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The main character is....wait for it....a Vampire!!!!!!!Follow up with some characters from another story I'm playing with. Just seeing how he'll go over. Note....this is not complete. Just looking for feed back.

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013





You know, being the big bad wolf has its downfalls. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t love what I do, it’s just that no one ever asked me my side of the story. Everyone loves to hate the villain, but no one ever says, “Hey, I wonder why he did that?” It seems a little unjust if you ask me. Did anyone stop to consider that maybe there was a really good reason for all my evil deeds""? Well no, you didn’t did you.

Well someone needs to say something. I mean fuck, I get treated as if I’m just some asshole through the whole story! (In all fairness, I am an asshole; it just doesn’t have any bearing on the argument that I was misrepresented).

For those of you haven’t had the opportunity to sit through one of Jade’s heart wrenching sob stories, my name is Julian Derwood. I am supposedly the reason she tried to off herself in a bathtub and thus attracted the attention of Bane; Lord of the Vampires (cue spooky movie music). Side note- it’s actually a lot less creepy if you call him by name. Tyler. Seriously, who ever heard of an arch villain named Tyler? Oooooooooo, its Tyler; Lord of the Vampires!!! Ha ha. Suck on that you fucking retard.

Anyhow, where was I? Oh yeah, all my fault, blah, blah, blah. Ok, I did treat her like shit…, cheat on her…, and ditch her. That part is true. But for crying out loud, I was twenty-five years old! You show me a guy who doesn’t think with his dick at twenty-five! Besides, she knew all along that I’d be back for her. I told her I would be. She knows she’s always been my girl. She just tends to over react to things. You should have been there the year I bought her a Swiffer for Christmas! Man, you want to see a freak out over nothing!

But, I’m rambling. Focus Julian!!

So Lina, (THAT’S her name by the way. Lina Ann Gracien. Jade is just the stupid name Tyler gave her. He thinks he’s poetic. I think he’s a fag.) So Lina overreacts like usual, and tries to commit suicide. Along comes What’s-His-Nuts and turns her into one of the un-dead. And so the story begins.

Now here’s where things went a little awry.

Tyler took Lina under his wing to teach her all the secrets of being a walking corpse. Apparently, he figured becoming a vampire would distract her from her misery...mainly thinking of me. (Of course, he didn’t know me yet. I’m REALLY hard to forget.) She adapted to non-life like a duck takes to water, becoming his little protégé. Just a good old-fashioned blood-sucking couple. Until that night at the Underground.

Explanation time; the Underground is a bar. A really shitty bar, filled with crappy music and girls who look like they’re twelve. Tyler loves it there, which makes sense because the place is almost as pathetic as he is. I happened to stop there one night with some buddies from work. The one guy, James, was seeing a waitress there. Otherwise I would not have stepped foot in that shit hole.

But Lina was there, playing pool with some kids who looked like they belonged in high school. I never expected to run into her in a place like that! To tell you the truth I wouldn’t have even known she was there but James recognized her. He’s an art nerd. Lina’s a ‘fairly successful’ artist these days. I figured the time was right for a reunion.

Fuck, she looked good. I hadn’t seen her in about five years, but she hadn’t changed. Same old girl. My girl. Things were going good until Tyler shoved his fat face in the way. God, he pisses me off. Anyways, I decided the time wasn’t right and took off. Got to wait for the right moment, you know?

Lina didn’t agree. She ended up tracking me down. I guess she was still pretty pissed about me disappearing all those years ago ‘cause what I thought was us having make up sex turned into her murdering me. Well, that might be a little harsh. I’ll rephrase. It was more like her ripping into my jugular, draining my blood and leaving me to die. No better way to show a guy you care, right? In retrospect, I may have underestimated how upset she was about the whole situation.

Long story short, I didn’t die. Exactly. I did however go more than a little crazy for a while. But who wouldn’t?

Now, I’ve heard Tyler’s side of it all, how he had to  hunt me down due to the rather large numbers of people I was killing (by accident…sort of), and the risk of exposure I was posing. (He’s such a self-righteous douche.) And I have sat through Lina’s, “well Julian, he just did what he had to do, maybe if you weren‘t such an asshole” rendition. I think it’s time for me to tell my side. The behind the scenes story of the time Julian went crazy. The way you’re gobbling this up so far, I know your just dying to hear it.


+ + + ++


Let’s start at the start. Remember how I said Lina tracked me down after our run in at the bar? It wasn’t entirely true. I did make it pretty easy for her to find me. I mean, I already admitted I missed her right? I knew she’d come looking for me. That’s not my ego talking, Lina loves me. Always has. Like a crack head loves the drugs. She’s addicted to my charming demeanor. And I know it. Knowing this is what made me decide to leave the comfort of my apartment that night and head out to Baraka Café, the honest to god best place in the world for a good cup of coffee. It also happens to be the place I first met Lina. I know, I’m a genius right? My girl; she’s a creature of habit, and when all else fails nothing offers comfort to Lina like a hot cup coffee and an old memory. Especially if that memory involves yours truly.

So I sauntered into her domain dressed in my Sunday best, and fully intending to charm my way into forgiveness. She was there, of course, waiting for me in the corner booth that had always been ours. She was hunched over reading a book, playing with a loose piece of her long hair. I hate to admit it, but the sight of her made my breath catch. I know, it’s sappy and lame, but it’s the truth. She looked so fucking beautiful. At least to me.  One thing that you need to understand; I did, and do, love this girl. Always have, always will.

All right enough of the mushy shit or Tyler will be in here any minute to talk about his feelings. Trust me, no one wants that. On with the story.

So I slid into the booth and flashed her my best smile. She glared back at me through narrowed blue eyes. It was obvious she was thrilled to see me.

“Looking for me, Lina?” She says I drawl. I don’t drawl. That would be lame. I watched her carefully mark the page in her book and tuck it into her bag, all the while trying her damnedest not to meet my eye. She was reading Dante. Not a good sign. Dante always meant bad, bad mood. This was going to take more than a smile on my part.

“What do you want, Julian?” she was trying to sound cold. It may have worked on some other guy, but not on yours truly. I flagged the waitress down and ordered a coffee, then settled back in the booth to pick a fight with the love of my life. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like confrontation.

“So who was the punky looking retard in the bar Lina?” Bam! In with guns a blazing.

“A friend.”

“What kind of friend? Like a ‘go get a beer’ friend? Or a ‘its Friday lets fuck” friend?” Oh, that pissed her off. If looks could kill I’d have dropped dead then and there!

“It’s none of your damn business.” She started grabbing up her coat and bag. I knew she wouldn’t really leave; at least I was fairly sure she wouldn’t. I decided to play it safe and switch tactics.

“You look good, Darling. I’ve missed you.”

She looked up at me from across the table, a strange look in her eyes. I think she wanted to stay mad. I knew it wasn’t working.

“What do you want, Julian?” Her voice was soft this time, as if she was really asking, like she really wanted an answer. For a second I was stumped. I wasn’t sure what to say. All the clever lines that usually came so easy seemed to have vacated from my brain. I played the only card I had left; Truth.

“You. Just you.” God that sounded lame! Tyler would be all over that shit!

Lina sighed and wrapped her hands around the coffee mug in front of her. She was chewing on her lip. I knew that sign. It meant she was making a decision. A big one. I wondered if I was going to like the direction she chose.

“You’ve been gone a long time. I’ve got a life now. You are not a part of it.”

“I could be.”

“You mean you could have been.”

“Fuck Lina, I’m trying here.” I ran a hand through my hair. Call me an asshole, but I know she loves it when I do that. So I used it. I was a drowning man at this point. Pulling out all the stops. “I told you, I missed you.”

She was melting. I could see it. Pat on the back for Julian!

“I missed you too.” Her eyes were full of sudden tears.

“Well,” I reached across the table for her trembling hand. “What now?”

And that, my friend, was the beginning of the end.


+ + + ++


Ever have a moment of pure happiness? The real deal? I was having one right then. There I was back in my old house, on my old bed, with my favorite girl. It was like the place had been waiting for me. Everything was the same. It felt like coming home. And there was Lina, just like the old days, hands all over me like she’d never get enough. I gotta tell you, my girl’s libido would give any guy an ego. I couldn’t get enough of her either. I really wasn’t kidding when I said I’d missed her.

“You know, I love you” I whispered into her hair half hoping she wouldn’t hear me. I have a reputation to uphold after all. It’s hard to maintain the ‘Julian the Dick’ persona when whispering sweet nothings in a girl’s ear. I ran my hands up her back pulling her in closer to me. Perfectly happy.

“I’m sorry.”

I barely heard the words. I never had a chance to ask her what she meant. All I knew was a sharp pain in my neck, and a whole lot of pain before I fell into darkness.

Shit went sort of haywire then. I came to slightly, to the feel of her lips on mine. My mouth was dry, which made no sense since it was full of what tasted like blood. I didn’t care. All I wanted was for her to never stop whatever it was she was doing to me. I felt higher than a kite. It was better than any orgasm known to man. And then…I crashed.

I won’t go into details here. Just imagine the worst pain you’ve ever felt. Multiply it by a million. That might touch on it. Then again, it might not. Mercifully, it was followed by unconsciousness.

I woke up still in the bed. My entire body ached like I’d been hit by a freight train. I have never been in so much pain. It was as if every cell in my body was screaming at me. And I was alone. I climbed off the bed onto my unsteady legs. A wave of dizziness crashed over me, taking me to my knees.

“Lina?” my voice was harsh and almost unrecognizable to my own ears. On my hands and knees I crawled to the bathroom. I needed water. I was so fucking thirsty. I pulled myself up on the edge of the sink and turned the tap on, shoving my face into the icy stream. No dice. I was still so thirsty. Where the hell was Lina?

I was suddenly aware of a ….hmm; I don’t really know how to put this. A feeling maybe? No, more like a pull. There was a pulling sensation in the back of my brain. It felt like her, as if I could follow it to her. Every other thought was pushed from my head. I needed to find her. And get something to drink. Fuck, I was just so god damned thirsty!


  + + + ++


The pain had faded to a dull ache. I sat with my back against the bedroom wall. The room was destroyed; every piece of furniture smashed and every bit of cloth shredded. I vaguely remembered being the one who had done it.

I was feeling pretty damn foggy, but the events of last night were starting to come back to me in a way that almost made sense. I remembered a girl, her face twisted in pain. She’d been screaming. Strangely enough, it didn’t bother me even though I was fairly sure it had been me making her scream that way. What can I say; I’m a real lady-killer. Judging by the bloodstains all over my shirt, she had probably shrieked until she ran out of breath. I wondered briefly who she had been, but dismissed the thought just as quickly. It didn’t matter. Only one thing mattered. Who she wasn’t.

“Lina” I breathed her name into the dark.

My Lina. Where was she? I remembered looking for her. All night, wandering from place to place trying to follow the pull of her in my head. The feeling that told me she was here, somewhere. I wanted her. The need was overwhelming. Like the thirst had been at first. Hadn’t taken me long to figure that one out. Apparently, I had morphed into some sort of vampire. Always knew that girl would be the death of me. Sorry..., a guys gotta have a sense of humor.

I slowly pulled my protesting body off the floor. My head was spinning as I made my way to the bathroom. The flood of florescent lights when I flipped the light switch made me blink and step back. Pausing a moment, I squeezed my eyes shut against the harsh glare and took a deep breath to steady myself. Slowly I opened them. The reflection in the mirror above the sink stared back at me.

Vamp facts- 101. Despite what Hollywood says, being brought over, dying  or whatever you want to call it does not make you attractive. The bottom line is we are bloodthirsty killers. Beasts. Animals. Demons. Thing is, you need to remember, I was dead sexy beforehand. So of course, I am just as irrisistible as a monster. Looking into that mirror, all I could think was ‘damn, I make Death look good!’ Eat your heart out Edward! (As a side note,  don't judge me, I only know that name because Tyler is a fucking Twi-hard.)

I studied myself carefully. My blonde hair hung in my eyes, which were even bluer than usual. I looked scruffy. No good. I started to look around for my razor, (I knew she would have kept it) and stopped abruptly, bursting into near hysterical laughter. Seriously Julian! I had just had a flashback of murdering a girl and I was worried about shaving? What the fuck did it matter anyways? Villainous monsters should not be concerned with five o clock shadows! A shower, that’s what I needed. Clear my head.

I pulled off my t-shirt. My chest was crisscrossed with lacerations.

“Hmm…wonder how that happened…” looking closer I realized they were nail marks. I almost laughed again.

“Julian you dog,” I winked at the man in the mirror. “Looks like some lucky girl had a real good night” I chuckled thinking of the girl from my memory. “Or a real bad one.”

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