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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

What is perfection? Writing of my adolescence what I learned as a human.

Submitted: December 01, 2017

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Submitted: December 01, 2017



I saw my friends in love,

with flaws, kisses and in touch.

Never got a clue why I still stayed single,

got an answer back from fellows that-"Maybe you're not perfect to mingle".


What is perfect to mingle?

Something melodic as a voice as a jingle.

 Being a body with an attitude of love and care,

that's what I could figure out to be stared.


I inculcated and cherished this all,

but all went in vain as vanity was the call.

I felt in dumb and small,

with no beauty at any stroll.


 Just thought, life is not easy,

especially with love, it's choosy and cheesy.

 Wished for someone who would be like me,

cause prince charming was never going to be for me.


In periods of sleep, I dreamt of coziness with someone,

someone who could be my number one.

Finally, I got changed as the ladies who were mingled,

all I have to do was to blow up the singles.


Prince charming came in,

but something was left behind as vacant.

I knew what it was,

not ready to accept it any cost.


Fixing myself, one day in front of the mirror,

my mother came into my room and paced nearer.

She said-"Dear clean up all this, this is not perfection".

Perfection then what's it I thought with suffocation.


All day long I had it with me,

during the night in my sleep,

I got an answer to what it was,

a perfect someone, of something which I never thought.


Of kindness and care,

of humbleness which the Lord himself stared.

 All I had to do was to become a human,

with peace, love and no nuisance.


I changed up that day,

this was easy to be fake at any stage.

Everything was good and positive,

with a little evil and negative.


I was then a human, not Lord,

I did rights and also wrongs.

But made it sure that not to hurt someone,

because same could be received by me as I am also no one.


Perfection changed and it's meanings,

my mother was happy and the prince was lovingly screaming.

Attention is day and night moreover,

but goodness last's forever.




© Copyright 2020 shruti raj. All rights reserved.

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