Moving On

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This is a story about a guy who sees his first love moving on without him.

Submitted: August 08, 2013

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Submitted: August 08, 2013



I’m finally done with my homework. I jump out of the kitchen chair and run out, telling my mom that I did my work. I run out the door and step into the backyard. I go to the fence that separates my house and her house. I sit down in front of the fence and I wait for her. After only a few minutes I heard the door of her house open and I see her running towards the fence. She sat down in front of me. Her name is Jennifer, I call her Jenny. She’s 6 years old like me and we’re in the same school and we live next to each other. She has brown wavy hair and brown eyes and she smells like strawberries.


“Hi Jacob!” She greets me.


“Hi Jenny! Did you do the homework?”


“Yup. It was easy!” She answers cheerfully.


Jenny is really smart. One of the smartest kids in the class. We talk about school, and the books I read, and about our future adventures when we grow up. I want to grow up already! I want to have many adventures together with Jenny. She’s my bestest friend in the whole world. One day we promised that when we’re old enough we would get married.



It’s been 9 years. I don’t live next to Jenny. I live with my mother and my brother Charlie in another block. My father moved to a condo in the city. Nothing has been the same since their divorce. After many years of friendship I finally plucked up the courage to ask Jenny out. Now we’re officially dating. We’ve been dating now for about 2 months. My best friend Julian was stoked for us. But with all that happened with my parents and also what had happened with my last girlfriend, I’m left unsure if I can feel what I felt for her when we were children. I grab my phone and I dial her number. It rings a few times and it picks up.


“Hello?” She says.




“Hey sweetie! Is something wrong?” She asks.


“I don’t think we’re going to work out, I think we should just stay friends. I just don’t think I want to date anyone right now.”


There’s silence.


“Are you ok?”


“Yeah… I’m just fine… Ok, if its what you want… it’s for the best…” She said, her voice sounding broken.


She hangs up quickly. I put my phone down and I bury my fingers through my short brown hair. It’s better this way. Love isn’t meant to last. It didn’t last between my parents; it didn’t last between Aubrey and me. I wont let that happen again.



It’s been 3 years since Jenny and I split. We’re both 18 now. And it’s graduation day. Mom is fixing up my toga. After she and dad congratulate me, they go to sit down with Charlie. I look around and see my classmates. But I only notice Jenny and Julian laughing together. Even with us breaking up, they stayed friends. Now they’re going to the same university together. I’m going to a university on our town while both Jenny and Julian are studying in a city far away from here. Both Jenny and Julian look at me. She looks down sadly and Julian tells her something and pats her shoulder. She looks up to him and nods. He gives her a firm hug and he runs off with his girlfriend. She takes a deep breath and walks over towards me. We haven’t spoken much since our break up. We’ve only spoken out of courtesy or when it was necessary. She walks up to me.


“Hey Jacob…”


“Hey Jenny…”


“Can we talk privately for a moment?”




She takes my hand and leads me outside into the hall. The loud chatter of the parents and graduates diminishes as she closes the door. We’re all alone in the huge hallway. She takes a deep breath.


“You broke up with me years ago and you never gave me a real reason for it. I never really cared to know it. But something inside me wanted to know. Now I want to ask you, so that I can move on with my life. Why did you break up with me?”


I look down to the floor.


“I… Well… I just wasn’t ready. After my parents got divorced and my ex cheated on me I just didn’t think that I wanted to go through the same with you…”


She looked up straight into my eyes. Her brown eyes were getting watery.


“So you decided to go out with me, dump me, and break my heart just because you had a bad experience with your ex and because your parents relationship didn’t work out?”


“I’m sorry-“


“I don’t want to hear you say sorry Jacob! You’re not sorry! I’m not your ex girlfriend and I’m neither of your parents. I loved you! I loved you since we little kids sitting in front of each other through the fence. You broke my heart into a million pieces…” She yelled.


She paused and looked down to the floor. I notice a stray tear rolling down her cheek. She dries it quickly and looks back up to me.


 “Thank God we’re graduating today and I’m moving away, because I never want to see you again!” She whispered.


She turned around and entered the room, joining the rest of our classmates. I stay behind trying to process everything. I take a deep breath and walk in. Through the whole ceremony I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Then came the time when her name was called. She went up, shook hands with the school principal and he gave her the diploma. The coach stood up and whooped at Jenny. He’s really going to miss his soccer star. She didn’t get the highest of grades but she was a great athlete. Her mom and dad stand up and take pictures of her. Her brothers clap loudly and yell congratulations at her. I go and pick up my diploma and my parents and Charlie cheer for me. After the long ceremony I jump into a car and we make our way to a big graduation party. I hang around for a few minutes and take a few drinks. And I remembered this was my old neighborhood. I walk out of the party and I walk down the street. I find my old home. Abandoned, sad… I jumped the gate that led to the backyard. After I land on my feet I look around for the spot. I walked towards our spot on the fence. I stand by where I used to sit as a boy. I sit down in the same spot and look up to her house. I see the boxes in her room. All her belongings packed into brown cardboard boxes. I think back of the little boy with the short brown hair and green eyes and the girl with brown hair and brown eyes sitting by the fence, promising a life of adventures together. Tears roll down my eyes as I look to the spot where she used to sit. How did we get here? From a life together to not seeing each other ever again. I messed up. I love her and I messed it up.



It’s been 3 years since we graduated. I’m 21 years old right now. I am neatly folding some clothes and shoving them into my backpack. The College Olympics are this week. All the universities suspended their classes for this event. They’re like the actual Olympics but instead it’s only for the universities around the country. This year the ceremonies are being held in Julian’s university. I didn’t really plan to go. It’s only a bunch of drunken frat boys cheering for their respective college. But Julian insisted over and over that I come over and stayed in his apartment. So I gave in and now I’m packing my things. I hear the honk outside of my room and I take a peek outside. Julian is there in his car waiting for me. I zip up my bag and toss it over my shoulder. I close and lock the door to my room and walked down.


“Hey Jacob! What’s up you son of a bitch!” Julian greets me with a handshake and a tight hug.


“Not much you bastard!” I laughed as I hugged him back.


“Come on, we have a one hour drive from here and the next events are going to start in about 2 hours.”


I toss my backpack into the back and I jumped into the front seat. Julian drives off. He drives like a speed-loving moron. We talk about schoolwork and girls and all that jazz. I tell him of Kate, my cute lab partner. We go to Julian’s apartment and I drop off my things in his guest room.


“Jake get your ass back into the car! The soccer finals are starting!” Julian yelled.


I rush down the stairs and jump into his car. We go to his university and he drives me around campus. He proudly shows me around his university and we finally arrive at the field. We sit down on the bleachers and we watch the Bridgetown Tech girl’s soccer team take the field.


“Hey what match is this?” Julian asked the big guy sitting next to us.


“It’s the last match, our girls soccer team vs. the Bridgetown Tech.”


“What about the boys final?” Julian asked concerned.


“We lost, 3-2…”


Julian cursed a string of profanities.


“Well no matter, the boys team was crappy this year anyway. The girl’s team is where the real money is!”


“And why is that?” I asked.


“With a Captain like Brennan leading the team, there’s no way we can loose!”


Brennan… that last name seems so familiar to me. I can’t put my finger on it but for some reason hearing Julian say Brennan made my heart beat faster. The girls of Bridgetown take their places. And the announcer calls the players of Yoxall University. Julian stands up and begins whooping. Almost all of the players are out, except for one.


“…And finally… the captain of the Yoxall University female soccer team! Jennifer Brennan!” The announcer yells.


My heart stops. I see a tall, slim young girl jogging towards the field. Her brown wavy hair bouncing from her shoulders. She waves at the spectators and joins her team. My jaw hangs inches from the floor. I compose myself and turn to Julian.


“Lets go Brennan! You got this!” He yells as the game starts.


I pull Julian down to the seat.


“Hey what gives bro?” He protests.


“Brennan, as in, Jennifer Brennan? Jenny Brennan?” I asked incredulously.


“Yeah, I thought you knew.”


“I didn’t know. I haven’t known from Jenny since…”


“… Since graduation…” He finishes.




Julian sighed. He went on to explain everything. She’s a decent student; most of the professors around campus love her. She’s in the school soccer team. She was good at sports when we were in school but I can see that she has gotten even better than before. After a long time later the game finishes 7-0 in favor of Yoxall University. Julian jumps up and cheers. I stand up and clap with my eyes glued to Jenny. I see her jump up and down and hugging her teammates. Seeing her broad smile reminded me a lot of that cheerful girl I knew long ago… that cheerful girl whose heart I broke… that cheerful girl who still has my heart to this day. I see her turn her head to the side. She quickly leaves her team and runs into the arms of another guy. He had light olive skin color, brown unruly hair, glasses and hazel eyes. She runs into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck. They kiss, earning the whooping noise from the spectators. I can feel my heart stop and break. I look over to Julian. He stops cheering and notices my blank expression.


“What’s wrong dude?”


“Nothing… Hey who’s that with Jenny over there?”


“Oh! That’s John Hawthorne!”


“John Hawthorne?” I asked.


“Yeah, he’s one of my best friends around here. He’s the captain of the judo team. Both Brennan and I took our Biology and English courses with him. The three of us became quick friends, but later him and Brennan became more… they’ve been together for 2 years now.”


I look down to the ground for a moment.


“Dude lets go down and congratulate Brennan!” Julian offered.


“Dude, I don’t know…”


“Oh relax! You two grew up together…”


“Yeah but I doubt she wants to see me after all that I did…”


“She must’ve forgotten about that by now. Just shut up and follow me you pussy.” Julian said as he pulled me out of the bleachers.


We walked to the parking lot and we see Jenny putting her bag inside her car. Julian hunched a little bit forward and ran quietly up to her. He suddenly snaked his arm around her waist and spun her around earning a squeak from her.


“Congratulations super star! I’m so proud of you!” Julian exclaimed setting her down and ruffling her hair.


“Thanks Jules.” She laughed swatting his hand away.


“Oh hey, do you remember Jacob?” He said looking over to me.


I held my breath for a moment. She squinted her eyes at me and stepped closer.


“Jacob… Jacob Bennett?”


“Um… Yeah…” I say nervously running my hands through my hair.


“Yeah, I remember. It’s been a while.” She said her voice with a ring of cheerfulness


“Yeah, 3 years…”


“Hey guys, Chloe’s calling, I need to go. Jen could you give Jake a ride back to my place?”


“Sure. No prob.” Jenny agreed.


“Dude you know where to find the key to my place. I’ll see you later!” He said dashing off.


I awkwardly turn to Jenny and she quickly gestures me into the car. I get in the passenger seat. On the way we talk. A lot. It reminds me of our happy times. The reasons of why I fell in love with her. She hasn’t changed from that little girl from across the fence. Well yeah, she has gotten much, much prettier. We laughed and laughed until we were out of breath. We reached Julian’s apartment building. She parked the car to the side.


“Well this is your stop Jake.”


“Yeah.” I said looking up to the building.


I turn to Jennifer.


“Hey, remember the times when we were neighbors and we played by the fence…”




“How we promised we would get married and have adventures together?”


“… That was a long time ago Jacob… We didn’t work. I’m in love with John now. You had your chance and you let me go, you gave up on us.”


“… I love you…” I whispered.


“… I loved you once, but those days are over.”


I bow my head down.


“I understand… I’m so sorry…” I whispered as I step out of the car.


I watch her speed off and I sigh. Now I know, I’ve truly lost her.



It’s been 6 years since the last time I saw Jennifer. Now I stand at the back of a church. I see Julian standing by the side of Jenny’s boyfriend- I mean, fiancé. I received the news about their engagement not long ago when Julian came over to my place to tell me of his own engagement. Jenny sent an invitation not long after. He told me to come over and I finally decided to show up. I stand in the back as I see her march down the aisle with her father.


“… Speak now or forever hold your peace…” The priest said.


I see the look in her eyes. The love she has for John. That loving look that will never again be mine again. Jenny’s happy. And that’s what’s really important. I turn around and head to the door. I smile. Even with knowing that she wont be mine, I don’t feel my heart break. I’m ready to move forward. We both have separate lives now. She’s now married and I’m engaged to my old college lab partner, Kate Parker. I’m madly in love with Kate. She’s beautiful, kind, and… just… amazing. I’m ready to move towards tomorrow. I look over my shoulder and I see Jenny and John sharing their first kiss as a married couple and I say goodbye to the girl from across the fence and I walk out.



Now 7 years had passed. I’m a happily married man. I work in a publishing company. I found a line of work that has me reading most of the time. I love waking up in the morning and going to work. My company is in my old hometown. We moved into my old home after Kate and I got married. It was still standing after all this time. And a year later we welcomed a baby girl into our lives. Olivia Bennett. She’s identical to her mother, but her personality is just like mine. She’s mild tempered and she loves books. She’s my little princess. She has straight brown hair and clear blue eyes. I come home early from work and my wife and daughter greet me. After she tells me about her day in school she asks for permission to go outside. I tell her to go ahead. She dashes out and starts playing with a ball in the backyard. I sit down at the kitchen with the back door open and start reading a book. Olivia apparently kicked the ball into the neighbor’s backyard and it hit someone.


“Ow!” Someone cried.


Olivia went over to the fence and saw a small boy with light olive skin, glasses, and unruly hair.


“I’m so sorry!”


“It’s ok.”


“I haven’t seen you around here before?”


“This is my grandparents house, I’m gonna move into the neighborhood. My name is Haytham!” He claimed proudly.


“I’m Olivia!”


I hear the conversation and decide to close the book and see what was going on. I’m shocked when I see a young boy and my daughter sitting in the same position that me and my old friend Jenny were sitting when we were their age. I smiled warmly at the children as all the warm, beautiful, heartbreaking, and amazing memories of the first girl that I ever loved flood my mind. I’m about to go back inside when I hear a woman’s voice.


“Haytham! Where are you?”


“I’m here!” The little boy calls out.


“Hello, and who are you young lady?” The woman said sweetly.


“I’m Olivia.”


“Hello Olivia, I’m Jenny, Haytham’s mother.”


I turn around and see from afar the boy’s mother standing by his side. I walk towards my daughter.


“Hey Olivia, who’s your new friend?”


“This is Haytham and that’s his mom, Jenny!” She exclaimed pointing at the boy and the woman.


I look up and I finally noticed. The boy’s mother is Jenny, my old childhood friend, my first love.


“Jenny? Jenny Brennan?”


“Jacob Bennett?”


I chuckle loudly. Life is truly a funny thing. Jennifer Hawthorne-Brennan. I see her and I see the little girl from across the fence, the beautiful teenage girl, and finally the mature woman standing before me. How far have we gotten from the kids from across the fence! I see our children and I see our reflection. I see the life and the memories that could’ve been. The adventures that together we didn’t get to fulfill because I was afraid to take the chance. All the memories and the life we didn’t get to live together. Our lives took different paths and they both led us to beautiful moments. And now it’s their turn. 

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