Rooming with my Mom =/

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A girl named Sianni gets a phone call while watching Tv that her mother was in an car accident. She rushes to get to the hospital, but is actually being rushed to the hospital in the ambulance. She wants to see her mother but she don't think that she can, due to the cause of her asthma attack. The doctors moves her inside a room with her mother but she actually doesn't know that she's rooming with her.

Submitted: February 21, 2012

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Submitted: February 21, 2012




“Let’s get sticky with MICKEY!” The TV show host yells. “He’s so weird, yelling and crap.” I said to myself out loud. The phone rings twice, RING RING, and I picked up, “ Yo yo yo, talk to me.” “Sianni, you have to hurry, it’s your mother, she’s..” --- I interrupted my aunt, “What do you mean? What’s wrong with her?”. “She’s in the hospital, been in a bad car accident on her way to work! PLEASE HURRY!!”, my aunt says while panicking. I dropped the phone while staring at the ceiling asking for God not to take my mother from me, she’s all I’ve had, at the moment. I ran out the door as if I was being chased by a pitbull. I grabbed the car keys from the table sitting next to the door. While looking frantically for the car, I realized that the car had been stolen, from the broken glass that was laying on the ground from the windows. One of my neighbors, that’s been living next door to me for 10 years, said to me “ In a rush? Take things slow. Remember The Good Die Young.” It made me think and remember that my mom was only 28 years old. It’s young enough. I had no choice but to take someone else's car and try to get to my mother.  

While driving almost 100 miles/hr, I’m crying non-stop, and praying that she’s okay. There’s no other way than to think positive when something happens to your mother. My road rage becomes terrible like an angry old man that isn’t getting served his food fast enough in a restaurant. “ GET OUT THE WAY, YOU ASS!!!”, i said to a strange driver in front of me. No ones knows why I’m yelling but me. So, I stopped yelling and continued to go 100 miles/hr.

I ironically get stuck in traffic, due to a car accident on I-95. I pulled over to the empty side of the lanes and see a police officer. “Excuse me officer, I really need to get out of this traffic, my mother was in the accident on I-95, and I really need to get to the hospital”, I said to the officer. He let’s me go in the empty lane on the side of the road to avoid all traffic. I drove passed the accident scene and see my mother’s car demolished. Roof top smashed in, doors broken off, windshield broken with a hole on the driver’s side, assuming that my mother flew out the windshield. I start to have a nervous break down that led to almost an anxiety attack. Lucky for me, I caught myself before I got to that stage.

The car starts to run out of gas, and I was already impatient from all the traffic behind me. “NO,NO,NO!! Come on car!”, I screamed while the car slowed down. I started to hit the steering wheel while calling the car a worthless piece of shit. I viciously get out the car and slams the door. As the cars drive by me, I put my thumb out and try to get a ride to the hospital. It didn’t work. So, I had to walk the rest of the way. I have asthma and I didn’t bring my inhaler.

Walking almost 6 miles wasn’t the best for me. I passed out, and 2 minutes later I heard a car pull over to the side of me and a woman said to me “Are you okay? Can you move?”. I started squealing really bad, and I was slowing losing my breath. The woman ran to her car to get her cell phone to call 911. “There’s a girl on the road having an attack, I don’t know if it’s asthma or anxiety. Just please hurry, we’re on I-95,” the woman said.

I tried my best to keep breathing and staying up as long as I could. The ambulance came 10 minutes after the phone call. They lifted me onto the stretch bed as I squealed continuously and lost my breath. They asked me to tell them what happened, but I barely could talk. All I had on my mind was my mother and was I going to be able to see my mother. The ambulance sped through traffic like lighting to get me in the ER as soon as possible. When I arrived to the ER (HUP), they slowly but gently removed my clothes and put a gown on me.

There was no one but me that I could count on to get me out of this. My mother was already in critical condition and my father was nowhere to be found. I cried continuously for my mother. One day after my attack the doctors moved me into another room with a lady. I was sleep on the bed while they moved me. I didn't want a roomate because I can't deal with having one, I like things to myself. Other than that, my roomate was very calm and quiet most of the time. But when she would sleep, she'd sound like a growling dog. Kind of reminding me of my mother. The nurses came in to do a check up on my roomate. She was doing pretty good, I overheard from the nurses conversation with her.

One night before I was falling asleep, I heard the TV up really loud and I looked her and realized it was my mother I was rooming with the whole time. I actually, but ironically got to see my mother in the hospital but not the way i expected to see her. She turned over and said “ oh, i’m... Sianni? What are you doing here? What happened to you? Are you okay?” She just kept questioning me. I replied to her, “Mom, i’m fine. The question is, are you okay?”. “I’m fine baby, I just have a bad headache that I can’t get rid of”. I was still stuck on the fact that I was rooming with my mother the whole time and didn’t know. It felt really awkward.



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