger nails. As soon my eyes laid into its direction he took a step forward into the steam of light beaming from the sky. Standing a few feet above the ground this creature stood. It was not the tattered piece of black cloth that hung around him that caught my attention. Nor were its lengthy fingers or his razor sharp nails that dangled from them. It wasn’t the fact that the creature’s skinny body shook violently. It was not its grin or the piercing teeth, but it's eyes that gleamed almost as bright as the moon with excitement. It was not his body of patched worked strips of skin sewed together that frightened me. It was none of these. But as I looked at this small demonic figure my heart plummeted, lost feeling through my other organs. Underneath the moons reflection, his eyes were darker than anything I have ever seen. My muscles… Nerves… Skin started to melt. My jaw stretched and eyes widened with fear. Cold sweet raced across my chest. Those eyes… that grin pierced through my skull. His leg motioned forward. Before I could blink, before I could scream… Darkness swept around me as the grin, those eye were inches from my face and its nails in my plunged deep into my throat.

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