Chrono Meets Jinx

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A little fan fiction to the anime Bleach.

Submitted: February 08, 2013

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Submitted: February 08, 2013




Jinx- *relaxes against a wall*

Chrono-*walks up nervously*hi

Jinx-hello…*she looks straight on*and who are you might I ask?*she moves one of her arms to show her zanpukuto and moved her hair from the side of her face to show some of her mask… *

Chrono-no1 im just lookin 4 my parents

Jinx-espada number 1? need to back away it’s a natural thing for me…I’m a person u don’t want to get on the wrong side of…who are ur parents…*looks at chrono smiling softly her black hair and eyes Amber*I don’t bite

Chrono-too bad I was hoping u did bite.but I don’t know much about them they were taken from me when I was young*lets down guard.walks closer showing a slight smile.*

Jinx-so are u espada number one?*looked at him*

Chrono-no*looks confused*

Jinx-hmm…ok…u said no.1 before I assumed…dosent matter…*lowers arm*

Chrono-do u hav an obsession with snakes*reaches towards back*

Jinx-snakes …no not really…I’m more of a master manipulator

Chrono-k*puts hands down* lets walk and talk im paranoid bout staying in 1 place

Jinx-*nods and turns and walks forward*

Chrono-*starts 2 walk*how long u live here

Jinx-that would depend on what u class as living…like this…hmm…lost count

Chrono-do u no a good place 2 get my sword sharpened

Jinx-no not really I tend to look after my sword myself and your sword sharpness depends on your spiritual pressure…

Chrono-do u think u can sharpen it for me

Jinx-why have u let it gone dull then?

Chrono-I really havent had much time 2 tend 2 it I was always called 4 another job b4 I could sharpen it

Jinx-*sigh*how many I have seen fallen from that…actually no I wont u need 2 learn to balance your time more efficiently

Chrono-fine I will go do that now*walks away mumbling 2 himself*

???-*loud growl*

Jinx-what the hell was that

Chrono-I dont no but I really don’t want 2 find out

???-*slash at Jinx*

Jinx-*looks up*

Chrono-u need 2 b more careful*grabs arm 2 stop tha bleeding*

Jinx-why did u protect me

Chrono-I don’t no it was a reflex*coughs blood*

Jinx-ur an idiot that’s a hollow

Chrono-no duh but we can get 2 tha bad choices ive made later but first*jumps up and cuts tha hollow*

Hollow-*growls in pain and jumps back*

Chrono-*looks at Jinx*is that a good sign

Jinx-*grabs Chrono’s arm and starts to run*what do u think

Chrono-im guessing no

Jinx-hey ur not a complete idiot

Chrono-*pulls arm away and heads towards tha hollow*

Jinx-*face palms*if I hav 2 save that idiot…

Chrono-*yells*u wont hav 2 save me*whispers*yet

Jinx-*yells*I heard that


Hollow-*runs towards Jinx*

Chrono-*jumps in front of Jinx*damn now I hav 2 save u

Jinx-y u make it sound so bad

Chrono-*pissed off*cause u were bitching bout saving me

Jinx-*gives Chrono the evil eye*

Chrono-*shrugs*its not tha first time I got tha death stare

Hollow-*slashes and hits chrono*

Chrono-*pulls Jinx in close and falls 2 tha ground*

Jinx-*gets up and pulls chrono’s arm*get up u idiot

Hollow-*slashes and hits Jinx*

Jinx-*screams in pain and falls 2 the ground*

Chrono-*gets up and slashes Hollow in half*

Jinx-*looks up at chrono’s face*when did ur mask appear

Chrono-it only shows when im angry*falls to tha ground*

Jinx-*pulls chrono on to her back and starts to walk*

Chrono-where r we going

Jinx-my house

Chrono-y r u doing that

Jinx-cause ur all beat up

Chrono-so worry bout urself b4…

Jinx-*drops chrono on the ground*

Chrono-ow wut was that for

Jinx-for being an idiot

Chrono-*shrugs*fair enough

Jinx-*picks chrono up again and starts to walk*

Chrono-hey Jinx…

Jinx-dont make me drop u again

Chrono-I just want 2 say thanks

Jinx-for what

Chrono-no1 has ever been this nice 2 me b4

Old Lady-who is this Jinx ur boyfriend


Jinx-*drops chrono again*

Chrono-wut was that 4 baby

Jinx -*kicks chrono in the face*

Old Lady-young love

Jinx-*yells*he’s not my boyfriend

Chrono-can u please help me up

Jinx-no*walks away*

Chrono-damn*starts 2 get up falls on tha ground*

Jinx-that damn fool*picks chrono up*


Jinx-shut up


Jinx-*opens door and puts chrono on the couch*

Chrono-this is a nice place u got here

Jinx-*looks through cabinets grabs a liquid*

Chrono-wuts that

Jinx-*pours liquid on chrono*

Chrono-*screams in pain*

Jinx-*simply*this will sting a bit

Chrono-now u tell me

Jinx-what do u expect its rubbing alcohol

Chrono-*furious*to warn me first

Jinx*covers chrono’s mouth and pour more on chrono’s wounds*

Chrono-*muffled screams*


Chrono-*pulls off jinx’s hand*will u stop that

Jinx-*sarcastically *no baby

Chrono-u really get on my nerves

Jinx-I know

Chrono-just checking

Jinx-*pours more rubbing alcohol on chrono*

Chrono-*screams in pain*

Jinx- almost forgot *covers chrono’s mouth*

Chrono-*muffled*this bitch is gonna kill me

Jinx-wut was that


Jinx-*goes to kitchen*

Chrono-where r u going

Jinx*comes back with a vile in her hand*

Chrono-wuts that

Jinx-*pours wuts in the vile on chrono’s wounds*

Chrono-*screams in pain again*


Chrono-I think I was safer with tha Hollow


Chrono-y did I save u

Jinx-cause ur nice

Chrono-no really y did I sav u

Jinx-if ur not nice then y did u protect me from that Hollow

Chrono-I had nothing else 2 do

Jinx-then y did u get angry when the Hollow attacked me


Jinx-*smiles*well im waiting


Jinx-is there any special reason y u saved me

Chrono-I saved u cause…

Jinx-*leans towards chrono*yes

Chrono-because I sorta…

Jinx-im listening

Chrono-u no its hard 2 talk when ur on top of me lik this

Jinx-y is that

Chrono-because ur leaning on my wounds and it hurts so its hard to talk

Jinx-oh*looks down*sorry

Chrono-so r u gonna get off of me

Jinx-*smiles*what if I say no

Chrono-i dont no

Jinx-are u gonna do anything about it


Jinx-like what*leans in closer*

Chrono-didnt we just talk about u leaning on me

Jinx-oh shut up

Chrono-make me*sticks out his tongue*

Jinx-*grabs his tongue and pulls it up then looks worried*what that cant be right

Chrono-*muffled*wut is it and can i hav my tongue back

Jinx-*lets go of chrono’s tongue*what espada number are u

Chrono-i dont no y r u asking

Jinx-did u ever look under ur tongue

Chrono-no y

Jinx-it says what number u r

Chrono-so wut does it say

Jinx-it says number 2

Chrono-cool so that means im high up in the ranks

Jinx-we have to go see lord aizen*gets off of chrono*

Chrono-y do we hav 2

Jinx-because we have to see if this is right

Chrono-ok wutever

Jinx-lets go


Jinx-here*a blackhole opens and she walks in pulling chrono with her*

Chrono-wut did i get myself into

Jinx*gets on 1 knee*lord aizen I brought espada number 2

Lord Aizen-u found chrono good to hear

Chrono-who the hell r u

Jinx-dont disrespect lord aizen

Lord Aizen-its ok Jinx he has amnesia

Chrono-now that I think about it this is a nice place

Lord Aizen-thats y u never got to number 1 chrono

Jinx-i dont think he is listening

Chrono-*walks around*

Lord Aizen-somebody get him over here

Jinx-*walks up,grabs chrono’s arm,and drags him in front of lord aizen*

Lord Aizen-now that I got ur attention

Chrono-can I help u

Fraccion-how can he be so disrespectful to u and get away with it lord aizen

Lord Aizen-because he was my right hand man 2 years ago

Jinx-what happened

Lord Aizen-he got in a fight with kenpachi zaraki and lost all his memories

Chrono-who is this kenpachi u speak of

Lord Aizen-a soul reaper who blew ur cover

Chrono-wut do u mean by blew my cover

Lord Aizen-I had u go under cover as a soul reaper but u were so reckless

Chrono-reckless that sounds a lot lik me

Lord Aizen-u had so much promise in hueco mundo u were going to be my replacement

Chrono-well it looks lik I blew that

Lord Aizen-not really come back all u have to do is kill the current number 2 espada

Chrono-do i hav 2

Lord Aizen-not really but u will get so much out of it

Chrono-lik wut

Jinx-*grabs chrono’s arm and whispers in his ear*u will be able to spend more time with me

Chrono-let me think about it

Lord Aizen-ok but for now stay with jinx.u hav 3 days to tell me

Jinx-y does he have to stay with me

Lord Aizen-because I said so

Jinx-fine*grabs chrono by the hair and drags him*

Fraccion-lord aizen do u think thats a good idea

Lord Aizen-yeah im sure

Chrono-hey y r u draging me by my hair

Jinx-*smiles*its fun

Chrono-*stops struggling*ok fair enough

Fraccion-was chrono always like that

Lord Aizen-yeah unfortunately

Chrono-u no i can walk


Chrono-wutever but is this gonna b a regular thing


Chrono-*smiles*ok just checking

Fraccion-so who do u thinks gonna kill who

Lord Aizen-jinx is gonna kill chrono

Fraccion-y do u say that

Lord Aizen-he will piss her off by the end of the night

Jinx-*pulls chrono into the blackhole again*

Chrono-damn that’s a good way 2 travel.u should get everywhere lik that

Jinx-*throws knife at chrono but misses*

Chrono-hey wut was that 4

Jinx-if I travel like that it will blow my cover

Chrono-yea I 4got sorry

Jinx-*pulls knife from the wall*

Chrono-so where am i gonna sleep

Jinx-the floor

Chrono-y tha floor

Jinx-because u act like an animal I will treat u like an animal

Chrono-but tha floor is cold


Chrono-*walks up and holds jinx’s hand*I thought we had something special

Jinx ur starting to piss me off

Chrono-*hugs jinx*

Jinx-*blushes then stabs chrono in the back*

Chrono-ur a crappy friend

Jinx-why is that

Chrono-u stabed me in tha back literally

Jinx-*sticks her tongue out*had u fooled didnt i

Chrono-wut do u mean

Jinx-i made u think that i cared that u hugged me

Chrono-not really

Jinx-why did u hug me is there a deeper meaning to it

Chrono-umm…no i just wanted 2 c ur reaction

Jinx-*smiles*r u sure


Jinx-i will take that as a yes


Jinx-*laughs to herself*u can take the guest bedroom

Chrono-*sighs in releif*

Jinx-what was that for

Chrono-nothing nothing

Jinx-u better be thankful

Chrono-y is that

Jinx-me letting u stay at my house

Chrono-but aizen told u 2

Jinx-i no but i could have let u sleep outside


Jinx-u better start saying lord aizen

Chrono-and y should i do that

Jinx-cause ur going to work for him again

Chrono-y should i

Jinx-because i said so plus i dont like the number 2 espada

Chrono-who is that


Chrono-y dont u lik that person

Jinx-cause she’s a bitch

Chrono-way 2 put it so blunt


Chrono-that wasnt a complement

Jinx-i no


Jinx-so when r u gonna tell lord aizen

Chrono-well i will tell aizen when tha time is up

Jinx-y is that

Chrono-cause i want u 2 tell me about hallibel’s fighting style

Jinx-ok well her zanpakuto is tiburon

Chrono-ok so wuts her personality lik

Jinx-she is calm, taciturn, level-headed and analytical

Chrono-so it will b hard 2 piss her off

Jinx-not hard very hard

Chrono-ok wut else

Jinx-if u hear her say avenge tiburan she is about to go full power

Chrono-wut is her cero attack

Jinx-first wut is ur cero attack

Chrono-fine its close range

Jinx-how close do u have to be

Chrono-closes enough 2 punch them

Jinx-ok well nobody knows hers

Chrono-wut she never used it

Jinx-she used it nobody lives to tell about it

Chrono-well that’s promising

Jinx-u no as soon as lord aizen nos u made ur choice he will…

Lord Aizen-good to see the both of u again

Chrono-how tha hell did we get back here so fast

Loed Aizen-i heard ur conversation

Chrono-*whispers to jinx*can he do that

Jinx-*nods yes*

Chrono-*2 lord aizen*havent u heard of privacy

Lord Aizen-i have but when it comes to getting my right hand man back i dont care about it


Lord Aizen-*grabs chrono by the throat*wut did u say

Chrono-*chokin*i said asshole

Lord Aizen-now y did u say that

Chrono-cause its  the truth

Jinx- u shouldnt have done that


Lord Aizen-*throws chrono across the room*

Chrono-i will say it again ur an asshole

Jinx-ur so dead chrono

Lord Aizen-well I wont wast my time on him

Chrono-*gets up*wut did u say

Jinx-shut up he is letting u live

Lord Aizen-shes right just be outside of here in 10 minutes and the fight will start

Chrono-im glad i lost my memories

Lord Aizen-y is that

Jinx-dont do anything u will regret chrono

Chrono-well wuts 1 more thing*charges at lord aizen*

Jinx-he will regret that

Lord Aizen-oh u have no idea

Jinx-*runs twards lord aizen and shields him*

Chrono-*stops*jinx wut r u doing

Jinx-saving ur ass

Lord Aizen-u should be greatful chrono*walks away*

Chrono-dont u walk away

Jiinx-*grabs chrono and holds him tight*

Chrono-let go jinx

Jinx-im not letting go


Jinx-cause i care

Chrono-care about wut

Jinx-i care about u

Chrono-y do u care about me


Lord Aizen-*walks back in*chrono shouldnt u be getting ready for ur fight

Chrono-i dont no r u an asshole

Jinx-chrono just shut the hell up*smacks chrono upside the head*

Chrono-hey will u stop hitting me

Jinx-if u stop being an idiot

Chrono-damn looks lik u wont stop hitting me then

Jinx-*smacks chrono upside the head again*

Chrono-*pissed off*ok now ur starting 2 make me mad

Lord Aizen-hey jinx is ur relationship with chrono going bad

Chrono-*busts out laughing*

Jinx-*balls up her fists*

Chrono-*walks up 2 lord aizen goes 2 high five him*good 1 man

Lord Aizen-*goes to high five chrono*

Chrono-*moves hand then punches lord aizen in the face*pay back is a bitch asshole

Lord Aizen-u just made a big mistake*punches chrono through a wall*

Jinx-*runs over to chrono*r u ok chrono

Chrono-*gets up*I had better days

Lord Aizen-now behave chrono and do wut I say

Jinx-just listen to him

Chrono-i never do wut im told

Jinx-will u just shut up

Lord Aizen-chrono u never learn do u

Chrono-nope i never do

Jinx-*punches chrono in the face*

Chrono-i thought u cared about me

Jinx-*pissed off*im starting to care less by the second

Chrono-4 wut

Jinx-*face palms*just shut up before i hurt you

Chrono-how by treating my wounds

Jinx-*punches chrono through the wall again*

Lord Aizen-i will leave u 2 alone chrono get ready u hav 10 minutes

Chrono-*mubles to himself*

Jinx-dont say anything

Chrono-*gets up*

???-so ur my opponent

Jinx-oh no

Chrono-who is that person talking 2

Jinx-thats hallibel

Chrono-she sounds lik a bitch

Hallibel-*throws rock at chrono*

Chrono-*gets hit with tha rock*hey we still hav 10 minutes

Hallibel-well lord aizen called for me now so i might as well get started

Chrono-that bastard

Jinx-i should have known

Chrono-y do u trust him

Jinx-i dont no

Chrono-c u cant trust every1

Hallibel-can we get on with the fight

Chrono-*sighs*wuts with all this bloodlust

Hallibel-forget it then*charges at chrono*

Jinx-chrono look out

Chrono-i no*grabes jinx & side steps*

Hallibel-*crashes into the wall*

Chrono-so jinx wut do u want 2 do after this

Hallibel-*gets up then charges again*

Jinx-i dont no chrono look out

Chrono-this is starting 2 piss me off*holds out his fist*

Hallibel-*runs into chronos fist*

Chrono-stop hiting ur face with my fist

Jinx-are u ever gonna be serious

Chrono-i will when the fight starts

Jinx- it already started

Chrono-no way u got 2 b kidding me

Jinx-im not why do u think she was charging at u

Chrono-i just thought she was a bigger bitch then u said she was

Jinx-*laughs to herself*

Chrono-y aint u laughing out loud

Hallibel-*2 herself*y m I wasting my time with him

Chrono-1 minute jinx*disapper then reappears in front of hallibel & cuts her*

Hallibel-damn he is fast*falls 2 the ground*

Chrono-now that tha annoying bitch is out of tha way we can talk

Hallibel-how m i the annoying 1 plus im not a bitch

Chrono-just shut up & die already

Hallibel-*yells* u were talking 2 me about bloodlust look at urself

Jinx-shes got a point chrono

Chrono-*mood changes a strange aura surrounds him*

Jinx-oh no *yells*run hallibel

Hallibel-does it look like i can run

Chrono-*looks down tha aura is getting larger*

Jinx-chrono calm down

Chrono-*looks up his full hollow mask is showing*

Hallibel-*to herself*i never sensed a bloodlust like this b4 this could be bad

Chrono-damn right its bad ur not gonna make it out of here

Hallibel-*tries to grab her sword*

Chrono-*kicks hallibels sword away*wut do u think ur doing

Hallibel-*thinks*is this the end for me

Chrono-im gonna enjoy this*puts his sword 2 hallibels throat

Jinx-*looks away*

Chrono-*slides his sword through hallibels throat*

Hallibel-*screams in pain*

Chrono-*turns 2 jinx and walks forward*

Jinx-*backing away*chrono what are u doing please stop

Chrono-*slight smile*

Jinx-*draws her sword*i dont want to hurt u

Chrono-*laughs*that makes 1 of us

Jinx-whats wrong with u

Chrono-nothing i hav just been holding all my hatred in its time 2 let it all out

Jinx-chrono get away from me

Chrono-but i want 2 hav some fun*laughs evily*

Jinx-chrono im warning u stay away

Chrono-ever since i met u my life has been hell

Jinx-please chrono im begging u*falls to her knees*

Chrono-*goes 2 cut jinx*

Jinx*crying*chrono please stop


Jinx-*looks up*

Chrono-*drops sword on tha ground*

Jinx-*sees that chronos mask is gone*

Chrono-*grabs his head tears running down his cheeks*wut m i doing

Jinx-*gets up then hugs chrono*it doesnt matter im just glad ur back to normal

Chrono-wut happened

Jinx-does it matter

Chrono-yea it does b4 u were punching me through walls and“healling” my wounds now ur hugging me

Jinx-*punches chrono through a wall*

Chrono-that’s tha jinx i no*starts 2 get up*

Jinx-*steps on chronos chest*just stay down we both know that im gonna punch u through the wall again

Chrono-*lays back down*yea ur right

Jinx-all u need to know is that u killed hallibel


Lord Aizen-*appears out of nowhere*y is that chrono

Chrono-that means i hav 2 work 4 u again

Jinx-*sighs*when will u learn chrono

Chrono-i will never learn so get over it

Lord Aizen-stubborn as usual chrono

Chrono-u no nothing about me aizen

Lord Aizen-u work for me so u better start calling me “lord aizen”

Chrono-will u just shut up u werent even a captain in tha soul society only an assistant

Lord Aizen-u were always disobedient

Chrono-yea i always was a rebel

Lord Aizen-its gonna get u killed 1 day

Jinx-lets go chrono

Chrono-fine but can we get sumthing 2 eat 1st

Jinx-ok but ur paying for us

Lord Aizen-have fun on ur date

Jinx-*charges at lord aizen*

Chrono-*catches jinx’s fist*temper temper

Jinx-u have no room to talk

Chrono-wutever lets go jinx


Lord Aizen-have fun

Chrono-*flips off lord aizen*

Jinx-*to chrono*that man really pisses me off

Chrono-then y do u work 4 him

Jinx-well i…

Chrono-thats ok if u dont want 2 tell me

Jinx-its a long story

Chrono-u can tell me if u want i wont judge…much


Jinx- *walks into the main hall and sighs at the place being so empty so she sat down and leant against a pillar*

Chrono- *walks up to jinx *is sumthing wrong

Ulquiorra -*walks passing her*

Jinx -no nothing is wrong it just feels empty... that might be just because ulquiorra walked past

Chrono- y does he make u feel empty

Ulquiorra- *stops and looks it chrono* its been a while bro

Chrono- *2 ulquiorra*yea it has

Jinx- no he doesnt i was having a joke *sigh*

Chrono- *scratches his head*o sorry hehe

Jinx- idiot

Chrono- *turns 2 ulquiorra*so wuts new with u bro

Ulquiorra- *throws him a bottle of vodka *nothin much wut bout u

Chrono- *catches*thanks same here

Ulquiorra- damn

Chrono- wut is it

Ulquiorra- i just remembered that i hav sumthin 2 do

Chrono- c ya later then

Ulquiorra- yea *walks away*


Chrono- *looks 4 ulquiorra*where tha hell is he

Ulquiorra- *reappears* yes brother

Chrono- i got sumthin 2 ask u

Ulquiorra- wut is it

Chrono- am i tha only 1 that’s fed up with these ass kissers

Ulquiorra- wut do u mean

Chrono- i mean when aizen says jump people here say how high

Ulquiorra- wut r u getting at brother

Chrono- wut im getting at is that aizen has every1 here brain washed

Ulquiorra- no he doesnt

Chrono- hello aizen

Ulquiorra- *turns around real quick & gets down on 1 knee*hello my lord

Chrono- thats wut I mean look at u bro

Ulquiorra- *gets up & looks at chrono*that proves nothin

Chrono- o really i think it proves alot

Ulquiorra- grrrr…. So wut do u wanna do bout it then

Chrono- i wanna dethrone aizen

Ulquiorra- how do u plan on doin that

Chrono- im still thinkin on that

Ulquiorra- u gotta b kiddin me u wanna dethrone him & u don’t hav a plan

Chrono- *simply*in a nutshell yes

Ulquiorra- ur still an idiot after all these years

Chrono- yup & i always will b

Jinx- *appears*so wuts going on with the 2 of u

Chrono-*2 ulquiorra*keep quite bout my plan ok

Ulquiorra-*blurts out loud*chrono wants 2 dethrone lord aizen

Jinx- wut

Chrono- thanks a lot bro

Ulquiorra- im so sorry chrono

Jinx- u havent even been back 3 months & u wanna do sumthin this reckless


Jinx-how did u live this long chrono

Chrono-honestly i dont even no

Jinx-*thinks 2 herself*wut do i see in him

Chrono-hello earth 2 jinx

Jinx-*out loud*huh did u say sumthin

Ulquiorra-wut were u thinkin of jinx


Chrono-look ulquiorra shes blushing

Jinx-*turns her head away*sh-shut chrono

Chrono-*walks over 2 jinx then buts his arm around her shoulder*so wut were u thinkin bout

Jinx-*blushes even more*

Ulquiorra-look chrono shes blushing more since ur arm is around her

Chrono-*looks at jinx*o really

Jinx-*pushes chrono away then runs*le-leave me alone

Ulquiorra-wut did u do 2 her chrono

Chrono-*smiles*i didnt do nothin but i no wuts rong

Ulquiorra-r u gonna tell me

Chrono-nah not yet


Chrono-*laughs a little*yea

Ulquiorra-i think u should chase her

Chrono-*starts 2 run*ur right

Ulquiorra-go get em champ

Chrono-*flips off ulquiorra *

Jinx-*still running*

Chrono-hey wait up


Chrono-*speeds up*

Jinx-stop chasing me

Chrono-please tell me wuts rong baby

Jinx-*stops*what did u just call me


Jinx-*walks closer to him*did u call me baby


Jinx-do u hav feelings for me

Chrono-*blushes even more*m-mayb

Jinx-y didnt u tell me

Chrono-cause I didnt want u 2 hate me

Jinx-why would i


Jinx-*grabs chronos hand*tell me

Chrono-*blushes even more*…....

Jinx-*smiles*would it help if i said i like you also





Chrono-*holds jinxs hand*

Chrono & Jinx-*walks back holding hands*

Chrono-so y didn’t u tell me sooner that u lik me

Jinx-I didn’t know how u would react

Chrono-*smiles* well now u no


Chrono & Jinx-*walks in front of ulquiorra*

Ulquiorra-wut did I miss

Chrono-a lot

Jinx-*slight laugh*

Ulquiorra-I can tell


Jinx-lets go home 4 awhile


Jinx-*opens a black hole & pulls chrono in*

Chrono-damn im never gonna get sik of that it awesome


Chrono-wut r u smilin bout

Jinx-nothing nothing




Jinx-*hugs chrono*

Chrono-*hugs back*

Jinx-*kisses chrono on the cheek*


Jinx-whats the matter

Chrono-nothing *smiles then kisses jinx on her lips*

Chrono & Jinx-*kissing*

???-jinx wut r u doin

Jinx-lord aizen im doing nothing

Lord Aizen-that’s not wut it looks lik

Chrono-y don’t u leave us alone

Lord Aizen-this is not wut I expected

Chrono-wut did u expect then

Lord Aizen-4 jinx 2 kill u

Jinx-why would I do that

Lord Aizen-I thought he would piss u off

Chrono-*holds jinx*well we got through that


Lord Aizen-this will b a problem *charges at chrono & jinx*

Chrono-*pushes jinx out of tha way*

Lord Aizen-u still r fast chrono

Chrono-I wont let u hurt her

Lord Aizen-ok ill stop as long as u 2 break up


Jinx-chrono maybe we sh-

Chrono-no jinx we wont not 4 him

Lord Aizen-*charges at chrono*

Chrono-*dodges* RADORI!

Lord Aizen-*groans in pain*

Chrono-hehe gotcha

Lord Aizen-*coughs up blood*

Chrono-hard 2 talk without a lung huh

Jinx-chrono how could u

Chrono-wut he was gonna kill us 4 being 2gether

Lord Aizen-*falls 2 tha ground*

Chrono-it was needed


Chrono-y r u crying baby

Jinx-cause u killed my father u dick


Jinx-yes now get out of my house right now

Chrono-jinx im sorry I didn’t no

Jinx-*yells* just leave right now

Chrono-ok I will goodbye

Jinx-y r u still here I said go

Chrono-im sorry *tears run down his face & he fades into tha night

Jinx-*crying louder*

Lord Aizen-........

Jinx-daddy no don’t die

Lord Aizen-jinx…I want u 2…take my place as leader

Jinx-but I cant

Lord Aizen-please it is my dying wish

Jinx-ok daddy I will

Lord Aizen-plus don’t hate chrono he was only trying 2 protect u he really cares bout u jinx

Jinx-I will never 4giv him no matter what

Chrono-*still running*

Jinx-*goes to hueco mundo*

Fraccion-jinx where is lord aizen

Jinx-he…is dead

Fraccion-wut how

Jinx-chrono killed him

Fraccion-so who is our leader than

Jinx-he named me as ur new leader

Fraccion-ok lord jinx *bows*

Jinx-u don’t need 2 bow 4 me & don’t call me “lord jinx” its weird

Fraccion-ok jinx *gets up off his knees*

Jinx-gather all the espadas

Fraccion-ok I will


Jinx-now that all of u r gathered here ur orders r 2 kill chrono

Ulquiorra-y wut did he do

Jinx-he killed lord aizen

Ulquiorra-wut he would never do that

Jinx-well he did & ur gonna die now ulquiorra

Ulquiorra-wut y

Jinx-cause u knew of his plans & u didn’t do nothing

Ulquiorra-I didn’t no he was serious bout it

Jinx-well he was*charges at ulquiorra & stabs him*


Jinx-let this be a warning there will be no traitors

Every1-yes lord jinx

Jinx-now go kill chrono

Every1-yes lord jinx

Chrono-*runs faster*

 Ulquiorra-*appears out of nowhere*brother...

Chrono- ulquiorra wut happened 2 u

Ulquiorra-it was jinx

Chrono- wut y

Ulquiorra-she…thought I was against lord aizen

Chrono-wut really

Ulquiorra-yea…*drops 2 tha ground*

Chrono- ulquiorra no get up


Chrono-damn it jinx

Grimmjow-there u r chrono

Chrono-wut do u want grimmjow

Grimmjow-I want ur head

Chrono-y do u want that

Grimmjow-under orders of lord jinx

Chrono-did u say “lord jinx”

Grimmjow-yes since u killed lord aizen lord jinx took over

Chrono-damn I missed a lot

Grimmjow-*charges at chrono*

Chrono-*side steps & stabs grimmjow in the leg*

Grimmjow-grrr…damn it

Chrono-*walks away*

Grimmjow-don’t walk away from me

Chrono-I need 2 talk 2 jinx

Grimmjow-do u hav a death wish


Grimmjow-ur still an idiot

Chrono-yea I am

Grimmjow-she will kill u

Chrono-i deserve it


Chrono-u heard me

Grimmjow-wut a fool

Chrono-just shut up

Grimmjow u hav no right 2 talk 2 me lik that

Chrono-in tha current situation i do


Chrono-ur tha fool grimmjow

Grimmjow-will u just shut up

Chrono-cant i dont no how 2 hehe

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