Life as a Book

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Are we a student,teacher or both of our life?

Submitted: July 13, 2007

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Submitted: July 13, 2007



Every life is a notebook cum book because we not only read from it but also write in it. We write many chapters of our life simultaneously on this notebook like of our different relationships, our career etc. When any of this chapter is completed, it becomes a part of our life book. That means what is completed become a part of book that guides us in future through the experiences and lessons that we had learned from it. And every incomplete chapter remains the part of the notebook in a hope that someday it will also be complete and become a part of book.

Someone said to me that "never leave any chapter of your notebook incomplete". Never leave it for god or destiny or someone else to complete it. This is your life, your notebook and you have to make it beautifulby movingforwardwith completing every chapter of it. Only a complete chapter teaches and gives us a lesson whereas an incomplete chapter is a waste of precious time of this short life. It creates confusion in you and become a source of dark. If you do not develop a habit of moving with completing every chapter of your life cum notebook, then over the period of time you will find many incomplete chapters and then your book will not be in a position to guide you in the future. Your life becomes a great confusion and a puddle of complex thoughts. Remember that at present by sitting over past, we construct the building of our future.

There comes many junctures in our life when we find ourselves in doldrums. For example suppose a girl come in your life and somehow over the period, you develop some feelings for her. Then you fell in such sort of doldrums. You think that if you propose and she declined then you may lose her friendship and if you don’t propose then your worry about her will constantly disturb you and that automatically distracts you from your goal. A natural outcome of all it is that you leave this chapter of your life open and leave it to decide by the destiny. In this case you not only betray her but also betray yourself. So its better to tell her your feelings as soon as possible and let the ball in her court and see how she deal with it. This is the real test of your friendship because you are in doldrums and it’s her duty to help you to come out from this precarious situation. Now there are two possibilities after you told her your position:

1)She behaves in an unusual manner, feels hurt, and breaks the friendship and stop talking to you.

2)But there are friend’s who deals with the situation in an exceptionally mature way so that at the end both of you come as winning.

If the case is first one, then this will make you more anxious, you might go in to depression leaving this chapter of your life incomplete. But you have to realize and understand the hard fact that you can’t leave this chapter incomplete. So complete it with the lessons that are hard to grasp but are true that, her response was an immature one and she was never your good friend and had never cared about you. It is said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Friendship is not a trade of give and take but it involves only giving without expecting anything in return. So it’s good that you early recognized this fact about her and came out of doldrums.

In the second case, they not only remove your baseless and abstract thoughts but also channelize your other thoughts in a right direction, and make your world simple, clear and beautiful. Such a caring friends are really the god gifted ones and you should be fortunate enough for having such a caring friend. They are the result of your past good karmas, you can trust them fully and their grace will always be available to help you to come out of dark.Had you not shared your feelings then you might ended with the open chapter that gave you nothing. By sharing your feelings you have closed the chapter of looking her someone more as friendship and continued the writing the chapter of your eternal friendship. Former chapter helped you to learn some very important and basic lessons, helped you to move in right direction and in continuously writing in a healthy manner, the chapter of your good friendship. This was just one example and like it there are various examples, when we move forward just letting the chapters to be completed by someone else.

This is your life and you have to make it beautiful.

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