Grandfather's Tale-The tribe he Loved.

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My grandfather loved to tell which were much loved and when he told it we loved it. This is one of his many classics. It tells of a man who was travelling to India alone with his plane and meets and accident and lands into a tribe.

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011




Grandfather Tales-"The tribe he Loved."



-“Shubham" Bhartendu Bhaskar

Grandfather loved telling stories when we were kids this is one of his many inventions””Uri was his name and “TURAZ” was the name of “the tribe he loved”. Four years ago, he was travelling over Africa in his plane of which he himself was the pilot – they were headed to India. Some unfortunate mistake caused a much suffered accident and his Plane, whose name was Judah, crashed straight into a mountain in the middle of a dessert. It wasn’t a very high mountain and was dry as any other thing in the large Sahara it had many- many olive trees and myrtle trees. If you are thinking how Uri knew so much then it is because he is a scientist who studies people and their habitat.

The crash wasn’t good enough to blast the plane apart. The plane lay in fairly good condition but there wasn’t enough petrol for him to get to anywhere. But there was enough food in there for at least two weeks and lots of other useful things. He took out his huge map large enough to confuse a common man. He made his extremely subtle calculations and found out that his Judah’s beauty had crashed somewhere near the Tamanrasset river, Ahaggar mountains. He went into his plane and sat on the front seat and went into deep thought of what to do next.

An hour later, he emerged from the plane with a simple plan. He climbed the tree and ran his eyes through dessert to locate signs of living beings and to his delight the first thing he saw was a man playing with his kids. He ran to him and tried to make him understand by using his fluent English but it didn’t work at all. He had been lost like this once before but was saved within four days but this time it didn’t look like it was going to be that way. A week later he gave up hope on the arrival of help. Instead he started searching all his collection of dictionaries on his laptop before its charge ran out. He was fortunately carrying his printer so he printed out the” English- Tamajaq Dictionary”. His phones had no signal. He made a second attempt this time in their language---it did work.

He explained him how it had happened and fortunately he came out to be the head of the village. He agreed to let him and his plane stay on his territory as long as he wanted and didn’t harm their men. He even asked Musa Ag Amstar (The headman), if he could completely become a member here----headman’s reply to this was” wait”.  Early next morning some men came and asked him if he wanted to shift his dwelling to outskirts of the main town and that they had come on the headman’s orders. I agreed and with around twenty men together we first broke both the wings of the plane then the back wing making it easier to carry—they then took out the engine and fuel tank making it light enough to carry. They carried it to the decided location making it the oddest house in town. Later on they brought the rest of the stuffs which they had previously broken.

His first day in town was an extremely exciting one with almost every person coming to meet him. After some integration he found out that there were about 500 men from which presently two hundred had gone on war. They were kind people. At first he was desperate to leave the dessert and return to his own kind but two weeks later his mind had changed and he was ready to settle down here for a longer time period.  Today is his 15th day in town and 22nd day after the crash.  He took a step out of the house for the first time –he had quite enough mastered the skills to make people understand what he was trying to tell them. He noticed that they prayed in domes that were beautifully decorated in fact it was the most decorated building in the city even better than the headman’s house. The others lived in colorful tents which I have heard is built only after marriage or for marriage of which the woman is the head.


The clear desert skies allowed them to be keen observers. Azzag Willi (Venus), which indicates the time for milking the goats, Shet Ahad (Pleiades (star cluster)), the seven sisters of the night, Amanar (Orion (constellation)), the warrior of the desert, Talemt (Ursa Major), the she-camel, Awara (Ursa Minor), the baby camel. Tin Hinan , was a legendry person who lives on in the heart of every Turaz and everyone knows of the stories related with Tin Hinan.

He was enjoying his life here. Within two years he was living as if he had been here for generations. But nothing can run smoothly for too long, can it? Second day of the third year brought with itself a disaster. It was a cold night and the tribe was in deep sleep when suddenly the bugle was blown and war was on but unlike most heroic stories they lost the war, they ran and shifted to another place in the wilderness but were attacked again and were defeated again. This wasn’t the end he needed to help after all he was more modernized than anyone in this dessert wars.

He helped them build better weapons to fight back or at least defend themselves. A fellow tribe thinking them to be a soft target came to attack them but was smashed. To add to it not a single survivor returned to the opposing tribe. He even helped them make their defense better and increase the chances of winning. He did everything a general would have done for his army and as an award the headman made Uri the head of the army. He was permitted to build a house of his choice in the headman’s premises. He built the best house possible with the limited materials.

The man didn’t live happily ever after. He had a tough time instead to keep up with the tribal people. As he had taught them the art of warfare and defense (modernized) they too taught him some things-they taught the art of playing a “tama” an instrument played by the aborigines in Australia. He had learnt about their behavior, their religious beliefs, the flora and fauna of the place, the rituals, and the society e.t.c. This information helped greatly in developing his book titled-“The Tribe that Owned Me”. The book was completely handwritten and available in two languages-English and Tamasheq. It was in process of being written in Italian too. There were only two copies in total ever made and none sold yet.

The people feared him no more when one day out of the blue a rumor released which everyone bought happily-the rumor stated that he was an evil man and was here to capture them and the best part to break their religion. In no time the trust and respect he had earned over the years was lost. The people no more believed him. They started to speak just behind him to make him hear what they felt of him. Uri went and sought help in the headman’s house but to Uri’s surprise when he entered they were talking about him. How to help him? The headman thought of a plan and secured Uri’s place in the tribe a little longer but not forever.

The start of the fourth year was just months away. When another rumor spread in town that the Shona king was coming this way and was going southwards. Three days to go before the fourth year celebration. The evening was extremely noisy but he was told to stay inside the house. He thinking that they preparing for his fourth year celebration kept inside. That night he slept fast.

The next morning he got up extremely late. He went out and saw that entire city was quite. He searched here and there but found absolutely no one. He then started to search the houses one by one but he found no one. He couldn’t keep himself calm. He started to panic and searched all the houses except the headman’s house. He started to weep.  He now knew it was no time to care for the rules and regulations and he broke into the headman’s house. After searching the entire building all he found was a note. After deciphering the note it read


Dear Uri,

I am extremely sorry but the tribe has decided to go along with the Shona king and I don’t have the strength to leave you alone or fight for you. But I had to force myself to leave you with this note, some food and lots of love only from me as it was the villagers’ idea to leave you here. That evening we packed to leave and not for your fourth year bash.

Your headman

This was little bit above the margin for poor Uri to bear so he now completely broke down and started to pray to god for urgent help.

  A day before the fourth year-----

It was a hot day. But fortunately some merchants arrived from somewhere near heaven to help him. They said that they were from Eastern Africa and were headed towards Ghana. They also told him that there was an U.S Embassy there and he could get saved. This was great relief for Uri. A month later Uri was in the U.S Embassy all safe & sound.

Months later of his arrival to U.S.A he published his books. And both of them were welcomed in the hearts of bestseller lists of their personal languages. Uri was a successful man now but he hadn’t forgotten the birth place of it. He frequently goes to Africa in search of his tribe-“TURAZ” the one he loved. This was the story. So, now I fulfilled your promise so now it’s your chances now go and sleep like good grandchildren and don’t irritate you grandfather any longer.””

-Shubham “Bhartendu Bhaskar



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Grandfather's Tale-The tribe he Loved.

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