My Little Peanut

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This is the story of my little Peanut and how it came to be.
This is my first time writing on here so tell me what you all think!


Submitted: September 03, 2012

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Submitted: September 03, 2012



 It was mid  October of 2010 when I found out that I was going to blessed with my Peanut.
I was scared to death the afternoon that I found out! I thought that I would faint, My heart was going to pound right out

of my chest! I told everyone standing in my parents backyard, I just looked at them shaking and trembling and the words

felt like they were coming out of my mouth in slow motion. I'm pregnant, My Husband looked like he had just saw a

ghost my mother and father was excited. Then there was my devious mother in-law. The first words out of her mouth

were I'm not getting rid of my cats for some baby!!!!

My husband and I were living with my monster in-law, The previous months my husband had been laid off from work

and we lost our house. We lost everything We moved in with my monster in-law because we had no other choice. A few weeks

went by and I had to go to the Dr because I was having dizziness and head aches. I found out that I had higher blood

pressure then most pregnant women. I had to take meds for it at thirteen weeks. A few moths went by and I developed

morning sickness and this wasn't  your ordinary morning sickness I was sick from five am till I went to sleep at night,

Which was hard to find a restful position. I loved my Peanut more then anything I read to it I talked to it and I sang to it.

I was so happy. We were still so worried about what we were going to do, My husband still hadn't found a job and we

still lived with that dreadful woman. A few more weeks went by and my father had got my husband a job working with

him. Yay we were so very happy that meant we were going to get our own house. Thank the Good Lord :P We saved and

we saved and we saved until we had the money to get our own place. With all the bad morning sickness that I had I

couldn't do anything, It was so bad that I threw up chunks of blood, I would be week afterwards and I had to start taking

medicine for that as well.

I tried to be healthy for my little Peanut, Although it was hard for I couldn't hold a lot down and I would take my

vitamins at night before bed so they would stay down and I would walk in the afternoons with friends and family to stay

fit. We would walk all over town for miles. I noticed as I would use the bathroom that I was spotting and I didn't think

much of it because I read that it was normal for woman to spot while there pregnant. The spotting got more frequent

and more heavy so I made an appointment. The Dr thought that I was just over doing it with the walking so I was to sit

and do nothing for a while AKA Bed rest! Finally the big day came, Moving day we found the perfect little two bedroom

house still in our great little home town. It had a big backyard that was fenced in with the perfect amount of trees so our

dogies would love it and when our Peanut got here it would have a very nice play area. The house just needed some TLC.

My husband and my family work very hard to make the house great and baby safe. I couldn't do anything just sit and

watch, But that was enough for me just to be in my own house and away from the nasty stinky germ filled house of my

mother in-laws. after my family had left and my husband and I were getting things settled in I felt that I had to pee so I

hurried the the bathroom and there I noticed that I had blood going everywhere. I was so nervous and I began freaking

out I screamed our for my husband in fear and agony. He came and saw how bad it was and we hurried outside to call

911. We didn't have a home phone yet so we had to go across the street at the stop sign and to get service on our cell

phones. I was rushed to CMC Lincoln and there I had found that I was having Placental abruption. Thats were the lining

of the placenta separates from the uterus causing heavy bleeding that can cause the baby and the mother great harm

even death. It occurs in 1% of pregnancies worldwide and I had it!

I was told that the Dr wanted to meet with me and my family before I was rushed over to CMC Charlotte.
As my mother and father inter the room with my husband and I everyone looked horrified. My mother looked as if she

was going to have a melt down and my father looked like someone had killed his best friend. We knew that if the Dr.

wanted to see all of us together that it was really bad! We all set nervously and waited silently as the Dr. came back into

the room. As he came in he said I'm going to put this to you strait, Your going to have to have a C section and the baby

is going to come tonight as soon as we can get you to CMC Charlotte. There might be a chance that we have to either

save momma or baby, Which is it! You all need to talk this over and decide fast. The first thought in my mind was save

the baby I had loved my life and The baby didn't bring itself into this world. I brought it here and I couldn't live with me

being here and the baby not! My husband and my parents all three said me but I had my my set if it had to come to that

what it would be. We waited a few more minutes and then they came and got me and rolled me into the ambulance and

we were off to Charlotte. I worried and prayed the whole ride there. I didn't know what to expect I didn't know what to

think. Out of all the woman in the world and this happen to me. I didn't understand it? We got to the hospital and they

rushed me in labor room and got me all set up and then I didn't get to see my husband or anyone for three or so hours

and I had so many Dr.s looking at me and the baby which I didn't tell you was a girl! They come to the conclusion that

the ubruption may stop on its on they gave me all kinds of medicine and told me that I was going to be monitored for the

next week and see how that went. I was so relieved still scared and still praying though.

Everything looked as if I would get to go home soon I stopped bleeding and I wasn't in pain the baby was great and all

was well. We spent a week in the hospital and that was enough for my Peanut and me! I was so happy to be home in my

own bed. Five and a half months pregnant and still had to be on bed rest but I was okay with that as long as my Peanut

was happy and healthy. I came to be six months pregnant and everything was great except for the puking I still had the

morning sickness well I called it the all day sickness. I ask my Dr if I could start walking again in the afternoons and she

said yes foe about 20 minutes a day as long as it wasn't to hot out. So I walked for two weeks and everything was good I

started spotting again, So I stopped walking. My husband had to work real late and I didn't want to stay by myself so I

stayed at my mothers house for the day and the afternoon till about 1:00 am. I was having lightly sharp pains going

through my back into my right leg but I didn't get them but like every three or so hours. I didn't think nothing of it before

I left my mothers house we were talking and I told her about them and she said it sounds like your having contractions

and I thought no it can't be I'm only six months and I felt fine. So I went ho,e and the next morning around 9:45 I woke up

and had to pee really bad and I was laying in a huge puddle of blood. I didn't feel right I woke my husband up and walked

to the bathroom while he called 911.

There I stood over the toilet losing a lot of blood and dropping chunks of stuff into it. I was then talking to the

emergency respondent for 911 and they were asking me all kinds of questions. Could I feel the baby, What did the colors

of the blood look like, Don't set on the toilet try to move to the couch, Could I hear the ambulance? All this was making

me scared and I was week and I had lost so much blood. My husband was walking with me to the couch through the

kitchen. The next thing I knew I was falling and he had caught me trying to talk to the respondent he dropped the

phone and was carrying me. All I remember is I looked up at him for a few seconds and herd him trying to talk to me all I

could make out was Sierra stay awake stay awake. It was as if my ears were filled with water and my head weighed a

million lbs. I couldn't or hear then I was on the couch and a woman from the ambulance was getting me awake and

taking my blood pressure and asking me questions and then they were getting me up and putting me on a stretcher and

rolled me out the door. I had come too in the ambulance and my husband was in the front so I could talk to him and I

ask him if he had called my momma. I ain't going to lie I was scared so bad and all I wanted was my momma. He said yes

there on there way to the hospital. I got there and again they said that I was going to have to have a C Section and I

was terrified. There could only be one person there in the operating room with me and I talked to my husband and ask if

my mother could be there and he said that that was okay. They had me with four Ivs and pumping me full of all kinds of

things. They had ask me if I had been checked for Pre-eclampsia and I told them yes that CMC Lincoln had checked me

and so had CMC Charlotte and they said that I didn't have it and I was sent home. So they checked my record and found

that they both were negative. So they didn't need to check me again.

There the Dr.s discussed what would be best for my baby and I since I was only 26 weeks pregnant they wanted me

to wait as long as I could before having the baby. I found out that I was 2 center meters dilated and I was having

contractions very severe ones! They gave me shots in each hip so that if the baby comes before 30 weeks that her

lungs would be developed. They gave me medicine to stop my contractions and my labor but they really didn't work. I

was in labor for Four days still having contractions although they weren't as bad. The Dr.s didn't understand why I was

having the Placental abruption! There was no reason for me to be having it so they checked me for Pre-eclampsia again

and it came back positive. Now that they knew they came in 7:00 pm and told me that at 7:00 am I was going to be a

mother that they were going to give me a C section and that they needed it to be done as soon as possible which was

7:00 am. I still hadn't even picked out a middle name for her. I picked out Savannah for a first name and my husband and

I loved that name and now I only had 12 hours to pick out a middle name. At about 11:00 pm We came to pick the name

Michelle. I couldn't sleep I was so scared. My parents got to the hospital around 2:00 am to help me calm down and they

stayed the night with me in the room. The rest of my family was going to get there around six or so. Of course my

monster in-law would show up at five and be so upset that she wasn't invited to stay the night that she showed her but

and acted stupid and mean toured my parents and the nurses. I'm telling you what if I hadn't had been so tired and

scared of what was going to happen in the next hour I would have told her off and ask her to leave! But I tried to keep

my cool and play it safe so that nothing went wrong! As they got ready to roll me out of the door to the operating room

my husband kissed me and told me that he loved me and that everything was going to be fine I could feel my heart beet

race up and my blood pressure as well! I was rolled down the hall to the operating room where I sat outside the room

waiting on the Dr.s and staff to get everything ready I had my blood pressure and heart beat taking. It was 165/100 and

my heart was 185. I herd them talking about it being so high and it was because I was so nervous and scared. I got to go

into the room where they lifted me off of my bed onto the operating table there I sat for a minute and then I had to set

up and turn to the side and pull my legs up and touch my head to my knees. Then I got an Epidural which I was allergic to

so my body didn't respond to it properly so It made me itch, So they gave me Benadryl. They laid my back down and

then put a big blue sheet in front of my face so I couldn't see anything that was going on and then my mother got to

come in and set beside me.

My mother sat and whipped my face and played with my hair and made me calm down a little. Then they told me that

they were going to began. In all surgeries you have the chance that you can throw up and I did three times. Uhhh it

was bad enough that I couldn't move nothing but my hands and head I had to puke in a little blue pan that wasn't big

enough. Mid ways through the process They said that I would feel lots of pressure, They were wrong since the Epidural

didn't work with my body I started feeling a lot more then just pressure and it hurt really bad. They then gave me some

shot for the pain and then in a few secants Savannah Michelle Cook born. She weighed three lbs and six oz and she was

sixteen inches long. She had reddish blonde hair and the prettiest blue eyes you had ever saw. I only got to see her for a

minute before they swept her away. I looked at my mother and she looked at me and we both said shes so pretty then we

both cried. I went in the recovery room after about an hour I got to see my husband and he was so happy he said he got

to touch our Beautiful little Baby and she was doing great and she was healthy. She didn't have any breathing problems

or any type of illness at all. I thanked God for her and I still do to this day. God gave us our beautiful little Peanut on

April 20 2011 and she only weighed three lbs and now she's almost two and weighs right at 30 lbs. We are both so

grateful for our baby girl.

Savannah is now a healthy growing toddler that walks runs plays and melts our hearts. She is the reason for our living

and the most important thing in our world. I can't wait to see how she grows up and becomes a beautiful bright

intelligent young lady.  For all of those people that think that being pregnant is easy or raising a child isn't a job just

read my story and you'll see it's a lot more then that.

© Copyright 2019 Sierra Cook. All rights reserved.

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