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Man's evolution to self-destruction.

Submitted: January 24, 2014

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Submitted: January 24, 2014



I rubbed two stones accidentally

I found them give out sparks;


I realised it was fire, providentially

I, on a long voyage, embarked;


I was eating raw flesh of animals

I started cooking now, with fire;


I used to trudge, then I invented wheel

I no longer had to walk; I was on a roll;


I graduated from animal skin to clothes

I moved from hunting food to cultivation;


I demolished my living in cave dwelling

I built tree houses and then masonry;


I was simple, contented and happy

I co-existed with nature in harmony;


I gave up barter and created currency

I invented letters, words and language;


I discovered steam-power and steam engine

I discovered penicillin, radium, power of atom;


I informed, I taught and I educated myself

I found medicines to prolong mankind’s life;


I discarded monarchy and pagan practices

I followed from time to time epochal messiahs;


But, wait…


I cruised along my path of evolution merrily

I somewhere ignored a universal cosmic axiom;


“I have not inherited the earth, the planets, the Milky Way, the flora, the fauna, the water, the air and the environment at large, but merely borrowed it from my children.”


I invented deadly tools that destroy mankind

I created the gun, the bullet and the OK Corral;


I created artificial boundaries and created countries

I waged war, wounded and maimed, created refugees;


I unleashed the atom on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

I created mass destruction from life-saving chemicals;


I invented machines that relentlessly consume fossil fuel

I created a lifestyle that consumes but not replenishes;


I altered into cacophony the cosmic symphony

I adopted a lifestyle, at once empty and phoney;


I ate gluttonously while a half of the world starved

I emptied earth’s resources as if I haven’t a tomorrow;


I dressed up lavishly when the unlucky went half naked

I filled my coffers without a thought for the poor and jaded;


I consumed with impunity, I earned without any charity,

I enjoyed without sharing, I spent without magnanimity;


I have caused hatred, religious and otherwise

I have unleashed strife unmindful and unwise;


I suffered from megalomania, I practiced apartheid

I created religions; I built ghettos with unscalable walls;


I created hatred and divided man from man

I alone am responsible for everything unhuman;


I now watch helplessly, the erosion of all values human

I cannot myself undo all my acts that are inhuman;


I watch the world on the brink of self-destruction

I am man, the noble creature of God’s creation.


© Copyright 2017 shyam sundar bulusu. All rights reserved.

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