shadows of night

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I've read a little about sleep paralysis. Its a horrible thing its like normal paralysis but it happens during you sleep. There are rumors that if you think about it. It can affect you too. But can it?

Submitted: August 08, 2013

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Submitted: August 08, 2013



Sam a collage student doing resurch on supernatural activities. So he planned to research on sleep paralysis. After some months he started skipping collage and started ignoring his friends. One day raj his best friend go to his house to check on him. He found that sam is trying to commit suside raj saved him and asked why did he do such thing? He said please raj kill me or else these shadows will kill him. Raj asked everything about those shadows then sam tells him the story :- that i was researching on sleep paralysis and one day shadows appear from nowhere and tried to kill me first i thought it was because of lack of sleep but then these shadows started appear everyday and tried to kill me everytime i sleep and now they want to kill me. even if i blink my eye i saw those shadows chocking me. Raj thought he was saying all these stuff because of lack of sleep. Next day raj go to sam's house to check on him but he found him dead in a strange way his mouth and eyes were wide open like he is scared or something. Dr. Said that it was an attack of sleep paralysis. Raj got shocked when he heard about it. Now he started to worried he was thinking was sam right about it does really a shadow killed him.few days after sam's death raj also saw a shadow trying to kill him during his sleep. And he realise that sam was he tell everything to his friends about raj and sleep paralysis he also asked them to not to think about it too much cuz it can affect them too and it does. Now raj and his friends were in trouble cuz they haven't sleep from weeks and if they sleep .they'll naver wake up. After too much searching they planned to go to an exorcist for help. Exorcist tell them if they want to live. They must defeate shadows and he said he will help them he took all of them in front of a temple of hanuman(indian god) and said they have to sleep in the temple and shadow appear they have to push them in front of hanuman and after that the shadows can't harm them anymore. So they all agreed and go to sleep. they were struggling for their life and suceed in it all except one raj he couldn't make it and died in that process. All other friends were safe and promise each other not to mention about sleep paralysis and shadows.

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