What happened at one five thirty Calico Road.

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what happened in a dream I had that I thought would make a good short story. Obviously names and my address have been changed :P

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



I awoke to sounds of footsteps in my room,I could hear the floor creak under some ones footsteps. Ugh,Leo don't wake me up now,it's too early. I pulled the covers over my head more and let my arm rest next to it, sometimes my older brother Leo would sneak in and rip the covers off my body. The footsteps came up to the end of my bed then stopped,I heard the cock of a gun and panic went through my body,but I stayed still. POP! I felt a sharp pain in the arm by my head,blood soaked my red comforter,I heard the footsteps come to the side of my bed and stop. I held my breath while whoever it was stood there, I wanted them to think me dead,and they did. They walked out my door and I heard the door shut,I sat up and called 911 on my phone then cut a piece of duct tape for my arm. A female operator answered.

"Nine one one what's your emergency?"

I grabbed the exacto knife by my bed and spoke clearly but fast,"One five thirty Calico Road. A man is in my house and he shot me, He thinks I'm dead. I think he's going after my little brother too so I'm going after him." I stood up and grabbed the homemade cat toy my dad made for Lola, it was a gray piece of PVC pipe with a string with a little bundle of feathers  attached. A knife and a pipe,I hope I could stop him.

"Miss stay where you are we have officers one their way,don't move." She calmly commanded.

I ignored her command and silently opened the door, a large bald man was looking in doors in the hall,the last door was my little brother Dustin's room. "I'm not gonna hide while my brother dies,I'll leave the phone under a bag in the hall so you can hear. We're upstairs." I set the phone down where I said and crept up behind him as he passed Leo's empty room,Leo was at the shore with his friends,lucky him. He had his hand on the silver door knob of Dustin's room now. "Leave my little brother alone!" I screamed as I charged at him,I hit him hard across the head with the pipe and left a long,red line on his shiny skull. He turned to me and glared as he leveled his gun at me.

"I thought I killed you. Now I won't fail." His voice was Ice cold with no emotion,he meant business.

His finger rested on the trigger, I froze. He smiled with pleasure knowing he was about to take my life, my grip tightened on the pipe and in a quick second I swung. It hit his hand dead on and he howled in pain,the gun went off into the wall behind me and flew into the bathroom. He held his hand and snarled at me," You little bitch. I'm gonna kill you slowly now,with plenty of pain." He ran at me and I  dodged,putting my back to the wall next to me and sticking out the exacto knife in front of me,it sliced through his shirt and blood quickly saturated his shirt around the wound. He screamed in pain and put pressure on his side,I scurried into the bathroom and cocked the gun,then aimed it at him. He smirked at me,"You wouldn't." He slowly stepped toward me and I fired into his leg,he fell on the ground and groaned in agony. Dustin peeked out his door in his pajamas looking completely terrified. I grabbed my cell phone and threw it to him,surprisingly he caught it.

"If the lady is still on there stay with her if she isn't call 911 again,go hide in your room. Now!" I demanded,he closed  his door and I turned my attention to the man bleeding on my floor, "Yes. I would." The door was being broken down and three officers came in guns drawn, one spotted me and the man on the ground and motion something to the other officers. " We both need medical attention but he's worse. My little brother is in his room safe, My other brother is out,my mom is out and my father is next door talking to neighbors." I shouted down the stairs. Paramedics came in to treat the man on the floor and the looked at my arm,soon the whole house was swarming with officers,one paramedic spoke to me,"Nice job with the duct tape. And you were very brave today,you saved yourself and your brother,and possibly other people."

I smiled at him and then,the world went black.

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