A Dog in Dharma

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… I had ever heard people said that if they would have choice of births, they would choose to be like this and that person. To be a millionaire like Bill Gates, to be a famous person like Oprah Winfrey, to be a super star like Jackie Chan (not our Chern Long – the big shot). But I had never heard anyone (people) said: ‘I would be borne to be a good person’ or ‘I would be borne to accomplish as much good as one could.’

By the way, no people had choice of birth and no dog did too.
Once, I had quelled my fear and asked Mr. Rambo, one of the bog shot.
“Would you ever like to be a human?”
He turned to look at me frigidly as if he wanted to say that:
‘Stupid question,’ then he turned back. Well, I posed a new question that should be better than the first one.
‘If you could be a human, what would you want to be?’....

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Dogs in the Temple

Submitted: November 09, 2010

Chapter 1 Dogs in the Temple   The sonorous sound of the big bell in the early morning was the sound I was very familiar... Read Chapter