Childrens storie.

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Oslen, is very angry when her grandfather dies, and falls, and thinks she's dead.

Submitted: January 12, 2011

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Submitted: January 12, 2011



Children stories where always told between me and my friends. Like, "Did you hear the story, Jonah and the whale!?" we always told stories, in 'till we ended up making them up. Now I'm fifteen, now I run my own company. I'm set for collage too. I have my own comic book store, and I make half of the stories. So does three of my other employee's, Jackson, my boyfriend, writes the one's called, "Fire wreak!" I write, "Snow Fall." And Tina, my friend writes, "Amber snow." And one more employee, my other friend, Katie, writes "Texas". It might sound nerdy to you, but where best friends.

Now after going to school I run to the store, and keep working. WORK, WORK, WORK. Anything else? For the past month, Comic's was the only thing that was me.... In 'till this week. My grandfather died, he had died from smoking, and drugs. What I told him not to do, The comic I was writting now was exactly that. An old man taking drugs, then he is destoryed by a canon ball. And my charactor, Ashton Teok, is killed from heart break.

Right now I'am at school, I slam my locker, and the BIG, FAT, UGLY, principal stares. "Hey Oslen." Mr. Howard says.

"Oslen's my name, don't wear it out!" I said patting his back.

"I was reading, Snow fall. Did your grandfather die?" he asked. He stopped me, putting one hand over my shoulder. I felt embarassed, as the principal touches me my palish-blue face turns beat red.

"Yes, now bye!" I said walking away. For once Mr. Howard lets me walk on. I catch up with Tina and hopfully isn't caught by Howards again. I get a sip of water as Tina hands me her new drawing.

"Ewww. Is that Triox?" I ask. It looked as a big green smushed slug.

"Used to be." she announced. "In my next comic, Triox don't go so far." I laughed walking to home room. A small pat on the back, and Mr. Howard motions me to the office. As I go I walk with him, the halls are empty! I want to run and cry, because.... He wanted to tell me that I need to tell him about my grandfather. Once we headed down the stairs I fall. 2 flights of stairs knock me down! My face hurts, as my purse gets stuck under me, rolling, rolling, doesn't he catch me!? Everything goes silent as my head pounds. I finally reach the bottom of the stair case. My head bangs against the locker. My head feels dead. A soft noise comes back. I can't see. It's black! Then I see Jackson. Oh yea, he's always in my dreams. I try to push out of dreams and get somewhere to help my head! Something is holding me down.

"NO NO!" I scream. Finally, peace. Am I dead? Am I in heaven? Hell? What happened. Am I okay? Alive? I hope I'm in heaven. A bright light shines, and I see my mother stand over me, I notice I have a bright hospital light over me.

"She's okay. About 10 weeks." said a dark voice. I smile. But I can't very good, my teeth hurt. Something holds down my leg, what is it? I wake up, I broke a leg, my wrist, and my gums bled.

"Nothing to my head?" I ask.

"Not a thing." says Dr. Martin. I slip back to my comic books, and every one ask what happened. And I told them like I was telling them a childrens storie.

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