Don't Forget to Remember Me

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Kirsten spends vacation in Germany and falls in love with the cute barista, who happens to be a friend's friend. And faces the choice to leave him, or to stay. FOR THE PICTURE PERFECT STORY CONTEST.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



-Excuse me, Herr, do you know where the-
-Excuse me, Frau-
-Yes, could you help me? Do you know where Cafe Einbeck is? To the left, and then a turn on Ruppstrasse? Okay, danke.
-To the left and then a turn. To the left and then a turn. To the left and then a turn. Don't forget.
-Okay, here it is. Good job, Kirsten. Good job. You found it. Maybe you have newfound navigation skills that have suddenly activated themselves in Germany.
-What was I supposed to do here?
-I can't remember.
-Oh, there she is! Astrid! Astrid! ASTRID!
-Hi! It's been so long, I know. Sorry? Oh, this old thing? Anyways, let's go inside. Apparently, their Apfelstrudel is to die for.
-No way! No one ever told me it's made here with real shortening. I think I'm not going to eat it now.
-It can't hurt though, right?
-Ja, ich wuerde gern Gurkesalat, eine Tasse Kafee und ein Broetchen haben. I'd like to have cucumber salat, a mug of coffee and a roll please. Out of rolls? Ummm... could I have a muffin instead, please?
-No, Astrid, please, it's on me. Put the wallet down. No! I hate you, Astrid. Next time I pay. Good God, this tray is heavy.
-Here's a table. Come sit. So, how's life been treating you? I haven't seen you since you were exchange student in high school! How many years ago was that? Two years now, no?
-No. Way. You broke up with him? That asshole? Good for you! I never liked him anyways. He tried to hit on me once.
-Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you still loved him. Astrid, Astrid, I'm sorry. Please stop crying. You were too good for him.
-Why do I always say the wrong thing?
-Okay, good to know. Are you done now?
-Good. So, what else is new?
-Okay, cool. I always knew you would go into medicine. Dentistry, eh?
-Dermatology. That's what I said. What's it like?
-Figures. I don't like touching people's faces. Too much for me.
-Me? Well, it's my summer abroad here in Germany. I think I'm going to go into interpretation, mainly German. I think.
-Practice? Well, I'm speaking to you in German now, aren't I?
-Oh. You meant speak with other people. I just got here last night, Astrid! Why don't you introduce me to some of your friends, then?
-I didn't think you'd seriously do it.
-Tomorrow night? Your place? Give me the address, I'll be there. What time? Okay, 18.30. Will do. Anyways, what else is new?
-Need to practice German with other people, she says. Well, thanks a lot, Astrid, it's not like your English is that great.
-Okay, maybe it is.
-Oh, look! A bookstore! Let's go in Kirsten, shall we?
-Ooooh, look! A DUDEN! I need a Duden! I think I'll buy it.
-50 Euros? I don't think so.
-I think I'll buy a Langenscheidt instead.
-The Langenscheidt is also 50 Euros. I think I'll buy a latte instead.
-The cafe is just over there. Yes, can I please have a latte? Skim milk.
-Thanks. Where am I from? The USA. Detroit.
-Oh, cool. Bonn? Never been there. Anyways, thanks.
-Good Lord, was he ever cute. Why is he still looking at me? Why is he following me?
-Oh, hi.
-Umm, sure. When does your shift end? In ten minutes? Yeah, sure. I'll wait here.
-He likes me. He likes me. He likes me. He likes me.
-Oh, hi. Good. Do you mind if we just sit here for a while? I'd like to get to know you better, if that's okay with you.
-Nice to meet you, Basti. I'm Kirsten.
-No, I'm not German. I just have a German name.
-Thanks. I hate speaking German. I'm always afraid I'll make a stupid mistake.
-I'll speak to you in English if you want.
-Okay, if you don't want to, I won't make you. Actually, let's walk somewhere. I don't want to just sit here. Is that okay?
-Good. Oh damn, it looks cold outside.
-No, really. Wear your jacket, I'll be fine.
-No, please, Basti.
-Okay, I can't make you wear it. Wow, it's warm.
-Come, walk with me. Show me around. I've never been to Germany before.
-Thanks for the tour, Basti. Here's your jacket.
-Tomorrow night? I've actually got plans tomorrow.
-Oh, you too? Well, that's good. Well, here's my number. Call me or something.
-Oh, thanks. If you don't call me, I'll call you.
-See you later.
-He just hugged me. He hugged me.


-Hi, Astrid! I didn't really know what to bring, so I made brownies! From a mix!

-Oh, okay. Thanks, though. I don't really drink beer anyways.

-Oh, sure. I'd love to meet them.

-Hi, Vanessa, nice to meet you. Hi, Willi and... Basti, hi.

-Yeah, we met last night. He was the barista in the bookshop cafe I was in.

-So, tell me about yourselves, I'm on vacation, I really like it, and I want to work as an interpreter, though honestly, I'm not totally sure, you know?......


-No, Vanessa, no more  beer. I'm starting to feel just a titlle tispy..

-No, reeeeeeelly. No more.

-Someone catch meeee beefore I falll..


-Oh my god, my head hurts. Dear Lord, where am I? Astrid? Vanessa? Willi? Basti?


-I hear voices in the kitchen.

-Hi. Am I the only one who has a hangover?

-Oh, good. I wouldn't want to be the only one.

-Where's Basti?

-Still sleeping?

-Good God, he sleeps like a teenager, no?

-What time is it?

-Good god, it's so late... he probably needs to get to work, no?

-Oh, shit. I think I should get him up.


-Basti, let go. Stop it... Haha, we should probably go to your place. We can't carry on like this in Astrid's apartment.

-Come on, come on, get dressed. They all know what we're doing anyways.

-You have to get to work, Basti.

-Don't talk dirty with me, young man.

-Oh, I can't stop you, I guess.

-Basti, how come a handsome guy like you doesn't have a girlfriend?


-Well, why not? I won't say no.

-I'm in Germany for two more weeks, Basti. Make them count.


-Basti, I can't move.

-I'm pushed against a wall.

-Look, I know you're upset. You have to let me go.

-I have to leave! Basti, please!

-Basti, don't do this to me.

-Look I love you too, but-

-I never knew you could kiss like that.

-But I have to leave. You have to let me go.

-I'll call you once I make it to the US.

-Basti... just don't forget me.


-Fuck this plane, Kirsten. I'm leaving.

-I want to be with Basti.


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