A night like never before.....

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A story of a girl whose soul was torn inside but then a miracle happened........

Submitted: March 03, 2008

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Submitted: March 03, 2008



She ran against the wind recklessly,
trees passed by, leaves clapped her face,
the night fell unfailingly,
the clouds allowed only a tinge of moon’s glace.
Oh! So much pain she endured,
The shackles of loneliness gripping her tight,
God was the one she censured,
Coz with this agony she had to fight.
So she ran and ran and ran,
despite thorns piercing her sole,
forgetting from where she began,
Growing so unsure!
The sky pitch dark beckoned the clouds to rain,
both conspired to blanket the moon,
blinded from seeing any lane,
She had to stop soon!
Faith had departed her,
In an unknown place she was lost,
Hopes of love she always nurtured,
Was no more to be sought.
She stood shedding tears,
Raindrops hurting her skin,
Full with so much fear,
of never meeting her kin.
Suddenly, as the clouds howled,
Lightning struck in front of her eyes,
Was it a man she saw? She doubts
feeling so scared in inside.
She kept standing to affirm,
The light illuminated again,
Only now she learned
he smiled at her while she was in pain.
She mustered the courage to walk ahead,
Somehow reached near him,
Leaving it all at the destiny’s behest,
She didn’t care if she sinned.
He took her into his arms,
Oh! So gentle the touch,
Never had she felt so calm,
and embraced so much.
He whispered in her ear “I am here now”,
Wiping the tears off her cheeks,
Giving her the sense she had found,
What she had always seeked.
They walked together,
Beneath the lonesome sky,
To a flickering light in the cold weather,
That beckoned them to come by.
The light emanated from a shed,
So warm and cosy,
While reaching at the threshold he said,
how lovely she was and rosy.
She melted in his deep voice,
Feeling all the love,
He kissed her lips twice,
elevating her soul up above.
While caressing her face,
She fell asleep in his arms,
So serene with a child like grace,
She exuded mesmerising charm.
The sun rose secretly,
Sending its rays through the roof,
she opened her eyes slowly,
only to find herself aloof.
He was gone, oh! What a dismay!
In panic she searched for him,
But with bliss her heart lay,
and anticipation within.
He was an angel sent by God,
To rescue her from her demise,
Faith had returned Oh Dear Lord!
Love was forher she realised.
A night like never before,
Was equal to a trillion lifetimes,
She thanked God from her heart’s core,
and for being so kind.

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