Kitchen Mishap

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The diner was slow today, and the news was upsetting the customers.

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Submitted: February 15, 2013



Kitchen Mishap

“Breaking news: a convicted serial killer broke free from Caldecott County Prison this morning. He is expected to still be in the area. He is described as being approximately 6”1 with a prominent scar above his right eyeb-“ Darlene clicked the TV off.

“Now Darlene, why’d you go and do a thing like that?” Myra wrinkled her freckled nose irately, “I was watching that.”

Darlene, a larger older woman, rolled her eyes at the younger girl. “It was upsetting the customer’s stomachs. Can’t have no ‘serial killers’ while folks are eating.”

Myra rolled her eyes and huffed. There was hardly anybody in the diner today, only a few truck drivers who were passing through and an elderly couple who had just come from the Baptist church from up the road.

“Well, what if he comes in here huh Darlene? We wouldn’t know it was him and he’d take us out back and barbie-que us.”

“Oh hush up Myra, you’re upsetting the customers with that talk of yours.”

Myra simply rolled her eyes again, and went to take the orders of a couple that had just walked in.

The rest of the day passed much the same, slowly. It was nearing closing time and most of the people were beginning to trickle out, while the last few customers of the night entered. The usual truckers and fellow night shift workers entered, followed by a man that Myra and Darlene did not recognize.

Myra picked up a menu and walked over to take his order.

“Haven’t seen you in here before. My name’s Myra, can I get you something to drink?” she smiled at him with her best waitress smile.

“Just move here today actually, I’ll just have water.”

She smiled again and handed him the menu.

“Oh gosh, what happened to your eye?” she asked, referring to the large scar above the man’s brow bone.

The man smiled.

“Kitchen mishap.”

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