The Script's Bane Chapter 3

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Third chapter of my My Little Pony fan fic

Submitted: October 29, 2011

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Submitted: October 29, 2011




The Script’s Bane – Chapter 3

Flootershai, etcetera.

“Bar min ádel, min adon min nif,” Scripture sang the jolly tune as Twilight and he travelled back towards the library. “Ar ha dar, lew lond an or.”

“Scripture?” Twilight asked, prompting the Unicorn to stop his song and grant his attention to her. “What is that song you’re singing? I’ve never heard anything like it, apart from maybe one of Zecora’s many rhymes.”

“Hmm? Oh that. It’s just a little song that an old friend taught me during one of my few travels.” Scripture replied before beginning the tune again, this time simply humming it.

“It doesn’t sound like any language I’ve heard before,” Twilight pressed, curious of the foreign melody.

“There are far more languages in this world than anypony on their own could ever hope to pursue, dear Twilight,” Scripture replied again, an air of sophistication to his voice. “One cannot assume they will ever hear all that the languages in and out of Equestria have to offer. Oh, and the language the song is written in is simply known as; the language of the forest, to its native speakers.”

Twilight decided to press no further as the Library came ever closer. “Well we’re here,” she said opening the door telekinetically and turning to face Scripture. “I presume you have a place to stay?”

“Huh... I knew there was something I’d forgotten,” Scripture said, a blank look on his face. “Oh and my saddlebags are still in there I believe.”

Twilight nodded and let Scripture enter to gather his things. “You could just stay here for the night, I have a spare bed and duvet upstairs,” Twilight offered.

“That’s very kind of you, Miss Sparkle,” the Unicorn replied with a smile. “And I’d be very much glad to take you up on that offer.” Twilight beamed happily as she led him upstairs and into her room where, sure enough, there were two beds. Both looked big enough for at least two ponies each but Scripture was only glad for the extra space. The only ponies who had ever slept in the second bed had been Applejack and Rarity on the night of the storm earlier that year, although any reminders that a tree had crashed through the single window in the room were long gone. The springs in the mattress were brand new and as the grey Stallion dive-bombed the bed, he almost found himself lying on the floor on the other side.

With a small amount of further chatter, the two Unicorns drifted off within minutes, lost within their own dreams.

The following morning, Scripture woke to the sound of a clattering from downstairs. Looking across the room, he realised that Twilight had awoken much earlier than him. Her bed was neatly made and the curtains open letting in a stream of glorious sunshine. He lay there for a while longer, letting the sun’s warmth soak into his fur and skin proper, before falling out of the bed and making a haphazard attempt to straighten out the bed sheets. He was not a morning person, evidently. He walked to a vanity mirror to one side of the room to inspect himself. His mane and tail were a mess with hair sticking out at random angles. The bags under his eyes were at their usual size and he was nearly standing on his fetlocks every time he took a step. Perfect! He thought to himself, without any indication of sarcasm. Looking goooood, Script.

He trotted happily out of the room and down a flight of wooden stairs, making no attempt to do so quietly. His hoof steps could be heard around the library. The jolly sound of a pony cooking downstairs put a smile on Scripture’s face and as he reached the bottom and rounded the corner into the kitchen he was greeted with a most peculiar site; a Dragon cooking breakfast. If only I could get my familiar to do that...

“Good morning, sir!” He greeted loudly as he entered the kitchen, causing the drake to lose concentration temporarily and almost fall off of the stool he was using to raise himself. Scripture it seemed took no notice of the near accident and proceeded to seat himself at the round wooden table in the centre of the room. Seated across from him was Twilight, currently engaging herself in a newspaper, unbeknownst to Scripture, for the first time in many years. “And a good morning to you, Miss Sparkle!”

Twilight looked up looked up from the paper and smiled across the table. “Morning, Script,” she said, taking it upon herself to come up with some sort of nickname for him. “Did you sleep well?”

“Best night’s sleep in weeks! I assure you,” he said letting her get back to her newspaper. There was a silence for a while as Script looked from Twilight to her familiar who had finished making a set of daffodil and cheese sandwiches. He breathed a green flame onto them, melting the cheese and toasting the bread.

“Order up, Everypony,” the Dragon spoke, jumping off of the stool, holding a pair of moderately warm plates, to serve the two hungry Unicorns.

“Thanks, Spike,” Twilight said, lifting the plate from his hands via magic and setting it down in front of her. Scripture did likewise and soon both of them we tucking into the melted cheese treat.

“No problem!” He said sincerely, before taking off into a back room, no doubt to get his own food. Once he was out of sight and earshot, Scripture began to speak.

“How do you get your familiar to do that?” He quizzed, setting down his toasted breakfast for a moment.

“Assistant,” Twilight corrected, also setting down her breakfast. “Well it’s just what he enjoys doing I guess.” She shrugged and then began to take a bite out of the sandwich, only to stop and set it down again. “You have a familiar?”

“Why yes, all good magicians need a familiar, dear,” he said, matter-of-factly. “Mine is a phoenix, very useful in some situations.”

Twilight looked around the room half expectantly before looking back to Scripture and asking, “Where is it now?”

“Oh I don’t bloody know, do I? Flew off somewhere again, that damn bird,” He replied suddenly becoming quite frustrated at the memory of his bird flying off nonchalantly for the fifth time that month.

“Ah,” Twilight said recalling something she had read about Phoenixes. “Well I’ve read that they don’t make the most loyal of pets.”

“Pet?!” He shouted, venting a little of his frustration. “Hardly! I summoned the bloomin’ thing!”

Twilight couldn’t help but giggle at the well-mannered outburst, immediately feeling a hint of guilt afterwards. The giggle did help calm down her blonde-maned friend though, and they soon found themselves eating happily away once again. They finished shortly after and deposited their plates in the sink.

“Not too bad of a team we’ve got now, Twilight,” he said, suppressing a burp. “I’d say we should be able to travel by tomorrow morning!”

“Oh we’re not done,” Twilight chuckled. “There is still one more pony I’d like you to meet.”

Scripture didn’t say anything else but followed silently as Twilight led them both away from the Library and down a long path that seemed to lead directly into a dense forest further ahead.

“Do they live in the forest?” Scripture asked, feeling the need for conversation as they neared the foreboding tree line.

“Oh no, she lives just outside,” Twilight reassured, shivering at the thought of Fluttershy of all ponies braving the Everfree forest. As if waiting to be mentioned before appearing, a large, palely painted Cottage came into view, positioned quite some way down the road from Ponyville. The roof was a vibrant green, looking as if maybe a thick layer of grass or leaves were growing on top. In fact, the entire area around the cottage looked like some sort of nature reserve and as they approached, rabbits, squirrels and critters of all kinds could be seen darting along and through the many bushes and patches of flowers. Birdsong was heavy in the air as they crossed a small bridge towards the beautiful cottage; almost every tree in the immediate area was decorated with some sort of elaborate bird house, almost all of which were occupied.

Twilight knocked lightly on the wooden door and moments later, the top half of the barn style door swung slowly open, to reveal a pale, mustard yellow Pegasus with flowing pink hair. Not an intrusive pink and not too vibrant of a pink, Scripture mused silently, you could almost certainly lose her in a crowd.

Upon seeing Twilight, a delicate smile crept across the Pegasus’s face. “Oh, good morning, Twilight,” she spoke very meekly; opening the bottom part of the door and letting her close friend and company walk through. The inside of the house was clearly customised for the use of as many animals as possible. Tiny staircases ran up walls, around the fireplace and through small openings in the walls. Bird cages and bird houses littered the ceiling and one or two bird nests could be seen poking out from the large wooden beams. Despite the obvious modifications, the cottage’s interior managed to stay very decorative and quite a nice thing to be greeted with, Scripture thought. A lone bunny sat snuggled into a rather large pet bed, to one corner.

“Good morning, Fluttershy,” Twilight returned as she and Scripture entered the welcoming cottage. “I have someone here who would like to meet you.” Scripture bowed slightly as Fluttershy turned her focus to him.

“Good morning, Miss Fluttershy, I do hope we’re not intruding?” He offered, feeling he should really tone it down around this one.

“Oh... not at all... really...” She almost whispered the last word. Good god. This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. Scripture couldn’t help but smile warmly at this little display.

“We were hoping you maybe weren’t too busy over the next one or two weeks...” Twilight offered, making her friend turn back to her. “Scripture, me and the girls were planning on a little outing of sorts.”

“Well...” Fluttershy paused trying to think if anything was on her schedule. “I think I’m free for this week and the next. What did you have in mind?”

The pale Pegasus’s confidence was clearly higher whilst talking to Twilight, Scripture noted. With a glance to his shaggy mane, he thought to himself; I look like a homeless pony don’t I? Does she think I’ve come looking for refuge or something?

After a quick explanation of the plan to Fluttershy, and a fairly long chat about arrangements for the animals living on her plot of land, she had been recruited. “Capital!” Scripture stated, trying hard not to startle the yellow Pegasus as he had the elegant Unicorn from yesterday.

“Eek!” Fluttershy squealed, recoiling slightly from the strange Unicorn.

“Terribly sorry, dear,” He offered in apology. “It’s now that we take our leave.” With one final nod from Twilight, the two Unicorns upped and left. Leaving the nature-loving Pegasus to do whatever it was that nature-loving Pegasi did when left alone.

They made small talk on the way back to the Library and by the time they arrived, it was approaching noon. Scripture took a seat on a bench, next to his large saddlebags, in the main lobby of the Library. Twilight sat across from him as he casually went through one of the bags on the floor.

“Why do you seek adventure, Script?” She asked eventually, causing him to bring his head up and pause in thought. “Why isn’t the simple life good enough for you?”

“...” Scripture stood still as a stature for a moment, pondering the question. In reality he knew about 5 different reasons that would all be completely viable, but he wanted a good way to word it. “Another old friend of mine had taught me a little song, a song that inspired many an adventurer.”

Twilight looked on curiously as the gray colt began to reply with a riddle.

“Life is a mean one,

I’ve only seen one sky, and it’s not so grand,

Since that’s all that I’ve known, I’m changing the flow,

I’m leaving Equestria,”

Scripture finished the extract of the song and continued to fiddle with the scrolls and tomes within the bags, adding finally; “That’s what I live by, Miss Sparkle. Nopony in their right mind can look out to the horizon and tell me they don’t long to see a different view.

Twilight simply nodded in reply and trotted into the kitchen, the words of her grey Unicorn friend mulling in her head. 

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