In A Bloody World

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This article revolves around the recent chaos the world is going through at this period of time.

Submitted: March 28, 2011

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Submitted: March 28, 2011



To make this world a beautiful place to live in, we need to become beautiful first. At this moment of time, the world is going through the worst time it has ever seen. May be worse than world war 1 and 2. The reason I saying that this phase is the toughest for us is because previously sometimes it was the man who was solely responsible for creating destruction and some times it was the nature but this time both of them are doing the job together.

We all know about the chaos that Egypt went through and now it is libya who is fighting for democracy, one cannot leave out two names from the list when it comes to creating destruction or facing it. The names are India and Pakistan. Constant terrorism is a plague that has caught up with these two countries whose people start to hate each other even if they lose a cricket match played between these two countries.

Right now, Japan is facing devastation in a different way. The nature wanted to tell people about how fast it can bring a change in the world, obviously for the worst. The sad thing is that nature believes in practical unlike humans. Out of the many countries, Japan was chosen. The earth shook, water flowed all over the city and it was all over. In just matter of seconds, hard work of hundreds of years was ruined. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan has warned the people of the world to be ready for more. We all know that one cannot stop the nature. We do not have the upper hand over it, but there is something we can do.

The loss of human lives in Libya is something ‘we - the humans’ must be ashamed of. Those people who lost their wives were nether the soldiers nor the criminals but they were the normal citizens of a country going through its toughest time. I don’t know what Gaddafi has to say and the truth is that I do not want to know. For me, the most important thing is that Libya should come back to normalcy and peace should prevail in that country.

Everyone wants to live in a free and a democratic country. There is no denying the fact that Libyan people are fighting for a very important thing and that is democracy. Gaddafi has been ruling the country for about 40 years. If he loves his country, then he must act as per the demand of the situation. He must leave.

The thing that disturbs me the most is not the fact that the Libyan people or to say the anti – Gaddafi population in Libya are fighting in whatever possible to de -thrown Gaddafi. Nor am I worried about Gaddafi’s reactions to this uprising against him. The reason of my worry is intervention of Three English letters which when spoken or written together sounds or appears to be of the most powerful nation of this world. The three letters are USA. US forces have started the bombings in Libya and that has led to killings of small children, women and let me remind you that all these people killed are innocent. These people have nothing to do with the civil war. I am not blaming USA for all the violence that has spread out in Libya but what is the need of adding oil into the fire?

The whole world know what America did to Iraq. Nothing is hidden from anyone. USA had always played the role of a friend who backstabs at the right moment. For more information, ask India. The Americans always had nice words to say about India but on the other hand they kept on selling the war weapons to Pakistan in order to make them ready for a war against India. Being an Indian, I am not trying to hide our country’s blunders. India made gangsters like Dawood Ibrahim. He played a huge role in 26/11 along with Pakistan. This gangster was supported by Pakistan and Pakistan herself was supported by no one but those three English letters, i.e, USA.

I don’t want to go into indo-pak sour relations but the reason I am going there is because America here played the role an enemy wearing the mask of friendship. I seriously worry what future holds for Libya as the situation is worsening day by day. USA needs to know and more importantly the people of Libya needs to know that no democracy in the world is brought at the cost of human lives. Violence is just not the way to bring a change in the country.

Whoever wins this civil war but if the killings continue to happen then it surely will be a loss for human beings themselves. Being a human it is a shame that people are killing each other for absolutely no reason whatsoever and if there is some reason then I must confess that no reason is big enough to kill people.I am proud of the fact that Indian Government did not support the US army intervention in Libya and the need of the hour or all the countries is to oppose USA and It’s forces in libya or they might do an Iraq again.

The nature has also warned us that if we do not start doing something to save her from humans ill happenings whether through violence or global warming then she might pull the curtains off. The recent devastation in japan is nothing but nature’s message to all the Osamas and Gaddafis of the world that you may try to become the big daddy if this world but don’t forget that mother is the nature.

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