Girls and Boys will sit separate (WHAT??)

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My views on one of the most stupid things taught in most of the Indian schools, which according to me hampers India's growth in its own ways.

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013





GIRLS AND BOYS WILL SIT SEPARATE -Are you serious? I thought we don’t follow Gender discrimination (This is serious, very very serious if you think deeply about it).We are taught from the starting to sit separately, not boys and girls together, and that’s one of the major reasons boys get wrong thoughts about girls and some of them engage in activities like rapes. This is very much connected I tell you. Guys with no other source of interactions with girls never learn to talk with them, never understand them. This is one of the reasons of differences in thoughts and approaches on life which leads to molestations, social misunderstandings, bad thoughts,  because finally  guy has to marry a girl (I mean in majority of cases) and if he never have had experiences with girls he will create a pell-mell relationship with her.

 This is one of the reasons of a kid growing to become an animal attempting rape. He first learns to sit without girls. When hormones start bursting in him he feels he needs to be friends with them. But when he tries a heavy voice of teacher strikes his ears, “Tuum LadkiYoooon se kyuuun Baaat Ker Rahae ho???(one of the most common things I have heard from some social, and many science and Hindi teachers),” and the other in English , “ Why are you talking to girls?? Why are you sitting with them??Go and sit with boys” He then also hears the same in PTM in front of his parents which makes him feel shameful and he becomes a criminal in front of both parents and teachers for crime he NEVER committed. He then starts hating girls and develops unlawful ideas against her and then never talks with them until he gets familiar with internet where he learns more about girls and now he wants to know more. He tries to develop a relation with some girls but he fails AND AN ANIMAL STARTS GRIPING HIM FROM WITHIN which finally turns him to a lonely guy then a molester and if he didn’t succeed he turns to a RAPIST.


Another way of looking at this is in terms of“Why women are still considered a minority when compared to men? And why the men women situation is almost same (a little improvement can never change the majority condition) in India as it was 50 years ago? “

Because nobody ever tried to change things from the basics, they always tried to change people whose mindsets were settled, not the ones whose mindsets were to be made, in the schools, because you can never change the cards you are dealt, but the cards you have in hands. If government would have made efforts from 1950 to set up a good and homogeneous mentality into minds of its people, India would have been a different country today. 

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