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A writer's attempt at writing his first short story.

Submitted: July 23, 2010

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Submitted: July 23, 2010



The Writer

He is sitting comfortably, not so comfortable that it seduces him into the dreamy intoxicating world of sleep, but comfortable enough to not bother getting up. Laptop perched on the top of his…well…lap!!

Fingers perched over the keyboard of the laptop, just itching to hit those keys and produce that wonderful, hypnotic sound…that mechanical rhythmic click he loves so much. If he were a musician, he'd definitely have created some kind of music piece with just clicking of keys. Hmmm… interesting idea!! Click…click……… Yes, definitely, a musical piece can definitely be created. Just the thought of how the hard yet soft surface of his expensive laptop's ergonomic keyboard's tactile keys felt on the tip of his fingers was enough for him to just want to type away to glory.

White screen facing him with a black cursor blinking, as if a sprinter just warming up to run away at 40, if not 60 wpm!! He cracked his knuckles and his neck to match the readiness of the blinking cursor.

Everything is set, only thing left to do is to hit those wonderful inviting keys…….....which one?? Or rather which ones??? 26 of them…..if he wants to start with a word and not a number…..but there will only be 10 if he starts with a number!!! Hmmm…..should he start with a number?? There is less confusion. 10 Vs 26.

He thinks for a while and  after a few taps on the trackpad and few drags of his fingertips, which by the way did not feel as satisfying as hitting them on the keyboard, there it was …....about 62% less confusion if he starts with a number. But almost none of the short stories he had read started with a number.  Nope…he is going to start with a word.

Shouldn't he start with a title??? Naaa.....he belonged to the school of thought which believed that the title would emerge itself out of the story organically!. He should probably decide the genre "Yeah that's a good idea", had to be romance, yeah nothing touched the souls quite like a love story.

So a love story that starts with a word, and not a number…..he's getting closer!!!

The fingers which were perched over the keyboard, were now tired and were on the keyboard, just gliding across the keys, he liked the feel of the keys, the texture, the contours, the smoothness,  the only thing he had felt so passionately while caressing had been the skin of his girl friend! He was shocked at his comparison!! What would his friends think if he ever told them that he equated gliding his fingertips ever so slightly over the keys of his laptop to caressing the silky smooth skin of his girl friend!! " I am so disgusting" he thought.

But! Wait a minute, that gives him an idea!! Porn!! No he's not going to post his and his girl friend's intimate moments on an amateur site, He could write a porn short story!! Or for purists, erotica!! Yeah a romantic erotica, now that should find some readers!!!

So…a romantic erotica, involving a guy and a girl (he's quite straight you see), starting with a word….so much closer!!! He could feel the adrenaline rush through his blood (or wherever it rushed to…)

Now that we are almost so close to our final product, the only thing left to do is…to be hit by the inspiration!!!!

Close your eyes, let the mind dissolve in blankness, remove thoughts , remove your self from between the cosmos and your soul and let creativity strike you. Just like he had once read in a great writer's auto-biography. Few minutes pass….still nothing…All he could see in his mind's eye, was for some strange reason, a chilled glass of rich, dark cold coffee topped with lots of ice cream, and dark chocolate sauce clinging to the sides of the glass in an artistic swirling manner!!

"What the F%$#" he exclaimed…What's wrong with me??? I am trying to get inspiration for a romantic erotic short story beginning with a word and all I can think of is this glass of rich dark cold coffee?? The only thing remotely related to my short story in this imagery is the shape of the glass covered with dew droplets which from a certain angle reminds me of a very shapely woman fresh out of bath.

"What's wrong with me??" …and then…... as if out of nowhere…he was hit by the eureka moment!! He gained clarity of vision…the biggest problem of his creative existence or the lack of it, became clear!! How could he have not realized it earlier!!! The couch!!!!

The couch he was sitting on, was not at all conducive for creative breakthroughs. He was suddenly reminded of the couch he had once sat upon in bookmark, the cozy little bookstore around the corner of his neighborhood.  He had felt so comfortable and creatively inspired sitting on that couch. The fabric it was upholstered with, the way it supported his body, the angles, the feel, the foam or whatever was inside, soft enough to invite his posterior ever so softly and firm enough to provide ample push, it was all so perfect so compatible with his kind of writing!!!

It definitely looked a lil on the expensive side. But what's money in front of creative genius. He had to get it. That's it, a short trip to bookmark to find out where they got it from, and then a short trip to the couch heaven where they make such creativity inspiring couches and the world's culture would be enriched by one masterpiece romantic erotica which begins with a word!!

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