Planet Pioneers:First steps

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This is the third short story in the planet pioneers series.
A young astronaut describes the feeling of taking the first steps on the last reached planet in our solar system.

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012



First step. It's always the hardest, espescially when there the first steps taken by any living thing on a planet thought to be beyond our reach. I was timid, debating on weather or not to say the 'one small tep' quote. No, I would be original. " And with this, we mature as a species, and settle beyond what we could before this moment". I hoped to God that it sounded right. I planted the sole of my boot firmly on the surface of Venus. A sense of pride washed over my crew, over America, ove the World. positioning both feet strongly, I overlooked the landscape. I was enveloped in beauty, the sun was majestic in burning the surface. A distant volcano spewed gases into the air so that rays of light were shrouded for a moment and then escaped. the surounding rocks were almost of a glowing gold to my eye. 2253, the year we reached the final planet of our solar system. The other planets' inhabitants had been able to work with us and finally we reached the planet Venus. I planted a flag into the ground not to reprisent the U.S, or Earth, but to reprisent all worlds and peoples of our solar system.

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