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Here I put forth my ideas regarding the topic aforementioned.
I am looking forward from the readers their valuable discernment regarding this tractate. Please enlighten me with your valuable suggestions and corrections.

Submitted: August 21, 2012

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Submitted: August 21, 2012



Though, I had been trained by coaches frequently in my childhood days, I have found quiet often that regardless to their proficiency in respective subjects, they were unable to influence me academically and socially. I was more benefited by my school teachers as their  teaching had a lasting impact on my intellectual life. Let me put forth two major factors responsible for my outlook.

Firstly, the coaches are offered handsome salaries compared to their colleagues working in Educational Institutions. This leads to commercialisation of Education.Some coaches often percieve teaching as a lucrative enterprise rather than a platform to impart  education  and groom the young minds . At times, they are unable to realize their impact on the young maturing minds. On other hand, individual attention becomes imperative for children requiring individual attention and offers opportunity for coaches  to analyse their abilities and disabilities precisely and work towards developing their unique talents . This faction of kids include the physically or mentally challenged who need more care and attention . But unlike coaches , teachers generally develop benevolent attitude towards their profession. They realise that the young ones only understand the language of love and nurture them lovingly. In nut shell, teachers put veracious efforts for their student's welfare.

Seconly,being individually trained by a coach shrinks the childs's world. He finds his ideas and thinking confined to what the books and coach offer.Young, naive minds often look upon their coach's comments as the ultimate. They are unable to develop malleable and adaptive mind as they are luxuriously studying without any external interventions such as compeer's mischief or minor badinages. Restricted interactions with kids of same age group tend to shape them into overweening individuals.

Learning in the company of diverse individuals inculcates wider outlook towards the society , and perpetuates teamspirit and healthy competition. The classroom activities like debates, poem recitals, quizzes promote rationalistic and analytical thinking and the young minds begin questioning the credibility and aptness of  the opinions or ideas presented by others.

Hence, I conclude the essay with this statement - Coaches are not always the Best teachers. One's experiences with society has a major say in carving their personality. The best lessons in life are taught by parents, teachers and also by one's experiences from the society.

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