The Love Story...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

When you love someone... you love them unconditionally.... the synonym for love is none other than sacrifice.But is sacrifice loud enough to convey your love to someone...!!!


Tushar was a famous RJ who used to work in a leading from channel and the world was crazy for his melodious voice. He had more fans than anyone else in the profession. Many girls were crazy over him for his voice and would in fact always call him up on his show to tell him that they love him but certainly Tushar had not found her ms. right yet. 

The other day while Tush was leaving from his office after his show, a beautiful slim and tall shadow caught his attention at a distance. Something, definitely, had moved his hormones this time and of course the guy who would talk about love the whole day on his show and was still single was probably waiting for this moment all the time. The very gorgeous and charming girl in a beautiful suit passing through wearing a sunshine smile had just knocked him over. She gave him a glance and finding him dazing at her amazed with her charm she passed on a little smile and moved on. As Tush saw her passing through, he wanted to stop her and say a lot of things but something probably had caught his tongue for the moment. This was the first time that Tush had something to say and he couldn't coz talking was his passion and that's what he was famous for. He was brilliant with his words and could play around with them quite amazingly. 

The next day, he mentioned about the girl on the air and asked for suggestions from his friends telling them that he thinks that he had actually fallen for her but he didn't know how to talk to her or tell her what he feels. He received a number of phone calls, majority of which suggested him to wait for the girl at the same place and if he happens to see her again... just go ahead and tell her everything. For the first time he felt that talking about what he did was much easier than when it comes to putting it in reality. Although, he stood at the same place the next day and waited for the girl to come there at the same time, just hoping that his luck favors him, but when the lady luck showered her blessing on him and girl reappeared he was stuck to his ground yet again and just looked at her in amusement as she she passed by. This continued for a few days but the result was same. 

One day he finally decided that he would take his chances and go around and ask her out and if she denies he would simply walk out of her life and won't think of her ever again. So the next day when the girl was passing through his office at her usual timing he stood there and called her. As the girl turned around hearing his voice, something moved through his nerves and he could feel the nervousness as his body shook like a vibrator. But he managed to gather his senses back on track and walked down to her. He looked at her and introduced herself to her. He told her about his work and about his liking towards her. He told her that he had started liking her since the very first day when he saw her for some reason that he doesn't know. There was something in her essence that he could not resist and had lost his heart to her. To this, the girl smiled and told him something with some hand and face gestures and she turned around and walked off. 

Tush was amazed with a strange reply from the girl after he confessed his love to her. He expected at least a word from her but all she had to offer him was just a few gestures. The next day he followed the girl to a place and saw her walking in a special school of learning for differently abled people. He was puzzled with the situation and decided to follow her inside the school but the gatekeeper stopped him. As he inquired about the girl with the gatekeeper, he was shattered to hear the response. The gatekeeper told him that the girl's name was Sapna and she was verbally challenged. She works there as a teacher for the verbally abled children.

He returned home from there and couldn't sleep all night. He told his incomplete love story to his listeners the next day and told that he would have to move on from there. He tried to get involved back in his work but something was holding him up to that girl. A bond that he he wasn't able to neglect and move on. He finally decided that he wouldn't give up on the girl and would do anything that it takes to get her. No matter even if she couldn't speak he still did love her. 

In order to approach the girl yet again, he decided to learn the sign language for her and then tell her about his feelings for her yet again. So with a lot of effort he took the special classes and learnt the sign language so that he could be able to talk to her and understand her easily. The day after his course was over he took a red rose and waited for the girl at the same place. As she walked by, he stopped her and told her that he loves her unconditionally and he is mad in love with her. He would do anything for her and all he wants is her to be his princess for the rest of the lives. He also told her that he had learnt the sign language for her so that he would be able to communicate and relate with her easily. To this, the girl slapped him and away without saying anything. 

He was perplexed with the situation and couldn't understand the reason for her agony. He went back home and cried the whole night. He kept thinking about the slap and the mistake that he had done on his part which lead the things to a slap from the lady whom he just conveyed his feelings and nothing else. He finally realized that probably the thing that was hurting the girl was his voice and he being a radio jockey added to the cause. She felt inferior before him just because he was completely opposite to her as he was famous for something the girl didn't even possess and probably she was irritated about the fact that he was trying to make fun of her condition by proposing to her. 

The next day he went to the doctor and told him the complete situation and what he wanted.

He pleaded him by saying, "Please doctor, I can't see her like that you have to help me with this. I will pay you anything you want but just do this for me. I love her madly."

The constantly nagging doctor had to finally give up to his begging.


The next day Tush bought a bouquet again and ring thinking of proposing her for the final time and he was sure that she would accept him this time. 

As the girl passed by, he was waiting at the other side of the road this time so that the girl doesn't notice him this time and he would rather surprise her. He followed the girl and just when he was about to call her, he saw the girl talking to a friend of hers. She was talking to her and laughing genuinely. Although he was far off from the place where she stood to hear anything, but looking at the situation and feeling betrayed, the things dropped of his hands at a distance and he ran away from there. Sapna was telling her friend about Tush and his craziness about her that he even learnt the sign language for her falling a victim to a prank that she played on him the other day with the help of the gatekeeper. She believed that being a famous RJ, he would not bug her if he would know that the girl he was hunting was dumb and that was the reason that she had to play the prank. But to her surprise he actually had fallen in love with her and did everything to get her. She told her friend that looking at his genuine love for her, even she had fallen for him and wanted to convey her feelings to him but she didn't find him near the studio for the past few days and that's why she couldn't. Hearing the sound of dropping something at a distance, Sapna checked it out and found a ring along with some flowers lying on the road. Nearby lied a small paper. It was a doctor's prescription with Tush's name on it. She followed the address and consulted the concerned doctor and found out that Tushar had actually gone through an operation and disabled his ability of speaking for her.

"He wanted to be with you the way you were and the way you would like him, he thought", the doctor told her. 


Sapna could not believe her ears and fell down crying about the fact. She never knew that a small prank of hers would make the biggest voice star a dumb man. She felt sorry for him and wanted to apologize to him. She managed his address from the doctor and reached his house the same day. 

Tushar couldn't believe his luck when he saw Sapna on his doorsteps and welcomed her beautifully. he arranged the house nicely and offered her tea. Sapna just looked at him with her eyes wide open as he did everything to serve her. She finally grabbed his hand and hugged him tight, crying on his shoulders. She apologized for everything and told him that he she never had a clue that he loved her so much. She confessed her love to him and cried even harder. Tushar tried to make her understand that he was not at all angry with her using the sign language that he had learnt. Just when she was about to leave, she kissed Tushar a goodbye and told him that she loved him. This was probably the best moment for Tushar in his life. Everything seemed to be worth it for him now when she said that she loved him. He bought another ring the next day and decided to propose her yet again.


The next day when the girl passed through the same point near the studio, Tush was waiting for her with the ring in his hand. As she came by, he went down on his knees and offered her the ring and signed her to marry him. Looking at his proposal, Sapna told him that there was no doubt that she loved him for what he had done and for the love he had showered on her, but she couldn't marry a guy who couldn't speak. She told him that she didn't want to make her life a hell by marrying a guy whom she wouldn't even be able to talk to all her life properly and she passed by pleading him to understand her point of view. 


This shattered Tush from in and out. He sat on the road at the same place for that day sobbing for the love that was never his. Fighting with the situation in the following days he decided to move and forget her and try and get himself employed somewhere but no one entertained a dumb employee. He had lost everything including the love. He couldn't bear the pain for long and committed suicide.


It was in the news that Sapna had a car accident on a highway a couple of years hence and in the accident she lost her voice.

Submitted: April 01, 2012

© Copyright 2022 sidg1639. All rights reserved.

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