Letters from hell

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A short rap song I wrote in response to the recent nuclear test in North Korea. I was so mad about what this might mean for those in North Korea who struggle to find enough to eat each day that I wrote this.

Submitted: February 17, 2013

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Submitted: February 17, 2013



Dear Kim Jong-Un,


Let me start off by saying you disgust me

The fact that Pyongyang is still here should make you feel lucky

The blood of millions is on you and your father’s hands

And yet you still say that it’s a crime to listen to South Korean bands

What the hell is wrong with you?

No wonder the UN is watching every stupid thing you do!

You’re a disgrace to all of humanity

You kill thousands to feed your own vanity

Just a fraction of your money could feed the whole nation

But instead it goes to funding the latest military station

Invest in the children, no matter how weak they are

Give them something to wish for upon an early morning star

If they know they have a future they might want to stay

This alone will save North Korea from decay

You can claim that you didn’t know, but that’s what we call denial

And that defense sure as hell won’t hold up at your war crimes trial

I’m just about ready to come over there and expose you for your lies

If only out of respect from the dead, now covered in flies

Not only are you piss poor morally

But it’s clear that the North doesn’t operate normally

Your people are starving, not like you care

Just don’t act surprised when the whole world stops to stare

Your royal throne is made from the bones of your victims

And you won’t even acknowledge them

They don’t need a strong military they need a hot meal

But feeding the hungry doesn’t have the same appeal

Western media calls you an angry fat kid with dangerous toys

But I think you’re more along the lines of Dahmer, someone who tortures little boys

Just for the hell of it, let’s say that you are sane

I ask you this: Why do you insist on causing so much pain?

Do you enjoy suffering? Do you have a god complex?

Hell, I’m asking you for real, I don’t know.

But you will never answer my question, will you dear leader?

I guess you’re just too busy killing and putting on a show

But more power to the ones who have the guts to know

© Copyright 2017 Sierra Shapratski. All rights reserved.

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