Planet Pioneers: Dust People

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The second short story of the planet pioneers series. The Dust People must create the second storm of Jupiter to save there lives.

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012



Only one way. My people are dying by the cause of those putrid humans, maybe there is someway to be saved...... no, only one way. Goodbye is'nt nessecary, we will still be on my beloved Jupiter, just of another form. Why do those creatures have to find us now? We've no use for weapons of mass destruction. They do not except our people, our people of the living dust, my people the living dust. Those humans who did except us shal be saved and told to tell the Earth bound humans that the Dust People will return in time and will have forgiveness I give my tired, broken people the sign five. A sign feared. The few faces I can see in the massacre stop there fighting and look at me for reassurance and they recieve it. I can see in there eyes how scarred they are, but the feeling of letting go and hope is also visible. They fade to the wind and the air fills with dust and with one last look at the confused humans I fade with them and the second great storm of Jupitor is at high. We overtake them and they can not handle it. We rid the surface of Jupitor by those humans and we will return. We will return....

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