Skinny willalways be beautiful

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the reality. People don't do this to your self

Submitted: May 22, 2012

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Submitted: May 22, 2012



It was now time. I had been avoiding my realationship with the mirror all day and it was finally time t give in and just look. I was shocked by the image, my reflection. That couldn't e me. That person. Under my eyes were dark black circles, taking away the stange but beautiful eye color I once had and was so dearly proud of. I must have lost 50 pounds. My hair lost its gorgeous healthy shine now hung in dead stands resting on my boney shoulders. I used to have flawless skin that i always got complimented on, but now looking i resembled acancer patient. I  felt a tear shed down my cheek and  itstung my eyes. Tears hurt and so did i. The disorder........... Had won. Taken the best of me. Skinny willalways be more beautiful.

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