Caro Mio (Cara Mia Part 3)

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She struggles with the two men that are in love with her, as she continues in her pregnancy. She waits to see who will really be the father- the one who fathered the child in her dreams, or the one who is really there. LAST PART OF THIS SERIES.

Submitted: August 11, 2012

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Submitted: August 11, 2012



Roman looks at me as if I've just begun to speak in a series of equations, rather than coherent sentences.


"You are the same person, Roman. If I'm in love with you, aren't I in love with him too?"

"No, you aren't," he replied, almost with a defensive note in his voice.

"You just said that..."

"It doesn't matter what I said. You are in love with me."

"But, he said-"

"Stop this, cara." He said. He wanted me all to himself. Not that I was complaining, but a part of me wanted the other Roman. After all, he was real, and maybe this one was just a dream, despite what he said.

"Roman, hear me out-"

And then he did it. He hit me. Salty tears had a race down to my chin to see who could reach my neck faster. How could Roman, my Roman..?

"I'm sorry, cara mia," he whispered, enveloping me into his arms. 

"No," I replied. "Go away from me," I warned, as I slowly backed away.

"Come back, cara," he said pleadingly.

"No." And then he began to run after me. I ran and ran and ran. And as I ran, my stomach grew. My imperfection baby was probably at six months now. Thank goodness I phoned into the slum called McDonald's to say I'd be gone until next Monday. I ran and ran and ran, but he only followed, calling out my name until I woke up and saw that my pillow was covered in sweat. At this point, I usually would have vowed never to sleep again, but honestly, there was always the "thrill of the chase." A part of me never wanted to see Roman again, but the biggest part of me wanted him back, wanted to feel him against me and wanted to trace every bit of him with my fingers. That applied to both Romans.

I looked around my apartment, and sank back down into my bed. I had no desire to do anything, except to find the other Roman. I waddled out of bed to find him already sitting on the couch, holding a tray of cereal, fruit and juice. "Hello, bella."

At this point, I was ready to fall on my back and ask "have I died and gone to heaven?" Because, honestly...

"Hi, Roman."

"Come," he beckoned. "Come eat with me." I sat down with him at the table, as he helped me walk. For some reason, imperfection babies grow really fast. I would be due in a few hours, at this rate.

"How did you get here?" I asked, between mouthfuls of cereal.

He pointed to the window. "I know it sounds creepy, but I followed you home. I need to talk to you." The sexy Italian accent lingered in the air as his husky voice surrounded my ears.

"Huh?" I asked, drowning in the wonderfulness of it all. "Oh, okay. Go ahead."

"Don't listen to the Roman in your head. He is lying to you-"

"Please... stop," I begged.

"Bella, listen to me. He doesn't want this baby for the reason you think."

"He wants to reclaim his humanity, because you took it away from him."

"Fine, believe him, but hear me out. He only needs you because he needs to get back into the world. He is not what you think-"

"Roman, stop please-"

At this point, he leaned across the table and held my face in between his hands and said "Cara mia, listen to me, please." He kissed me in such a wonderful way. I couldn't let go of his lips. They kept entwining with mine and never letting mine go. He let my lips go and said, "please, cara mia. Be careful." 

Cara mia. What was going on here? This was a case of the mixed -up Romans (sounds like a Shakespeare play). My Roman called me that. This Roman called me bella.

"Cara mia?" I asked. "You call me bella."

He looked at me quizically. "I will call you both, if it makes you happier..?"

"Yes, it does," I replied, waddling over to the other side of the table, and pulling him in for more kisses. 

I was getting the feeling something was horribly wrong and that I was in love with the wrong person, while at the same time being in love with two people. The melody in my head, I realized, was both Romans finding me- placing a tag on me to say "hey, she's mine." Now I realized, because as soon as I fell in love with this Roman, it went away.

And after about 3 hours of kissing, cuddling and promises, my water promptly broke.

"Holy shit." 

"Bella, stay calm. Il dottore," he whispered, running to the door, me in his arms. I dont know how he lifted a 3-day/9-month pregnant woman so easily. Those Italians. 

As he drove me, only as an Italian would, haphazardly through the streets of Chicago, I began to groan. "IT HURTS LIKE FUCK, ROMAN."

"Cara mia, stay clam," he would soothe, as he rubbed my hand. "Stay calm.

In about 10 minutes, we got there and I was delivering in an unpleasantly small room. " MAKE IT STOP, ROMAN!" I screamed "I WANT MY BABY OUT OF HERE!"

This Roman held my had the whole time, as I felt the other Roman appearing, holding my other hand. As soon as the baby appeared, I knew someone from my dreams would rush in.


I think the doctors thought I was delirious or a victim of domestic abuse at this point. And then, the pain stopped and I heard a cry from a beautiful, blood-covered baby boy. And at that moment, my Roman ran into the doors.

"Where is my child?"


"I want to name him.... Luca. And his middle name should be.... Stefan," I said, "Caro mio."

"Who's the father?" asked the nurse.

"Him," I said, pointing to my Roman, in tears. "He is."

"Please, no. I am the father," cried out this Roman.

"I'm sorry, sir," said the nurse, clearly having seen this with teenagers before. "If she says he's the father..." She walked out, as my Roman held my baby. "He looks just like me."

I smiled. "Isn't he gorgeous?"

This Roman wanted to hold the child. "Give him to me," he requested.

"Don't you dare touch my child," threatened my Roman. "But, I do want to kill her, now that I'm through with her."



"I needed you to deliver him, so I could get back into the world, being my evil self again. And he-" he said, turning to who know I would call, my Roman, "needs to die, too."

"Please, Roman... please."

My Roman inched closer to my hospital bed. "Don't touch her. Don't you dare."

"Let me kill her, and then I'll let you off. You're not a threat anyways. She is. She could ruin me. She has the power to ruin me. They know I am the father. She could send people out. I don't want evidence. I can leave. They'll hunt you down too. We look the same."

This Roman inched closer and closer to my dead, with a gun in his hands. "Do you want to make this quick?" The door was shut, thank god. At least I could die in peace. 

"Fine, kill me. But let him keep the baby," I said, pointing to my newly-christened My Roman.

I came to realize that his hitting me last night was a show of his true self. He had been hiding it for so long. He wanted so badly to escape that I almost felt sorry for him.

"No. He's my son."

Then he shot me. Right in the heart. Everything was spinning in front of me, as that Roman cackled and my Roman ran to save me. "Don't die, Bella. Don't die.." 

"Doctor!" he cried. It was too late. Everything was spinning in circles in front of me and I felt that time was running short. They wouldn't make it in time, and we both knew that. The other Roman was out the door. 

He kissed me. He kissed me like he was never going to kiss me again. He held me like I was unable to walk and then he kissed me for what felt for only a few seconds. And then, I realized. He would now go back to the dream world, now that the other Roman was back. They couldn't exist in harmony.

And then I died. Well, not really. I'm just in eternal dreamland, where I am always with my Roman. 

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