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Submitted: May 21, 2018



“AHHHH” Jerrad screamed in my ear. “Gosh it's just a scary movie if you can't handle it go up stairs.” I told him. Jerrad was my little brother. By little he was 15 and I was 18. “Fine i’ll go to my room and play my xbox.” He stuck his tongue out at me. So I stuck my middle finger at him. I went on my phone to look on instagram. I had over 100 notifications from snapchat. I turned off my phone and watched the movie. This was a new one that one of the people in my town made. It was called Silence. The movie was about this girl getting kidnapped and killed and how no one knows who killed her and why. The movie ended and I guess there was a part 2. I went upstairs and went to sleep. I woke up to the sound of footsteps in my room. I thought it was Jerrad so I woke up and looked to where I heard the footsteps. It wasn’t Jerrad. It was this guy. The guy looked at me. In his hand he had a rope, knife, and duct tape. I tried to scream but he ran over to me and duct taped my mouth. I was trying to fight back. I was hoping my mom or dad would get up. I threw my lamp on the ground. Still no one came. The guy laughed. “You think they can hear you? There all dead!” He laughed some more. I was crying. He then wrapped the rope around me. He carried me out the house and put me in this van. I thought it was about an hour before we got to this place. It looked like a cabin. When he carried me out, I saw trees. He went in the cabin and dropped me on this bed. “Stay here, i’ll be back. If you get up i’m gonna kill you. Understand?” I nodded. I just wanted to go home. He walked out the cabin and I heard his van turn on. It was silent in this place. I wanted to fall asleep, but I was scared if he would do something to me. He came back a few hours later. He came to where I was. When I looked at him he had a mask on. It was a purge mask. It scared me. In his hand he had a bat. He hit me in the head.


“Ma’am, do you know who would take your daughter?” I asked. “N-N-No” She answered. “Hm,does she have any problems with anyone?” “Not t-t-that I know of.” The mother was crying. I told her she can head home. This was my sixth missing person report. I looked back at the paper she filled out. Brianna Cruz, 18, Female, Last seen at home, No relationships, 6’4 in height, 155 pounds, and Blonde hair with blue eyes. This was gonna be tough, but maybe easy since this town is small. “Detective Chase, we have the brother of Brianna here for questioning.” I stood up and walked into the questioning room. “Hello sir, your Brianna’s brother correct?” I asked making sure. “Yeah i’m Jerrad Cruz.” He looked nervous. “How old are you kid?” “15.” He answered. He kept looking around the room. He looked paranoid. “So let's start with the questions, ready?” He looked at me a nodded. “Are you and your sister close at all?” He looked at me, and smiled. “No sir, we ain’t close.” His whole demeter changed. He wasn’t nervous anymore. “Do you think someone killed her?” He was laughing now. I was wondering if he took her and hurt her. “Ah, well I hope someone killed that bitch.” I was stunned. “Do you know where she is?” I was curious to know. He was a main suspect. “I want a lawyer, before I answer that.” He said. I allowed it, but he was still a huge suspect plus he was the last one to see his sister alive. I wanted to find this girl. Just to see her mother happy. I went ahead and checked her brothers background. He been to jail fifteen times ever since he was twelve. He been charged as an adult the fifth time. His first three crimes was assault against his sister. I wrote that down so I would question him on that even though he wanted a lawyer. This was a tough case since we didn’t have a body or anything. This is a lost girl. A few weeks later her case went cold.


“I want to go home!” I yelled at this dude. He laughed, and said “No one wants you there, no one cares about you. Your brother wants you dead so that what i’m doing.” I was in tears. He came over there with the knife I saw in my room. He stabbed me in the stomach. I was screaming. “No one can hear you. Pretty soon you’ll be dead. Your dying slowly though.” He smiled and then laughed. I can't believe my own brother, wants me dead. This guy is a phycopath. He laughs at my pain. He went to grab a saw. I was crying now. I wanted to go home and pretend this never happened. I wanted to see my mom. I had a whole life ahead of me, and here it is. This is how I die. Not from old age, but being killed. He came back with the saw. “Which body part? The arms? The legs?” “None please, i’ll do anything!” He laughed. “I guess the legs it is.” I was scared. I was trying to kick him away, and then it came to me. It was like the movie I watched. The girl gets kidnapped, and dies slowly. Her brother was the killer, but not the killer he hired someone. Yet the brother was charged with conspiracy of murder. They found the guy and he was sentenced to death by lethal injection. I was terrified. He sawed my legs off. I was screaming. I stopped crying and I passed out. It felt like two weeks went by. I can't tell. All I see is the darkness. I was being hurt the whole time too. He cut my legs and arms off. Today was the day my head came off. I was scared. I was gonna die no matter what. He got a power saw.

We found a body not together. Her head was gone, her legs, and arms. We only had a tourso. I didn’t think it was Brianna. We had no clue. Someone found her body near the woods. We searched the woods to find her head and other body parts. Instead we found a cabin. We got the FBI unit to surround the area. We got in and found Brianna’s head in the freezer. Her legs were in the bathtub, and her arms were in the kitchen sink. I feared that it was Brianna, I don't know how I can tell her mother. We looked in the basement and heard voices. “PUT YOUR HANDS UP!” One of the FBI agents yelled. I saw a random guy with money in his hand. Three hundred to be exact. I also saw Jerrad. We put handcuffs on both the guys. I knew Jared had something to do with his sisters disappearance. I wanted to question the random guy. His name was Aron Zeekal. He had a violent past with the cops. “So start telling the truth, Jerrad already told us everything.” We always lied to the person saying that someone ratted them out just so they confess. “Okay. I killed her. But Jerrad hired me, he gave me three hundred to do it. I needed the money so I did it.” “Did you feel any remorse?” He laughed. “Hell no. I don’t even know her.” I looked at him. “You're under arrest for the kidnapping and murder of Brianna Cruz, whatever you say can go against you in the court of law.” I put the handcuffs on him. He laughed. After I let one of my detectives take him, I went to question Jared. “I hired him.” He said when I walked in. “Why would you do this to your sister?” He laughed. This was a pure psychopath. Just like Aron. “She was spoiled, always got what she wanted. Like I got so fucking angry that she was special and I wasn’t. So I hired him to kill her, he sent me pictures of her dead body. I laughed when I saw them. She deserved it anyway. She’s just a little bitch.” I told him the same thing I told Aron. Instead of him being convicted of kidnapping and murder he was charged with conspiracy of murder. When the mother found out her son hired someone to kill her daughter, she lost it. She just lost two of her kids. Aron Zeekal was sentenced to death by lethal injection. As of Jerrad he was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole. I was glad we caught the killer. I felt bad that a life was lost, just because someone was jealous. That was one of the missing person reports that ended up in death. Her mother made a website for people like her daughter. Who been kidnapped and hurt. She misses her daughter a lot. Jerrad later died in jail do to suicide. Aaron was sentenced to death in 2011. Rest in peace Brianna. You are missed.


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