the two sides of my demon

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the both sides that people can face in life

Submitted: May 22, 2012

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Submitted: May 22, 2012



In my life I've seen the both sides. The good and the bad. I was weak and so vulnerable wishing for my angel to come. Come take me away to be here to stay. I wanted to know shewas here, to banish my fears. How come my angel had no wings to fly me up tthe the heavens above to carry me off to a place with love. Where was the white dress an the halo. That shimmering white that would bring a light to my life so I would'nt be living in the dark. Where was her magic. The one that could save me. Why was my angel red. Redder then te blood that flowed through me. Why was there horns onmy little angels head. Little horns that could shape my and break me. Why did she have a long sharp tail. A tail like a whip that could make me cry. That gaurdian angel was not what i hoped for not what i dreamed. That angel was a devil all dressed up in red sending me all the ones that made me wrong in the head.

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