Bella (Sequel to Cara Mia)

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After discovering her pregnancy, she is determined to learn more about her "baby daddy" and the mysterious man in the restaurant, who is apparently trying to take away her child.

Submitted: August 07, 2012

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Submitted: August 07, 2012



You'd expect me to began a raging rant along the lines of "WHAT? I'M PREGNANT AND YOU NEVER TOLD ME? YOU'RE NOT EVEN FUCKING REAL! I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOUR FUCKING NAME! FUCK YOU, MOTHERFUCKER!" But, I didn't. I was totally silent. I felt nothing. I was numb. My face probably turned white, because eventually he asked me, "cara mia, are you alright?"

"I'm fine," I replied, icily.

"Don't lie to me," he warned.

"Fine," I said. "You want the truth? I just found out I'm pregnant by a guy who I'm in love with, but who isn't even real and whose name I don't even know. I just found out there's a man in a restaurant who wants to take away my child and there's been a melody playing inside my head for days and it won't stop!"

I began to break down in tears, while he put his arm around me and kissed me on the forehead. "But you know what?" he smiled. "You just said you loved me. And it goes both ways, cara mia."

I smiled through the salty tears and said, "Please help me to understand."

He sighed. "Let me start at the beginning... because the beginning is a very good place to start."

"I was born in Italy in 1990, I think. I'm your age. This is not a love story between someone who is a mystical creature who was born three hundred years before their lover. Gross. I fall for people my own age." I smiled. "My name is Roman di Firenze. My father was a native of Naples and my mother was from Haiti, though she was only half Haitian herself. She was a great practicer of voodoo and believed that every soul had a good and a bad half. She wanted one day to isolate my bad half and remove it so that I would be a perfect person.

"She became obsessed with this magic. She would practice every day. My father began to worry about her sanity, as well as our well-being. She wanted to make us perfect. I was a child at the time. One night, while I was sleeping, she began to 'work her magic.' She succeeded in isolating my bad half, but it went wrong. She extricated my bad half, while she banished my good half, accidentally, to the place where it was at the time- in my sleep, in my dreams. My bad half became a person. She ran away with my doppelganger, leaving my father with me in his dreams.

"I would tell him about what happened, but he knew that his child was now split in half and his wife was a criminal, of sorts. He committed suicide, leaving me to wander the world of people's dreams. I was a child, but I grew up, seeing people's thoughts and hopes and wishes. In a way, that changed me for the better, but I always lacked my bad half. I never knew what it was like to experience evil-"

I interrupted. "Then, who is the person in the restaurant? And why are you in my dream?" And then I sat upright, "and have you ever made love to any other women and impregnated them?"

He laughed. "Well, I have wandered in other women's dreams before, but have never fallen in love with them. Just you, cara mia. Though I admit, when I was in Julia Roberts' brain..."

I hit him playfully. "Okay, okay. But seriously, no. I had crushes on some others, but only you do I love. I'm in your dream, well.. it's obvious, but I need to have a baby."


"I need to create something with both good and bad. I think. If I can release something into the world that is not morally perfect, I'm free. I am a real person, who doesn't wander  around people's minds anymore..."

"Who said that's the way for you to get out of here?"

"Well, I just sit around, being morally perfect. I create nothing, except for, I sustain myself- sustain perfection. If I create something imperfect, I have a feeling it'll work."

"Well, then. I guess that means I'm not perfect enough for you, huh, Roman?"

"I never said that."

"You never answered my first question."

Roman's face darkened. "He is my other half. And he wants to kill you and your baby. He wants to be the one to procreate-"

"No one says procreate in English."

"Fine. Have babies. So that he can have imperfect babies and spread his sadistic ideas, while I wander people's minds and die eventually."

"Ah. Makes sense. Last question. What's the melody in my head?"

His eyes got even bigger. "I don't really know. But I'm nervous. It's not good, that's for sure."

"Thanks," I grumbled, as he smoothed my hair and said "don't worry. It'll be alright."


When I woke up the next morning, the size of my stomach was twice the size of yesterday. I looked pregnant. Imperfection babies must come at super rates. Good Lord. I got dressed, showered and brushed my teeth. My tiny apartment felt twice as small. I blamed it on my stomach.

I hopped onto my bicycle and biked (with great discomfort) to the restaurant. Somehow, I was pulled to Roman's "dark side." It was almost sexy in a sick, sick way. I walked in and ordered my usual. He was sitting there, looking at me intensely.

"What do you want from me?" I asked.

"I want nothing," he replied earnestly. I wanted to believe him.

"Roman told me otherwise."

"I am Roman," he sneered.

I remembered that they were pretty much the same person, they just needed to get rid of each other.

"I mean my boyfriend. My baby daddy."

I regretted it as soon as I said it. Now he knew I was really pregnant.


"Look, stop this.. noise.. inside my head. Leave me alone."

"Ha, you're funny, bella. I want you. I want... him to leave you alone. I'm in love with you."

First off, I didn't like his term of endearment, bella. The way he used it turned me off. He dissed my baby dady. Then again, his aggressiveness was super sexy.

"Make me believe you."

He reached across the table and kissed me hard on the mouth. He did the opposite of good Roman. Where Roman was passionate, he was flirty, careful.. and when he kissed hard it was like your first high school kiss- he moved slowly across my lips, never leaving one spot untouched.

"Believe me now?"

"No," I grinned.

I followed him as he led me to his car. We drove to his apartment wordlessly. All he needed was to touch me. His hand wandered up my leg as I kissed his neck. Thank god his apartment was close. We walked in, kissing passionately, as he closed the door behind him. Throwing off clothes as we went, he pushed me onto his bed and made love to me. It was the exat opposite of my Roman. WIth both, it was like we fit together. They each new what I liked and what I wanted. WIth my Roman, it was more sentimental and heartfelt. With this Roman, it was very....oh, I don't know, playful and flirtatious.

Afterwards, as we lay there, exhausted, he kissed my stomach. "This is my baby now."

I winced. The guilt now began to ovwerwhelm me. "I have to go," I lied.

"Don't leave, Bella."

"I'll see you tomorrow," I teased.

I ran out the door and cried. I ran home. And cried. I fell onto my bed and cried, hoping sleep would take me and would lead me to him, to him, to him, to ROMAN. MY ROMAN.

I cried and cried until eventually, I fell asleep. "HE SAID HE'S IN LOVE WITH ME!" I cried.

Roman was taken aback. When I found him, he was perched upon a rock, reading a book, wearing glasses. Glasses?


"Your other half! And we.. did it," I admitted,"and he says the baby is his and look at my stomach it's huge and the melody won't go away and I don't know what to do!"

He quickly ran ovr and stroked my hair and kissed me on the cheek. "Cara mia, it'll be alright. You succumbed to him. He is me, in a way. I cannot blame you."

"But if he's you... aren't I in love with both of you?"


Do you guys want a continuation or not?



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