The little dog of mine.

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Hannah finds a pup.

Submitted: May 22, 2010

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Submitted: May 22, 2010



Hannah was walking along the streets in NYC. She was holding her moms hand. As she looked down the street a little, she saw a box. A brown box. A card board box? And who's little head was peeking out of it. She quickly let go of her mom's hand and took off to the box. As she looked down in the soggy box, a puppy! Some kind of mixed breed smiled at her. Not even big enough to jump out. Hannah's mother picked up a soggy piece of paper that read, \"FOR SALE!\" Hannah began to cry as she picked the wet pup up in her hands. \"Mom\" she said in a soft sweat voice. \"Can we keep him?\"

3 years later.

Now \"Wes\" runs in the grass and plays, he's big and strong. He's 100 pounds. And is a white lab. \"Every day a something good happens\" said Hannah.

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