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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
An Epic. I found this extremely difficult to write as it is not my normal style. However, i think it ended up to be quite mystical.

Submitted: October 21, 2012

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Submitted: October 21, 2012



A family, given gifts galore

Together, to save humanity.

Antido, the dutiful daughter,

Beautiful, blonde flowing locks,

Sapphire eyes sparkling with light,

Skin sun kissed golden brown –

Her role: healing the sick.

Some thought it was trickery

An army of rebels, planning a revolt,

Destruction in their wake,

Machinery shouldered with sledgehammers

Eradication of the immortals.

The last thing she remembered.

As she awoke, she began to see

A room, yesterday, filled with love

Now full of death, destruction.

The blood of battle left to decay;

Just memories linger and remain.

Left to an eternal silence –

Bringer of new things, healing.

Using death as her disguise;

Inhaling fumes of havoc

Watching steam fly high.

Once mortal humans, touched by grace

Only one remains. Holding destiny’s dire hand

Saviour of your race, it’s up to her now.

Deadly diseases could be diminished daily

Yet, she is unwilling, mistrusting your faith

Turning pacifism into carnage

Bloodshed to blare down and epoch

Action of free-will – let it be

Black hooded, hidden by shadow

Armed like a raging storm, striking, lightning.

Under feathers of forestry, chilled wind.

Lessening in breath, ice hills look in

Swelled contusions surround metal gates

Sharp sounding slashes, flashing colours of mauve

Faces striped black, against the colourless moon.

Old injuries fade, her heart sinks in grief

She continues with hate, seeking revenge

On the one who ordered this march.

One-to-one with the chief

Commanding this torture – it was you.

The beg of forgiveness follows,

Striking a chord, charm of a harps glow

Un-calling the shots, un-tying knots

At one with her entrusted duty

Twist, turn, systematically deciding

Sterling blade, crimson finish

‘Some are forgiven, you are forgotten.’

© Copyright 2019 SianLouise. All rights reserved.

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