Why didn't I look after that night?

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This poem is about two tyro and innocent parrots that were living in a hollow tree and I means the poet wants to capture one of them and I did it but at night there happened something incredible and then....................

Submitted: August 16, 2014

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Submitted: August 16, 2014



Why didn’t I look after that night?


The month of June was hot and dry

The sun was glaring in the sky

The appearance and gesture of clouds was bright

Why didn’t I look after that night?


A tree containing a parrot without any fear

As it was standing from hundreds of year

Two beginners were goimg to start their life

Their neck and beak were sharp as of knife


I felt them myself very nice

As they looked me with their innocent eyes

I wanted to capture them, approaching the height

Why didn’t I look after that night?


They were in the draft of the tree

Which was hollow from inside, and free

It was a prevalent task for me

As I was not able to complete this defy


But someone elder from me completed the task

And one tyro parrot came out at last

He was innocent knowing no wrong and right

Why didn’t I look after that night?


I was not having a cage at that spot

But was good and colourful a lot

I revealed the idea about coop like an elastic

And turn a basket upside down made of plastic


He was feeling naïve with us

And was flapping his wings thus

It seemed to be good sight

Why didn’t I look after that night


In the mid-night, a predator came slightly

Her blue eyes on the white face were flaming brightly

Nobody knows from where the cat came

But she was known and has a fame


Something anomalous was going to take place

The cat with jaws, coming with race

And jumped at the parrot, who was unable to fight

Why didn’t I look after that night?


It was an incredible incident

Took place by an accident

But it has taken a happiness

Only for her aliment, with cleverness


The child didn’t completed at least his single year

Before which came across blood and tear

The cat captured it in her jaws as very tight

Why didn’t I look after that night?





- Siddharth Jangir






© Copyright 2018 siddharth jangir. All rights reserved.

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