Time to Succumb

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Optional view on the dark sides of suicide.

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012



The solemn light bulb glows faintly above me.

Four walls slowly push their way in,

Cramping me in this box.

I can see my shadows dancing along the wall.

It resembles a ceremony

A rite of passage to the end.

The knife runs deeply into the bottom of my wrist,

It drags and tears it way along my forearm.

I am alone…

Nothing but a shell hallowed from my formal existence.

At least that is how I felt.

The knife left a clean mark,

A gaping whole.

From this cavity leaks a sticky hot liquid.

My shadows along the wall start to fade…

The single light flickers and my prison gets darker.

The goo flowing from my arm gets distorted.

Shapes… Bodies sprawl from my blood.

Imprinted sadness crawls and rips its way from inside.

Demons spool through out the room.

They run ramped.


Contorting my insides.

Yanking my desperate beating heart.

Teeth sink deep into my gut.

They chuckle and howl.

Long fingers and extend nails gauge my eyes.

With a simple touch my flesh starts to burn.

My body is thrashed about,

Limbs violently shredded away from me.

Pure agony is injected through my face.

I lay now empty and can’t help to think…

Death is truly better.

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