The Train

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I wrote this poem on the way home from my sister-in-laws mother's house, I had a rough day, and was feeling a little depressed, which is unsual for me. When I heard a train, and this poem just came to my mind.

Submitted: February 17, 2010

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Submitted: February 17, 2010



She’s walking past the tombstones,

Just came from her mothers grave.

As she passes the last stone,

her hand graces the top,

A chill shoots down her spine.

The wind is blowing her hair in every direction,

While the leaves dance around her ankles.

Tears are rolling down her cheeks.

She’d just been talking to her mother for hours,

Longer then she ever had before.

She explained to her mother how her life had been tumbling downward,

Her boyfriend for 5 years had just broken up with her,

When she thought he was going to propose.

Her best friend since kindergarten had just embarrassed her,

in front of everyone.

Just to take her spot as Queen of the School.

She hears the train coming.

She’d been looking for an escape,

An escape of her sadness,

Of her embarrassment,

Of her LIFE.

And here is one, just being given to her.

Without even thinking,

She runs onto the tracks,

The engineer slams on the breaks,

Honking the horn all the while.

She grabs her phone out of her pocket,

Begins to text her father.

Just 5 simple words.

that will mean the word to him.

I’m sorry, I love you

She looks up at the stars shinning down on her,

then at the lights on the train.

She just keeps on staring,

Without even thinking,

Her mind goes blank.

The horn is honking,

While she just waits.

Her mind is beautifully empty,

While the train comes closer.

She stares down at the train from above,

While is halts to a stop, just 100 metres away.

Her lifeless body now mingled with the tracks,

Just lays there,



She begins to regret,

what she had just done,.

Her father wouldn’t be able to go on,

Her sister would be scared,

Her mother, if she were alive, would be ashamed.

To take a life, let alone your own,

Is a crime, that can never be undone.

There is no punishment great enough,

To serve justice.

She wishes more then anything to just turn back time,

To just erase what just occurred

To pretend it never happened.

But this is not like a simple fight with a friend,

Or a bad relationship,

This can not be erased.

Death is not that simple.

A bright light comes from above,

A sudden rush of relaxation shoots through her,

Calmness surrounds her.

And then she lets go.

Her soul floats away into the night sky,

And it’s over now.

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