The monster in Maddy

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Maddy the little happy 7 year old is not her self today, what made her like that?

Submitted: June 17, 2010

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Submitted: June 17, 2010



"Sam, get your bag's packed! Where leaving in two hours." warned Sam's mother. Her mother was cutting up celery for the snack in the car later. Sam and her family where going to the beach, and needed some snacks. "Okay!" replied Sam. She went to her room where her 7 year old sister was playing dolls. "Maddy! Mom say's get packed." Sam told her sister, Maddy. Maddy gave Sam a evil look. Her eye's where black and scary. "I' am already packed." Maddy told Sam quitley. "Really, when?" asked Sam putting some socks in her suit case. "Before you came." Maddy replied. Her voice was evil and weird. "Came where?" asked Sam getting some chap stick and putting it in a pocket in her suit case. "Up stairs!" shouted Maddy. She put her doll in the play bath tub. "Okay, okay!" Sam said folding up some pants.

After she was done packing they ate lunch, and got ready. "Where leaving!" shouted Sam's father bringing bags out to the car. Sam, Mrs. Benet (or Sam's mom), and Mr. Benet where in the car. "Where's your sister?" asked Mr. Benet. "How'm i' am suppost to know!?" asked Sam stuffing her self in the car and getting comfortable. "I' ll go find her." replied Mrs. Benet. She went inside the back door to find Maddy. "Maddy!" shouted Mrs. Benet. She walked up the stairs, and every where. She gave up. "I can't find her." replied Mrs. Benet comming back to the car. As she looked in the back window Maddy was setting in the back. "When did Maddy come?" asked Mrs. Benet buckling her seat belt. "I dunno, she appered out of no where." replied Mr. Benet. As they took off they started a conversation.

"When did you come out of the house?" Mrs. Benet asked Maddy.

"I was." replied Maddy.

"You where out here the whole time!?" asked Mrs. Benet.

"yes." replied Maddy, she sounded aggrevated.

"Where were you then?" asked Mrs. Benet.

"Some where." replied Maddy. She rested her head against the window.

"well." replied Mrs.  Benet. "are you exsited, Sam?" Sam looked at her mom. "Of course!" she replied. "I can't wait to go to the store, see the beach house, and go buggie boarding!" "good." replied Mrs. Benet. For about 20 minutes it was complete silence. "are you guys hungry?" asked Mr. Benet. "No." replied Sam. Maddy didn't answer. "What about you Maddy?" asked Mr. Benet. "No!" shouted Maddy. The Window was fogging up because of her heat. "Maddy, do you feel okay?" asked Mrs. Benet, reaching back to feel her four head. "YES!" shouted Maddy grabbing her mom's hand. She squeezed, and squeezed! "oww!" Yelled Mrs. Benet. "let go!" but Maddy kept squeezing. "do you hear me!?" asked Mrs. Benet. Mr. Benet let go of the wheel and grabbed Maddy waiting for her to let go of Mrs. Benet. Maddy starred at Mrs. Benet. Squezzing... her finger nails digging into the skin. The car was spinning. Every one was yelling. And then.... Maddy screamed. Her scream was louder than anyone's it was deep and loud. She laughed while squezzing. Mrs. Benets arm was bleeding and felt like being squeezed by a python. "Stop!" yelled Mrs. Benet. Then Sam bit Maddy's shoulder. Maddy let go. Mrs. Benet was crying, and Mr. Benet stopped the car. Maddy was her real self, a happy 7 year old. But no one under stood her. "What happened?" she asked as her family abanded her in the parking lot, at the hospital.... THE END.

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