the truth unmasked

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Actually I was having this nightmare continuously for 2 3 days so I thought I put it in my new story its still incomplete so suggest me how to end take ot on from here

Submitted: April 10, 2016

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Submitted: April 10, 2016



(Blackout) somewhere in the city (everyone wooing) In a party everyone was enjoying and dancing but a guy between the crowd wasn't enjoying. He was rather pale for the party people around him asked "is he fine ?" he replied stammering ye.. yeah ! I am fine! he was scared of something. Something which was unknown to everyone in the party . he suddenly ran out of party and keep on running till his feet gave up. He stopped in middle of road and sit on his knees. He saw street lamp seemed somewhat strange it was flickering (on and off) then whole street gone blank and he felt like someone was blowing on his hairs. As he turned there was nobody. He was scared and screemed who are you?? why are you doing this to me? What have I done ?? What do you want? Then he saw a white light and a girl coming from there. The guy was scared and keep on saying "dont come near to me. Stay where you are." But the girl keep on coming then passes right through him. the guy was trembling in fear and having a nead death experience then he hear a voice "dont be scared sam its me priyanka" he backed up and said how can that be possible priyanka she she is dead. She committed sucide. It wasnt a sucide. She replied furiously. I was killed. They killed me. Sam was scared but he asked calmly who who killed you and why you? She replied it wasnt just a murder they raped and killed me. Sam asked do you know who they were. She said yes there were three of them all were in mask I saw 2 of them while strugling and I want revenge. This soul of mine won't perish till I kill all three of them. Sam asked what do you want from me then? I want your help to take my revenge I came to you because you were my best friend and you are the only one I can belive now.

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