A Symphony of Remembrance

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A small story that I was randomly inspired to write. This story focuses on the protagonist's thought process as he slips into a deadly unconscious state.

Submitted: January 09, 2018

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Submitted: January 09, 2018



A song began to play in my head, a song I’d never heard before. The notes, beautifully arranged in a state of disarray. The colorful voice that sang covered the walls of my mind with careful brush strokes. Rogue waves of dissonance bowed before the hypnotising symphony. As I sank, I heard Death shout. His voice grew stronger as I drifted further down until the two sounds fought tooth and nail within a colosseum of bone. After a moment of eternity, Death’s voice waned. I separated from his aggravated glare as I sank deeper.

The song steadied my chest as the ocean floor embraced me. Down here, so far from the warmth of sunlight, my soul cooled and waited patiently. My memories slowly began to fade. I flipped through a book of photographs and every page welted away as my fingertips left the paper. When the cover slipped through the valleys of my hands, the light that once illuminated my reflection now flickered and dimmed. As my mind quickly became a dark cell and the singing subsided, I waited along with my soul.

Suddenly, a current ripped me from the calm bed of sand and ignored my reluctance. The ashes of photographs began to assemble back into images. The light above my head burned with the brilliance of a newborn star. Death seemed surprised to see me again. As our eyes met, he whispered into my ear: “Your song can only be played once and I wield silence. Don’t forget my voice.”

His words barely had time to register before blinding lights burned my eyes. Shouting and crying was interrupted by the sound of air filling my lungs. My vision adjusted until I saw the tension on a room full of faces. The photographs flashed in my head again as I scanned their expressions. All of my memories, all of me. A residual song played in my head along with a dull whisper. “Don’t forget.”


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