The Script's Bane Chapter 1

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My first piece of Fan Fiction, based around the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series.
An old acquittance of Twilight's shows up in Ponyville, bent on adventure!

Submitted: October 29, 2011

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Submitted: October 29, 2011



The Script’s Bane – Chapter 1

Grandeur Dreams and all that

After a year of living in Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle had grown accustomed to strange ponies wondering into the quiet town. Usually Merchants or casual travellers, either way, they tended not to stay long. Most of the travelling ponies would simply stop to eat before setting off to wherever they were setting off to. Others might stay a day or two to catch up on lost sleep and to see what little sights the town had to offer, before restocking and moving out again.

Twilight sighed as she saw one such pony trotting down the town’s western road, only stopping as an orange coated farm mare hoarding a bucket full of apples approached and offered him some of said apples for his journey. After gingerly taking but a hoof-full, cramming them into his already stuffed saddle bags and thanking the generous farmer, he once again started trotting along the beaten road towards Celestia-knows-where.

The Amber coated traveller had been one of the few people to stop by the Library in months. As well as one of the only travelling ponies that had ever stopped to socialize a little before moving on. She barely knew the colt but had grown to like him over his 4 day stay in the rural town. So had Applejack it seemed, Twilight noted. Being one of the few ponies she’d given free Apples to, besides her 6 best friends; Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity and Spike of course.

Twilight had been stood at the Library window for a good two hours that morning. The sun was almost at its zenith when the Lavender mare finally decided to turn from the window. As she did so however, she spotted a blob of grey and yellow in her peripheral vision and curiosity got the better of her.

“Odd,” She though aloud, doing a double take. “I haven’t seen many ponies here with a coat as... dull as that.” She paused before ‘dull’, trying to find a word that wouldn’t be found as offensive if the mysterious colt was somehow in earshot, with no avail.

Now staring out the window again, she located the nameless colt and studied him from her vantage point. Sure enough his colour scheme was dull; a drab grey coat and a faded blonde mane and tail. Well I wasn’t wrong Twilight mused, shuffling forward slightly to gain a better view of the stallion below.

The stallion in question was about as tall and of similar build as Big Macintosh, she noted silently, although slightly slimmer. He certainly didn’t have the look of a pony that partook in hard labour too often. He seemed familiar to Twilight somehow but she cast that thought aside for the moment whilst studying the stranger further. His fetlocks were unshaven and Twilight could tell from his unkempt mane and dusty coat that he had been travelling for some time, most likely by hoof.

Strapped across his back were two large, equally monochromatic, saddlebags. His cutie mark had once been painted onto the side of the thick cloth bags, but the marks had been worn away over time and through much use, it seemed. Twilight watched silently as the stallion surveyed the library and its surrounding buildings before starting a slow trot towards the tree library, stopping to wave as he spotted the librarian seated in the window above. Twilight took a minute to realise that the stranger was in fact waving at her and as he lowered his hoof to begin walking again, she returned the gesture.

The sun had just started to warm the fur on Twilight’s chest as she pulled away from the window and into the shade of her room in the Library. She opened the door to her room magically and descended the wooden stairs quietly. The grey stranger was already standing inside of the library, looking around and marvelling at the vast quantity of books that lined the shelves.

“Twilight!” Spike shouted with a smile. “We have a visitor!”

Twilight chuckled at the young Dragon’s wide grin and replied “Yes spike, I see that”

With that, Spike jumped down from the stool he had been seated upon and made his way into the kitchen.

“I’ll just leave it to you then,” He said, still wearing his smile, before disappearing behind a door. Twilight watched her reptilian assistant leave before turning and addressing the newcomer.

“So,” She started, getting the colt’s attention. “How may I help you?”

Instead of replying immediately, he chose to levitate the large saddlebags from his back and dump them on the wooden library floor beside him with a modest thud. It was only now that Twilight realised this unusual stallion was in fact a unicorn. How did I not notice that horn? Twilight wondered, staring at the member in question. His colours really are dull; his horn blends straight into his mane! It was also at this point that she got to see his Cutie Mark, although she struggled to decipher it. On his flank was tattooed what seemed to be some sort of word, written in a mysterious language. I’ll ask him about it later she said to herself. If he stays for long enough that is.

“Ah,” the tall, dull Unicorn sighed rather unceremoniously. “That’s much better!”

Twilight recognised his accent to an extent, but couldn’t place it. Her train of thought was broken as the Unnamed Unicorn began to speak again.

“Twilight Sparkle!” He exclaimed pulling the lavender mare into a rather unexpected embrace. “It’s been too long, hasn’t it?”

Twilight was speechless, trying to figure out who this strange stallion was that she was now being held so tightly by. Should I know him? Oh I’m not very good with faces...

“Erm,” She managed to squeak as the Unicorn released her from his grip. She gave an unconvincing giggle and carried on. “Do I... Erm... Do I know you?”

The stallion’s brow furrowed and his mouth creased into a tight frown, visibly surprised with her question, if not somewhat hurt. “You don’t remember little old Scripture?” He said, now pouting mockingly and putting on the biggest puppy dog eyes he could muster.

“Scripture?” She said curiously. “The name rings a bell...”

‘Scripture’ regained his composure and this time put on a friendly smile before speaking.

“Celestia’s school for gifted Unicorns?” He said cheerily, this time knowing that the mare in front of him would recognize him. She did just that. Her eyes went wide as the memory of her fellow class mate came back to her.

“Oh! Scripture!” She said this time smiling legitimately.

“Well as Celestia’s prized, and personal, student, I didn’t actually expect you to recognise me immediately,” He confessed, once again letting his eyes wonder around the large room they were in. “You rarely took your head out of the books to talk to anypony else!”

“Heh, yeah...” Twilight said guiltily, a blush making its way to her cheeks, “Sorry about that.”

“Bah, it’s not a problem,” He said waving a hoof at nothing in particular. “Not a problem at all.” He repeated, now turning back to face twilight. There was a slight pause before anypony spoke again.

“So,” Twilight said for the second time. “How can I help you?”

Scripture gave a haughty chuckle. “Oh yes, terribly sorry, afraid I got a little distracted with introductions!” At that he did an about turn and reached into one of the saddlebags he had tossed to the floor a few minutes beforehand. Upon opening the bag, Twilight saw that it was in fact seemingly filled with scrolls and various other forms of literature. After a moment of searching, he pulled out an old looking tome. In faded, golden letters, the title read; “The Moon’s Bane”

“The Moon’s Bane?” Twilight read aloud. “What’s that?”

“The moon’s bane is a gem my dear Twilight,” Scripture replied, flipping open the tome telekinetically and revealing the contents. Twilight audibly gasped as she saw what was left of the inside. The pages were but blackened tatters, clumped at the book’s spine. The interior of the book was covered in what appeared to be soot and as he shut the cover on the charcoal literature, a small amount of ash fell lazily from the book and onto the smooth wooden floor.

“So you’re looking for a replacement?” Twilight assumed, looking back from the tome to its owner as he lowered it back into the large grey saddlebags.

“As sharp as ever Miss Sparkle,” Scripture replied, giving a nod to punctuate the sentence, then began walking around the circular room, studying the books on the bottom shelf. “I trust you have a copy?”

Twilight had read every book in the library to date and a shipment hadn’t come in for a few months. She could only assume that the answer to Scripture’s question was no. “I’m afraid not,” She replied, trying to speak a little like her old friend. He wasn’t a high class pony, that much anypony could tell just from looking at him. Despite this, he did seem to speak quite proper.

“Oh. Well that’s a bugger,” He spoke, looking up from the shelves of books and towards Twilight. “Perchance you know of a place that might?” Twilight mused for a while before answering.

“Ponyville Library is the most complete selection of books within quite a distance,” She replied with a shrug. “Second only to Canterlot Palace’s. I doubt the Princess would allow you to peruse that selection without a mighty good reason though.”

“Agreed,” Scripture said finally. “Well... I don’t exactly need a replacement as such; it would just be nice to have one.”

“And what exactly is it that you need from the book?” Twilight pressed.

“Directions,” Scripture responded. “Well, not exactly, but sort of... But in a way not at all.”

Twilight’s expression has changed from one of curiosity to one of bewilderment. He’s making about much sense as Pinkie Pie!

“Look,” He said after noticing the confusion in her eyes. “The real reason I’ve come to Ponyville is to gather a team.”

“A team?” Twilight asked, not grasping what the dusty coated Unicorn was getting at.

“Aye, a team. A team of Adventurers more accurately! You see, this gem; ‘The Moon’s Bane’, has been quite sought after recently.” He explained. “Within the community of explorers and treasure seekers, it has become somewhat of a legend!”

This was enough to garner Twilight’s full attention. The stallion went on. “Legend has it that during her thousand years of Banishment, Nightmare Moon attempted to craft a weapon. She crafted a giant rock, or more accurately a giant Diamond from Stardust. Using what little magic she could whilst banished, she cast the diamond from the moon and towards Equestria. However, a lot of the Diamond burned up in the atmosphere and, carried by strong winds, the diamond landed completely away from its original target of Canterlot palace. Instead, it landed many miles away, in a desert outside of Equestria. It landed in Zebra territory.”

“You’re mad,” Twilight said, with a completely neutral expression. “There’s no way you believe that Nightmare Moon could have crafted a giant diamond on the moon, let alone throw it towards Equestria in an attempt to assassinate the Princess!”

“I’ve seen stranger things happen in my time in and around Canterlot, Miss Sparkle,” He replied with a wink. Almost Twilight’s entire mind was screaming that this Unicorn stood in front of her had gone completely insane with grandeur dreams of adventure and hidden treasure, however, a little voice in the back of her mind talked above the rest, Adventure? Hidden treasure? That’s exactly what I want! I need this escape right now; I need something like this to spice things up!

Twilight knew the voice was right. After her dealings with Nightmare Moon, Discord and all the other minor ‘villains’ over the last year, she lusted for action, for adventure. To discover new lands and gather her knowledge first hand for a change. Books are fine, but what’s better than reading a book on someone’s findings? Writing a book on your findings! Out and about, doing real rough science!

“I don’t suppose you’d want to join this intrepid adventurer, Miss Sparkle? To come and chase my grandeur dreams of adventure and hidden treasure along side with me?” He spoke, as if reading her mind.

“That sounds...” She paused looking for the right words to describe her insatiable lust for what he was offering. “Nice.”

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