Lost Dragon Edition

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

An unfinished overview of the casualties of life


Lost Dragon Edition




The beginning of everything and the end of everything always brings about the most creativity out of one and has allowed one to transcend what we think we know and what we think we need to know. These periods in the grand scheme allows the great revelations to happen and ultimately for great revelations to cease itself. It in itself is a flux, a never ending movement of great grace that is without its tail nor its head, yet we are convinced of the existence of this great flowing beast with its great depths of understanding and many levels of knowledge. To some it taunts and enrages its (preceptors) to others it encourages and coaxes with great delicacy, but the key to its manifestation and its genius is the fact that it is a rotation, a movement, a spiral that carries one from shore to shore with its pleasing sceneries and its tempting ideologies. As all things are in fact within the sphere of this movement, the ideas created within in it and all the things that sprout out of it are in fact still part of that cycle and remains within it no matter how much one is convinced otherwise. The true fact of the wisdom of this great snake is that it has allowed all things to be separated or rather, it has given the idea of separation in what is in actuality an inseparable action. Its greatness is flaunted even more in that not only does it allow one to be completely oblivious to this fact but a sensation of wellbeing is associated with it that retains one to its energetic flow. An answer, never questioned and questions without answers is its most famous tool, allowing one to either be a miser for a millennia or an indomitable king untouched by time. A great mirage as its bait, it leads both of these through its terrains unaffectionate and unbiased to either of its subjects. Its countenance, spectacular, and to gaze upon it causes one to forget and to disregard oneself in the quest for its unknown yet attractive promises. This is the tail of the dragon. Its craft is based on deception. It’s flutter, a magical stir, a familiar presence and the friend that will never lead you astray. A heavenly scent breathed in and breathed out in an atmosphere of trust and understanding, always in the limelight. The way through is never clear, obscured fantasies and fancies, strung together are the beads if this benign necklace. A force it is, always moving, always inspiring, the heart of philosophy the will of music and the grace of art. The poet, the doctor, the scientist, the accountant, the general all confide within it, pleased with its grace and its final release.



Here I am near heaven’s gate

Come hither towards, it is your fate

Unknown you are in this pleasant way

Delighted in me forever you shall stay.









While one is within, all hopes and dreams are shared, the pains, the pleasures the likes and the dislikes all work within its sphere, always rationalizing always working always planning, never taking a break from separating, and never lowering the cost of achieving, a constant waving hand, a command from when time itself began, a tugging string that has never lost its importance or its temperament towards achieving its supreme goal. The legs that kick when things are stuck the light on the road when the way gets dark. The touch of the heart when all is lost. The feelings are held in high esteem in comparison to everything else, because it is what we know as the way, or rather, what we think we know as the way. The touch is highly effective, strong enough to restore one to perfect health, or to send one spiraling into an unfathomable abyss of pain and ignorance. Its force is that of simplicity, but as a horse dragging a carriage will leave a trail of dust, its complexities come in abundance after its initial objective. Objects seen become closer, and much more brighter, with a great grand promise of more to come. All pillars that have been built over time, with impressions upon it being strong and impregnable, all fall to dust upon embracing one touch. The work of a great chemist, who has researched all possible means of mixing fluids, it is a well set trap. Shapes and sounds are its servants, yet unsigned to any one single expectation, it is fluid, it evolves, it creates and updates itself, bending the rules within itself to appease and to affront. Nothing within it is specific, it is a generalization of an outlook, expanded and solidified, making one re-examine and convert oneself in order to suit it. These are the legs of the dragon, it stands proudly and firm and unwavering, making that its ultimate attraction, its great ability makes one feel miniscule and weak, to admit defeat and pray to fall within its grasp to be carried away within it as a child by its mother. Its constant reassurance that it is the best judge towards the pleasures one is seeking only further ensnares us towards its great will. Within this place questions die, it loses its strength and its grip. It becomes less than a memory and is not heard of again. A process of rejuvenation happens, making one less suspicious of  its presence, like a fish lifted out of the water, then put back in only to be taken out again. Unable to justify itself, it constantly encroaches towards the next and the next without a point of limitation. Soon all things have faded away, all of ones sense of know-how and navigation is broken to pieces and given to chance and fantasies. Its key is to spew out exactly what is necessary, and what is necessary is ‘more’, and it does it well, a master chef preparing its best laid meal out in the open for all to see. The Pied Piper of reality, It holds a mighty flute and boasts a wonderful tune.







Those Far or near kindly gather around,

Whether in heaven or beneath the ground

I am your inspiration your passion and your frown,

Only through me do you see your crown.




Like protons and electrons, things flowing, things that are always connected, as a river never separated from the sea one moves within a sphere upon a sphere living out individually always thinking itself as standing out of space. It creates an environment where judgment and calculation takes place. Showing spheres of many different individualized planes, one can either strive for its own higher sphere or condemn itself stagnating in an unassigned space. In its space, all things given all things provided and all things are out of reach. This in itself is a design meant to drive one further and further away from past occurrences and happenings giving the boost of life to truly set oneself apart from another and to achieve the comfort and joy of finally being part of the sphere that one has set out for. It is the kingmaker to some, within it all rules and boundaries have been set, differences are as clear as day and acting on those differences brings one more conviction upon the sphere one has landed on. It separates old from new, useful to useless, enchanting to revolting. Shared within borders its existence clings to one another for its survival. Authority and directive being derived from it, it allows a narrow path to be sewn together giving a shimmering effect over those who move upon it with a great force of will. But everything within it is seen as a threat, like a great flood it opens up and washes away everything till only one is left standing, this is the goal given to it. Anything that tries to offend these rules or manipulate its ways are dealt with a furious anger and set back to the start only to begin again. Its markers are set in such a way that only through the perishing or removal of one marker can it be replaced. Its willingness to adapt is minimal and one has to adopt its motives in order to enter through its gates. It allows one to settle in which ever space one has adapted to and contains those like it together, one who has been separated and unable to connect now find a place where connection is possible  and grounding imminent. This is the belly of the beast, all possible churning and melding takes place, mixing of different formulas trying to excrete the best blend possible for a sustainable marker, one that overshadows the view of all the rest. These then attain their sphere and now work towards the maintenance of the sphere begins. It works towards the expansion of the sphere allowing more and more to adopt into it. The sphere then allocates more rules and regulations for its constant enjoyment and to never be undone even by those who have set it in motion.






Long is this road with flashing lights

Set aflame are the lonely nights

Drive to succeed and achieve my height

Untrusting and in doubt this is my plight.


Submitted: April 09, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Shyas Anuma. All rights reserved.

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