Palurin en Templa Chapter 6

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
The sixth part of my story

Submitted: July 04, 2011

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Submitted: July 04, 2011



Chapter 6- Zannaek Down

Wyvera slashed at Suiathon violently.

“Vearrn!” Suiathon shouted casting a spell as the clean white claws of the Dragoni came down, but the claws kept going and passed straight through his face and came out the other side without even leaving a scratch.

“I’ve never seen a spell like that...” thought Tagalad standing a safe distance away, confused and scared.

“Eugo tsu!” Suiathon exclaimed raising both arms and forming various hand signs as is required for a minority of spells. “Templa!” A ball of blue light quickly engulfed both of the fighters. Tagalad threw his arms up in an attempt to cover his eyes and fell to the floor in surprise. When he eventually removed his arms, he saw that his fellow elf had vanished completely and the Dragoni warrior he had been fighting seconds before was flailing around, stunned. All was silent for a few seconds.

“An invisibility spell,” he heard a familiar voice whisper in his ear. He shot up and looked around. Nothing. “Tagalad.” The voice spoke once more. “It’s me, Suiathon!” He spoke more hastily this time, noticing Tagalad’s hands glowing, drawing Magic from the air.

“Suiathon?” Tagalad asked turning still, unable to place a source from which the voice had come.

“Yes! I’ve used an Invisibility spell to make a quick escape from that brute,” He replied. “The only problem is that I have to wait for it to expire.”

“What happened back there? His hand passed straight through your face!” Tagalad said, giving up on trying to pinpoint his friend and coming to a stop facing the recovering Dragoni. “Actually, we’ll talk about that later... right now we have another problem.” The Reptile stood up, blinking. Dragoni eyes are much more sensitive to light than most other races.

“What kind of spells do you have in that book exactly?” Suiathon said suddenly reappearing next to him.

“I don’t know,” Tagalad said smiling at him. ”Let’s find out!” He began flicking through and came to a stop at a random page.

“That’ll have to do I guess,” Suiathon said looking down at the book then up at the charging lizard-man.

“Yerak ti tutsu!” Tagalad shouted raising a hand towards the Dragoni that was almost upon them. As he did a large lump of earth, maybe 4 or 5 metres in width, ripped away from the ground with Wyvera on it. The large piece of land flew into the air then exploded with a shattering roar. The helpless lizard tumbled through the air but he still had his wits about him and so he threw his arms towards the ground and muttered something under his breath. His descent slowed to a safe speed and he landed with a modest thud.

“What?” Wyvera roared. “That’s it?”

“Nope,” Suiathon laughed, passing the book back to Tagalad. “Try this on for size!” With that he quickly raised both hands and formed a triangle seal. “Sivyu hihna!”

The Elven pair vanished in a flash of light, leaving the lone warrior dazed. He quickly recovered and turned on the spot sniffing the air for any traces of where they were. “Your childish invisibility spells won’t work on me! I can smell you...” There was no reply and no scent. Realizing that they had fled, he ran back to his fallen commander in order to give him a proper burial. Picking up Zannaek’s body, he strode off across the grassland and back towards the Dragoni base camp; unbeknown to him, not alone.

Suiathon and Tagalad fell through the air and crashed to the sandy floor.

“Ouch...” Tagalad muttered raising himself from the ground and turning to find Suiathon who was already stood up, and was admiring the sunset. “Where are we?”

“We’re in the middle of nowhere,” He replied, turning with a friendly smile. “The question is when we are...”

Tagalad hesitated. “When? What do you mean when?”

“The spell I just used was an ancient spell, created from a powerful force, older than Templa itself.” Suiathon had lost the friendly smile and was now staring into Tagalad’s eyes with a severe sincerity. “It is a powerful form of magic known as Elder-Acuzi. It is incredibly hard to draw from the atmosphere and even harder to form. Furthermore, there is a finite amount of it. Unlike Magic which circulates the globe endlessly.”

“What?\" Tagalad exclaimed, somewhat taken back at the fact that his comrade had mastered an ancient magic. “You’re a master of Elder-Acuzi?!”

“No, a beginner...” He laughed. “That was a basic spell, that I performed wrong I might add...”

“So instead of teleporting us you propelled us backwards in time?”

“Only by a few hours, if that!” Suiathon replied, now turning to face his younger brother-in-arms. “Have no fear! I will be able to get us out of this predicament!” Tagalad sighed as he began following Suiathon, not sure what he was being led into this time.

After what felt like an eternity to Tagalad, but was only about 3 hours, they arrived in a familiar place; an emerald green field.

“Ah, we’ve come full circle!” Tagalad observed.

“Yup... and by the looks of it, we left here a few minutes ago.”

“What makes you say tha-Oh,” Tagalad stopped as he spotted a familiar green scaled Dragoni moving at jogging speed towards the Dragoni base camp, weighed down by a red scaled commander, lying dead in his arms.

“He will be going back to the base camp, let him lead us there,” Suiathon whispered, creeping forward, careful not to alert the acutely sensed Dragoni.

After an uneventful 5 hours in silent pursuit, the Dragoni came to an unusual stop and began setting up camp. According to Elven knowledge of the Dragoni, it was very unlike them to setup any sort of camp. If they needed to rest or sleep, they would just move into the forest and sleep in a tree or dig a hole to hide in. The Elves watched, intrigued but focused. After a further hour, it seemed that the Dragoni was not only setting up a camp with a tent and fire, but also digging a grave. For creatures of stealth, this was almost too easy for enemies to locate.

“We cannot dwindle here,” Tagalad whispered hastily, breaking the long silence that had fallen over the pair. “We should move in and capture him as a hostage, let him lead us to their base. If he refuses then we shall kill him!”

“Smart idea,” Suiathon said raising himself from the soft grass and getting ready to move. “We should move now then, while he is burying the other-” Tagalad rushed forward towards the makeshift camp, cutting Suiathon off with a gut wrenching Elven battle cry. “Right, stealth...”

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