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brief timeline and thoughts before deploying to war

Submitted: January 13, 2014

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Submitted: January 13, 2014




The tour starts now, a year beforehand, Preparing and preparing for a far away land.

Stood cold in a field as it begins to rain, missing friends and family, who should i blame?

Your mind begins to wonder, thinking of that place, is that a tear? or rain? running down my face

At home for a weekend catching up with mates, catching a glimpse of the news, even more sealed fates.

Back on camp we sit through another long lesson, learning what to do, should the very worst happen.

Brushing up on tactics, skills and drills, wondering why you chose this job to pay the bills.

Going home for leave, the time flies by, friends and family wave, more tears they cry.
"See you soon" they all will say, you hope so, you hope so, in god you pray.

Flights are confirmed and bags are packed, how in the hell do i carry this sack?

Sat on a plane thinking the whole way, it’s that sergeant at careers office i wrongly blame.

One foot on the ground, i count the day’s, this is nothing like the game that everyone plays!

Wondering constantly of what home will be like, when it’s time to return on that bloody delayed flight.

Brothers are hurt, injured and maimed, somehow they are fortunate, others couldn’t be saved.

Hiding fatigue, fear and anger, from those at home, you hope and pray someone will answer.

Remember that those at home carry an enormous bourdon too, families and friends will them through.

The days, the weeks, the seasons go by, once again it’s time to fly.

Greeted like a hero from loved ones at home, still jumping and panicking from the sounds unknown.

You may struggle still when you have been back for a while, people can help, they could bring back that smile.

Si Bam Wray

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