Yet another Love Story Part 2

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Rakesh has his heart filled with Darkness

Submitted: March 29, 2014

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Submitted: March 29, 2014



Days passed Rakesh became good friends with Megha. Rakesh used to talk with Megha all the time.They started texting and having late night chats. Rakesh found out about Megha's likes and dislikes from Siddharth.

One day while Rakesh was talking with Megha, He asked her how she feels after the accident.

"I feel good, although sometimes I feel that some part of me is missing". said Megha.

"Some part?"asked Rakesh with a confused look.

"Yes, before my accident I felt like I knew someone, Someone who was dear to me. Sometimes I have these dreams where I am falling from the stairs and some guy gives out his hand to catch me, but he never makes it. It all happens so fast that I never get to see his face and I wake up and when I fell from the stairs that guy said something to me. I never really remembered what he said.


Saying this, Megha and Rakesh went to their classes.

Rakesh Texted Megha to meet him at the park near the bench besides the pond at 4:00 PM and told that he had something important to tell her.

After the classes Megha arrived at the park at 4:00 PM sharp and saw Rakesh sitting on the bench besides the pond.

Megha advances toward Rakesh when she sees that Rakesh was weeping.

"What happened Rakesh? Why are you crying?" asked Megha with a puzzled look.

"Megha, I want to tell you something" said Rakesh

"Tell me what is it?" Megha says wiping the tears with her handkerchief.

"Megha, I am sorry. I wanted you to take your time and remember it naturally but I can’t see you having these nightmare anymore. I can’t deal with the pain hidden in my heart. Megha, I love you. Before the accident we used to be together. But I blamed myself because I couldn’t reach out in time to catch you. I am sorry because of me you went through a lot of pain. Because of me you had to suffer a lot". said Rakesh crying.

"It doesn’t matter anymore, I am happy that we are finally together again. Please don’t blame yourself for what happened it was fate not you. I love you Rakesh.


Rakesh and Megha talked for hours in the park. Rakesh told Megha the times they cherished together. Rakesh told Megha about School, About the times which disappeared from her mind. He told her how they met during Mr. Nath's Chemistry Practical. Rakesh told Megha everything.

"Rakesh, during my accident what was it that you said before I passed out?" asked Megha.

"I was screaming for help." said Rakesh.

"Rakesh do you know anything about my necklace. It is a half heart shaped and has M inscribed on it." asked Megha.

"I don’t know, I never gave you a heart necklace, If I would've given you, An R would have been inscribed on it instead of M." said Rakesh with a smile.



Megha didn't knew that the necklace was given to her by Siddharth. But Siddharth gave Megha a Half heart necklace with S inscribed on it. Megha wore it all the time. She wore it till the time of her accident. But during the operation the doctors took off all the ornaments she wore. Siddharth blamed himself for Megha's condition so he replaced her S inscribed necklace with the M inscribed necklace. so that he can break all the relations with her.



Megha was so happy with her present that she did not bother to think about her past anymore. She stopped having those dreams as her min accepted the new reality. Now Rakesh was Megha's everything.

The Next day, Siddharth saw Megha and Rakesh holding hands. The very sight of seeing Megha with another guy made Siddhartha’s soul scream. His heart suddenly became heavy.

Later that evening,

"Rakesh, what was that?" asked Siddharth.

"What was what?" said Rakesh.

"I saw you Holding hands with Megha." said Siddharth.

"Oh That, I thought that’s what couples do." Said Rakesh.

"What do you mean couples?" asked Siddharth with a puzzled look on his face.

"Yeah Couples, you know when a boy and a girl is in love and are in a relationship with each other they are called couples." said Rakesh with a smile.

"What! are you in a relationship with Megha?" asked Siddhartha shouting at Rakesh with anger.

"Oh, it took such long time for you to understand this little fact. You know Siddhartha what it did?. I replaced you with myself in your lovely little love story. I told Megha how much I loved her and arranged a little birthday surprise on the roof for her." said Rakesh with a smile.

"Why did you do this? I though you are my friend" said Siddhartha with tears flowing out his eyes.


"No, we were never friends. We were allies. A friend of mine once told me that life is a game and were are the players. We don’t have friends only allies. We suck out all the resources we can from our allies. Thanks to you I got good grades all the years but above all you gave me a beauty like Megha." said Rakesh and was about to finish his sentence when,

!!!POW!!! Siddharth punched Rakesh on his Face.


" Ouch, that hurt. Now I know you will not tell Megha because you made a decision to be away from her. And if you are a man of your word you will not tell her." said Rakesh grinning.

"I said I don’t deserve Megha, I never said You deserve her. I would die a hundred death but I will never let Megha to be with a Man like you Rakesh.

You know, I pity you because you are pathetic." said Siddharth with anger.


After that, Rakesh told Megha everything that how Siddharth was jealous of Rakesh and that he wanted Megha to be his own and how he punched Rakesh because he protested against Siddhartha’s intentions.

" I never thought you will turn out to be like this Siddharth, I thought you are our friend but you are just a pathetic person who doesn’t value friendship!." said Megha and left.

Siddharth didn’t protest or question Megha. He kept quiet. It was as if he was dying inside.


Weeks passed since then, Siddharth became a zombie he had no feelings anymore, He became quiet and heartbroken.


Months passed until the time came when they started getting Job offers.

After the Job interview, Rakesh called Megha to come to the park. Rakesh went to the park and wait for Megha to arrive.

After sometime,


"So, How did the interview go?" asked Megha.

"I got the job." said Rakesh smiling.

Megha screamed with happiness and hugged Rakesh.

"And there one more thing." said Rakesh and took out a ring and kneeled before Megha and said.

"Megha Sharma, Will you marry me?"

"Yes, Yes I will marry" Megha said with excitement.

Rakesh the Slid the ring through Megha’s Fingers and He kissed her.


It was the happiest day of Megha's life, She was with the person she loved.

Megha Texted Siddharth," I am engaged to Rakesh, If you want to make amends, This is your last chance."


Siddharth was heartbroken and thought that it was Megha's happiness that mattered most to him. So, he packed the other half of the heart necklace. And went to Megha's place to present it to her.


"I am glad you could come, It is never too late to apologize and I am ready to forgive you." said Megha.

"You being happy is forgiveness for me." said Siddharth.

"Come in" said Megha.

"No I have to go, But before leaving I want to give you this present and Hold On To It.." said Siddharth and left.


After Siddharth left, Megha opened the box and saw the other half of the Heart necklace where S was inscribed.

The moment she touched the heart, Her life flashed before her eyes. The time, The memories which she lost came back.

She saw the face of the man who reached out his hand while she was falling, It was Siddharth.

She remembered what Siddharth said before she blacked out "Keep Holding on, I am here for you".

Tears rolled out her eyes. Megha started looking for Siddharth and He was no very far. She ran towards him and Hugged him and said.

"I remember, I remember Everything, Please forgive me!"

"Please don’t forget about me again, if you do I will not come again" said Siddharth crying in joy.


They both Kissed and cried tears of joy, After all they were together after 8 Long years.


You know you’re in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.


Later That night, Megha paid a little visit to Rakesh.


Rakesh opens the door.

"Oh, Hi Megha !!BAM!!"

Megha Punched Rakesh In the faced knocking out his molars.

"That’s for kissing me!"


Megha front kicked Rakesh in the stomach.

"That’s for making me hate Siddharth."


It is better to be Hated for what you are then Loved for what you are not.

And Megha lived the rest of her life with Siddharth.




The End.



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