Clinging on to Me

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A girl struggling between a war of life and death.

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



It's like a war.

Sitting on the bathroom floor, I wonder what to do with her. 

She doesn't even know I'm sitting next to her.

It's like she's offering herself up to me.

Just hourse before, she was fighting with him. It's almost like he called me up and said "Death, pick my girlfriend up. I'm sick of her."

It doesn't work that way.

Now she's just crying, pouring herself into me, drop by drop. With every drop, it was almost like poison. She got more and more ready to let go, and release herself into a lifeless pile on the cold, hard, lifeless tiles. Maybe her body would still be warm when it hit the floor. It would be like a dying try- trying to give life to something that's already dead.

She keeps telling herself that she's worthless without him, that nothing is there without him. No one wants her. She's a worthless nothing.

I can't stop her, if this is what she wants to do. It's not up to me.

It's like a war.

I sit on her other side.

She pulls away from me with everything she has left.

I try to keep pulling her back, but she resists.

Just hourse before, she was very much alive. She hit him on his chest and yelled and screamed.

Then, he touched her. And when he did that, it's like everything left of her was gone, and she slumped down on the bathroom floor and wept.

He called me up and said "don't bother with her anymore, Life. She's not worth it."

That's not true. He's not worth it, but it's not up to me, honestly.

She pulls away from me more and more. I'll lose her any second now. The warmth of her skim reduces to almost nothing now.

It's like a war.

She clings to me. "Please let go," I call, but she won't let go. She offers herself to me, as if I'm paying for dinner at a fancy restaurant.

She is an underdone piece of whatever. She was too young, but had a lot of promise.

I have to realize that she is more ready than I think.

I can't push her away.

It's like a war.

She pulls away, while I cling on to her last piece of hope.

She is so pale now, she is atually the color or hope- white.

I can't hold on anymore.


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