broken doll

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now a days teenagers are using social networking sites and trusting virtual people which effect them as well as their family.

Submitted: April 04, 2016

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Submitted: April 04, 2016



It all started with a friend request. Friend request from a handsome 16 year old boy, to a young beautiful 15 year old girl. Request got accepted and conversation started. From 2 minutes hi, hello to late night chats. Days turned into months and both of them had fallen deeply in love with each other. World seemed more beautiful for them with a newly discover feeling “LOVE”. The girl enjoyed the way her guy treated her. The way he was possessive about her. Both were very fond of each other. One day the guy expressed his curiosity to meet her, to be with her. The girl too was eager to meet her love. Both planned their very first date. They planned to meet at the girls place as her parents left for work. The date was fixed one week later. Days passed very slowly. Seconds seemed like hours and days seemed like decades. They had already planned to match their dress colour. The girl started making arrangements to make their date memorable.

At last the day arrived with a shining sun. The girl got up early and started getting ready. She got into her cutest knee length dress. Her silky hairs were flowing to her waist. She put on her best perfume and a shiny lip gloss on her cute rosy lips. Natural blush was not leaving her cheeks complementing with her deep dimples. She waited eagerly to clock struck 12pm as her guy was supposed to arrive. It was 11.45am and she got a message from her guy, “will be der in 15 minutes. Can’t wait to see you.” Her heart started racing. She felt butterflies in her stomach. As the moment was going to arrive, when she was going to be in front of her guy. The doorbell rang. She rushed to open the door to see the handsome face on the profile picture in real.

She opened the door with the cutest smile ever and there she saw three rowdy boys from her neighbouring colony with a wicked smile on their face. Her smile faded and only she could feel was a harsh push which trashed her down on the floor and saw the door shut behind them. Her all dreams turned into a nightmare. The only feeling she could feel was pain sever pain on outside as well as of her broken heart. Her beautiful dress was lying on the floor. Her lip gloss faded and mixed with the blood oozing from her lips. Instead of her guy’s arms around her waist what she got was brutal stabs in her stomach and there she was lying lifeless.

Her parents arrived. To their surprise, instead of the bright smile which welcomed them every evening, there was their doll lying in pool of her own blood. With the same innocence on the face there she was laying , their broken doll.

Days passed and the town forgot the incident. And a friend request arrived form the same handsome 16 year old boy but now to a 14 year old angle. And the scenario repeated.

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