Chrono An Mitsumishi

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A boy finally gets his dream come true about dating the girl of his dreams.

Submitted: February 04, 2013

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Submitted: February 04, 2013



Chrono is sitting on a log. He is waiting for Mitsumishi. He had a secret about her. That secret was that he is in love with her.

But there is one problem. She is dating Kuramaru. Kuramaru and Chrono never really got along. Chrono even had a feeling that Mitsumishi didn’t want to be with Kuramaru anymore.

Mitsumishi and Kuramaru have been getting into a lot of arguments and Chrono even witnessed some of them. Chrono told Kuramaru if he lays one hand on Mitsumishi he will kill him. Everything was going fine until one day. Mitsumishi confessed her love to Chrono.

Chrono was in complete shock when he heard that. He finally knew that he didn’t have to hide how he felt about her anymore. When Kuramaru is not around Mitsumishi and Chrono hold hands. On Valentine’s Day they took their relationship to the next level.

Chrono built up the nerve to kiss Mitsumishi. From that day on whenever he could Chrono would sneak in a kiss with Mitsumishi. She didn’t mind she actually enjoyed it. But Chrono didn’t want to settle for secrecy.

He wanted a real relationship. So he brought up the idea to Mitsumishi. She agreed to it and set out to break up with Kuramaru. But something went wrong.

The next day he saw Mitsumishi holding Kuramaru’s hand. Chrono was devastated. He wondered what had happened. So he decided to ask her.

She said she couldn’t break up with Kuramaru. After that Mitsumishi and Chrono got in an argument themselves. Mitsumishi told Chrono “fuck you!” Chrono said “fuck you too then!”

After that the two of them had not spoken to each other for two months. Then out of nowhere Mitsumishi texted Chrono three simple words. Those words were “I love you.” Chrono couldn’t believe what he was reading.

He thought it was a lie so he ignored it. Then an hour later she texted it again. Finally he decided to reply. He asked “why are you saying “I love you” to me.”

She said “because it’s true.” Chrono wanted to believe her but something in him has saying “it’s a lie.” He ignored it and said “what would you say if I told you that I still love you?” she only replied with “<3”

After that Chrono said “I do still want to be with you.” She replied with “aww!” Chrono asked if she wanted to try to date finally. She told him “meet me at the log where we first met we will talk then.”

So Chrono agreed and that is where we are now. Mitsumishi snuck up on him and hugged him from behind. Chrono turned around and hugged her. Then they started to walk the other way.

Chrono reached for her hand. She wrapped her fingers in between his. The two of them walked hand and hand like they used to do. Chrono missed holding her warm soft hands.

Mitsumishi stopped and turned to Chrono. She hugged him and said “I love you.” Chrono said “I love you too.” She looked up at him and kissed him on his lips.

Then they started to walk again. They were still holding each other’s hand. Did Chrono find happiness or was it just like old times? Was she just doing this because she was on the rebound from Kuramaru?

Whatever it was Chrono was just glad to have her back in his life. Without her there was a blank spot in his heart. Now that spot in sealed up once again. But Chrono is a little cautious.

He doesn’t want to get hurt by her again. She broke his heart before so who is saying that she won’t do it again? The two of them are walking, talking, and laughing like they used to do. For now Chrono is happy once again.

But how long will this happiness last? Chrono stops and turns to Mitsumishi. He asks “are we going to start dating or not?” Mitsumishi says “I don’t know yet I’ll think about it.”

He says “come on in the last five minutes we did things that couples normally do so why not make it official?” She doesn’t say anything. He says “forget it lets keep walking.” Then he reaches for her hand.

But this time she didn’t grab his hand. Chrono said “I’m sorry alright.” She said “its ok I forgive you.” Then she grabbed his hand. All of a sudden Chrono let go of Mitsumishi’s hand.

He walked behind her and picked her up. She said “Chrono put me down!” So he did. Then he hugged her from behind.

She moved her arms up and placed them on top of his. When Chrono let go he passionately kissed her. She looked at him and said “I missed you.” He smiled and said “I missed you too baby.”

Then she rested her head on his chest. He held her close to his body to keep her warm. It was really cold outside. She thanked him.

He asked “why are you thanking me.” She replied “for giving me a second chance.” He said “no problem then.” The two of them walked for about ten more minutes.

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