Jake Hunter I -- Sacrifice

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Jake Hunter is a Sixteen year old High School student who has a big secret: he is a Special Agent for a United States Special Intelligence group called The Agency. So to keeps this secret Jake spent his High School life with no friends and talks to no one not even his own mother knows. When he meets a girl who developed a crush on him, Jake must find a balance between his secret life and the little social life he has.

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012




Chapter 1


You know when people say don’t mess with the quiet kids, this applies to me. I look, walk, and talk like an average teenager, but I’m far from it. I looked at my watch; it was 2:57 three minutes to spring break, three minutes to freedom. When everyone in my class goes away on cool trips and stuff I’m stuck here in Maryland praying that I don’t get called up again so I could set back and relax and maybe spend time with Jessica who was burning a  hole in the back of my head. Normally I wouldn’t give this girl the time of day but she keeps staring at me when she thinks I don’t see her, other times she makes these embarrassing facial expressions at me. Man, I’m surprised that she even noticed me being that she is the ‘popular type’ girl. Average height with a childish-like face despite being older than me by a year, brown hair with greenish streaks on the left side with the perfect figure dressed in New Yorker clothes.

The bell rang, my fellow classmates ran out like bats out of heck I took my time and gathered my notebooks and my one strap book bag I saw Jessica approaching me from the back of the classroom.  I grabbed my stuff and tried to walk quickly to avoid conversation. As I walked out of school the stubborn Jessica called out to me.

“Hey Jake!” She shouted.

I swore silently turning around to wait for her.

“Oh…hi Jessica.” I said patiently.

“I’ve wanted to talk to you.” She said. 

Crap, I’ve been all around on espionage missions, but nothing I faced could prepare me for something like this. I didn’t need this distraction because my job would then be more complicated with her around.

“About what?” I said in an annoyed voice in an attempt to end the conversation quickly.

“You always sit by yourself so I thought you would like to hang out with someone else for once.” She said blushing slightly.

She lowered her head with her brownish eyes still fixated on me. In my mind I wanted to ask her out, hell I’ve even fantasized about but another part of me the scared of repercussion part wanted me to run like a crack head.

“Well…I already had plans for the afternoon so I can’t.” I lied. I felt nervous because she wasn’t buying it so I had to move to plan b. she stared at me with an inquisitive look on her face.

“Really, what plans?” She asked placing her hands at her hips.

“My mom and I have Some Business…um…overseas.” I said vaguely. This didn’t work either because now she was more interested.

“Ok then we can hang out today then.” She concluded.

Before I could flick a word off my tongue Jessica began to drag me towards a pizza shop a block away from the school. It was just my luck it was full of half of the people that I hated from school and the other half might be from another school.  Everyone immediately greeted her which made matters worse I was coming in with one of the prettiest, coolest girl in school. We sat down in the back of the shop and ordered. I can’t be here especially with her I didn’t know how, but I had to get rid of her.

She sat down across from me resting her head on the back of her folded hands. I could feel everyone staring at us from behind me; it was like they all had a gun to my head waiting for me to screw up. When the pizza arrived Jessica broke the silence.

“So tell me how old are you” she asked

“Sixteen.” I replied.

“Oh really, when’s your birthday?” she asked curiously.

I avoided that question as if it was classified and took a bite of pizza to avoid answering. I peeped at the watch; I had to end this conversation quickly.

“Um, I really have to get going Jessica.” I said

“What’s the rush? Don’t you like me?” she asked

This was my chance. “No” I said. It would have been pitch perfectly but my damn expression gave me away.

“Your lying I can tell by your face, plus the many times that I caught your eyes drifting.” she said.

Jessica rose my head up so I was now looking at her in the eye. I grabbed her smooth palm in my hand. I shook my head trying to get my focus back, I’m going to hate myself for this afterwards’ I thought.

“Look, you’re really, really nice, but honestly I’ve never looked at you in that kind of way, heck I barely know you.” I said.

It was actually true even though I had 11th grade classes I only had one class with her a week so It’s rare to see her. Jessica remained silent

I didn’t want to leave the shop to be honest especially after she was being so nice to me, but being a spy means that I couldn’t form any attachments with others. Till today I tried to achieve social outcast status. I don’t go out unless I have a mission. I don’t date because I can’t get distracted. I don’t even talk to my parents much even though we live together, not much to say when they don’t know you’re a spy.

When I came home I did like always, said hi to the folks and waltzed upstairs to my room. I took off my book bag, unfastened my shirt and scrolled up and down my e-mail. I then noticed an E-mail with a sender unknown I eagerly click the file. It read:

Meet me at the mall in 2 hours. Come alone”

I look at the time it was sent it said 3:13pm. I looked at my watch it was 4:46pm, I jumped out of my seat like superman and ran out of the door.

I was out of breath when I arrived at the mall, since I don’t frequent here I had trouble finding the food court. I surveyed the area until I saw a woman in her mid- twenties sitting quietly away from everyone else. Maria was practically my babysitter; she was in charge of my mission briefings, transportation, and equipment. She was above average height, with tanned skin and brownish eyes. She noticed me approaching her and placed her finger over her watch.

 “You’re late.” She said

“Sorry about that” I replied.

I sat down and ordered some food. I ate a hamburger and Maria scolded me about it. She is kind of a health nut almost always eating things like salad and yogurt. She handed me a Windows Phone and an image of a middle aged balled man appeared on the screen. Then it flashed to some kind of plant or factory.

“Ok, what am I looking at?” I asked.

“This was an Oil Refinery that was bought out by a Scandinavian businessman in Thule, Greenland.” She explained. 

“That’s good for him, I guess.” I said “So what is the problem” I added.

“The problem is that the Refinery production was shut down suddenly after he took over, and the man in question isn’t talking to anyone. In addition satellite images showed a faint trace of strange chemicals…possibly explosive.” She said.

“So you want me to spy on a businessman and discover the source of the chemicals.” I reiterated

“We will send you there via helicopter about 9am tomorrow so don’t be late.” She stressed.

I stood up out of my seat and let out a yawn. It was passed six o’clock and I was really tired. I said goodnight to Maria and sat walked slowly back home.

The sun just finished setting when I returned home I took of my jacket as my mother greeted me. My mother Nora was very suspicious of me when I go away on missions but I always thought deep down inside she knew what I was doing, It real hard to keep a secret from her.

“Jake your back, where were you?” she asked

“Sorry I went out for a moment” I said

My Mother was a little taller that I. she had fair skin, and wears business casual suits with curly hair. She was smart and very inquisitive. She adjusted her glasses and handed me the house phone. Most of my life it was just me and mom while dad was stationed all the way in Afghanistan.

“Jake, almost forgot your friend called.”  She informed. I stood looking a little confused because I didn’t know I had friends.

“What friend?” I asked curiously.

“A girl, I believe her name was Jessica.” She said

As I stood there with many of questions yelling in my mind at this point. One yelled the loudest: how the hell did she get my number. I gave the phone back to my mother and began climbing the stairs. My mother had a confused look on her face.

“Aren’t you going to call her back?”


“Why not? She obviously likes you, so just talk to her.” She suggested.

“I’d rather not” I said. I turned my head to hide my sadden expression on my face. I knew she meant well but… only if she knew. My sadden expression changed when I heard mother chuckling behind me. I turned my face to meet hers.

“You playing hard to get Jake?” she asked in a mischievous voice.

I laugh surprisingly with her about that ridiculous statement. It’s been a while since she caught me laughing, heck it even felt good. But as a spy I had to rise above such emotions.

Back in to my room I began to pack my equipment I kept a hidden compartment in my closet so no one can find it. I took out my grappling hook my Mk.23 SD with snow cameo would come in handy. I normally would not like to use my gun because if you’re smart invisibility is an even greater weapon. Since I’m going to the Arctic I nabbed my Heat Insulated snow camouflaged ninja-like suit, along with my binoculars and some C4 for those heavy…entanglements. I packed my smoke bombs and flash bang for distractions and last but not least a parachute.

After I finished packing I spent a little time with my parents before I went to sleep that night.  At about 9:50pm I laid down in my bed but I looked onto my phone it read: One miss call my only missed call I might add besides the agency the only person it could have been was Jessica. Dismissing the message I turned off the phone just before I cut the light off on my desk.




















Chapter 2


Nine o’ clock in the morning came faster than the blitzkrieg of Poland. Jessica, still burning in my head, but I cleared my head long enough till I reached the airfield. My parents were at work so I had no problem sneaking out the house. Maria sat on the helicopter using her laptop I sat nervously across from her holding my duffle bag in my lap.

“You can relax a little Jake, it’s going to be a while” Maria informed.

I changed the subject.

“I read some of the files this morning but I couldn’t get much information on Thule.” I said

“Thule is an ice sickle with population of 6…7 hundred tops.” She said.

I kept my head down playing with my G-Shock on my wrist at the same time thinking about Jessica. I noticed that Maria kept staring at me out of the corner of her eye while she used her computer. I kept moving around trying to remain comfy but I eventually fell asleep

After 6 hours on a miserable helicopter trip, we touched down on an Airport outside of the city. Until today I didn’t know that there were any people here despite that it was still kind of depressing miles of tundra and water frozen solid. I call out to a taxi driver in Greenlandic (I can speak a remarkable number of languages.) I told him to drive forward towards an agency hideout inside the small settlements here. When I got there I quickly changed into my snow-cameo suit and placed a timer on my G-shock as soon as the sun set. The days here are short so I had a short time to complete my task.

Right after the sun set it was time for me to make my move. They’re two security guards that were guarding the front door. I help position until the guard one of the guards started to walk towards the highway 90 yards left of me. 30 seconds later the other guard followed him. I sprinted to the chain fence. I leaned in to touch it and suddenly heard the squeaking of a mouse dashing toward the wall. When the mouse came in contact the fence sparked a mouse was no more. The spark was no brighter than a cell phone. I backed away trying not to draw attention, for the fence to spark that bright means that this Electric fence was set to a very high voltage. I looked to the left of me where the guards are still patrolling the highway and secured my gloves. A special attachment that my Suit has is that it does not conduct electricity but is vulnerable to an EMP burst. I climbed the gate and ran quickly for cover.

The only thing that stopped me now was the security camera in front of the door. I was in a good position to hit it with small EMP the device was as small as a SIM card and last for hours. I took advantage of the camera’s blind spot and launched the EMP at it. The device made it short circuit for a while so I snuck quickly in to the door. By this time Maria contacted me via Communicator.

Jake, what’s your status” she asked

“I’m inside awaiting instructions” I answered.

Good we need to find the source of that chemical. Check the security cameras for its location.” She said

“On my way” I replied.

I signed out and began to create a mental map of the place as I explored the plant. Intel was right it looked like that this place wasn’t running for months, if that was the case why would they have guards? Something was going on here; I continued my search of the place. After 10 to 15 minutes I stumbled across the security room. The door was key locked I used my Skeleton key and slowly opened the door. There was a man watching the monitors I quietly stood to the shadows and began texting to Maria it read:


A minute later I received a text from Maria it read:


I placed a way my phone staring the man from the shadows I approached him slowly from behind with my Mk. 23 in hand. I stopped when I was five feet away I aimed my gun at his neck and fired. My gun made a slight pfft sound. The dart hit its target, I crab-walked backwards as the man slowly fell asleep in the chair.

Now that my ‘friend’ was incapacitated I moved him out the way took control of the cameras. I then contacted Maria

“Ok I’m in” I said

“Alright look through until you find the chemicals let me know when you find something out about the chemical.” She said.

“How do I know what it looks like” I asked

“I would be isolated from anything else.” Maria said

I began scrolling through the cameras all over the facility. Mostly it was nothing of value I then turned to the parking lot where a middle age man that fits the description on the Scandinavian along with twenty to thirty guard at his back standing across from him next to a jeep was a man that looks like in his early forties with thick sideburns.

The Bald Scandinavian was holding a tightly packed brief case reinforced with titanium alloy with a bio-hazard sign.

“Jackpot, Maria I think I found it.” I said to her via communicator”

“Are you certain Jake we can’t have NO mistakes about this” Maria Stressed.

I wiped the sweat from my face

“Come on, I mean what else you are going to put in a briefcase with a biohazard sign on it” I argued.

I noticed the Scandinavian pass the case to the guy with the wolverine sideburns and he passed one back. The Scandinavian opened his case which was full of money and mumbled some words to the other guy.  As the two began to part ways I contacted Maria once again.

“Crap, Maria we have our businessman just passed it on to wolf man should I pursuit?” I asked quickly.

Negative, we’ll track the man via satellite your next objective is to find out more on these chemicals.” She stated

“That should be in the Scandy’s office I’ll check it out”

I disconnected from the cameras, and then placed the incapacitated guy back into place. Began sneaking around the place I went up the stairs and continued until I saw an office room throughout the window I slowly opened the door, it helped that the door didn’t make a sound I went in to crab-walk position and made my way into the office.

It was surprising that it was an office it was beat up with asbestos on the walls and all kind of old books in the shelf. The only thing that was in good condition was his Dell computer that was still out of date. I began to search his hard drive for anything that relates to chemical weapons. After a 5 minute search it began to look like a waste of time I noticed a blueprint that mentioned a device called ‘The Package’. I didn’t tell me what it did or where it was being made, but I was the only lead to the chemicals we had. I began to take digital pictures on my phone.

Moments later I felt my phone vibrate in my hand. I looked at the number it wasn’t my parents and the agency would of contacted me on my comms I answered on my communicator and at the same time taking the pictures.

“Hello?” I said awkwardly

“Jake? Hey it’s me.” 

Jessica’s voice made me freeze for a moment. I wanted smack myself in the head at this moment.

“Jessica? How did you get my number?” I asked

“Oh…um your mother gave me your number, she’s really nice.” Jessica commented.

“Ah, Jessica this is a real bad time I will call you later.” I said.

“But I was trying to reach you for two days what happened.” She asked.

Man, this Damn girl is trying to get me killed’ I thought. ‘Come on, I mean why is she so fixated with me?’ But in a way I was a little happy to hear her sweet, soft voice. It brightened my day…er…night.

I heard a voice banging on the door. I took five more pictures then hung up the phone. I know it was rude but it was a reflex. I Took cover behind the broken down desk, gun raised at the door.

Jake you got friends incoming get ready” Maria warned.

I didn’t take my eye off the door, the safeties are off, this time it’s me or them.

The soldiers kicked the door down and threw a flash bang. I ducked behind the desk and they started to shoot. I retaliated and shot at the soldiers I took down one of the guys, but they were relentless. They shot up the computer so there was no data left, but at that time all I could think of was getting out of this alive. Maria voice appeared in my head that still didn’t overshadow the rifles sound in front of me.

Jake, get out there now!” She ordered.

“Better said than done” I argued.

I took some smoke pellets from my pocket and threw it at them. Their vision was engulfed in smoke firing blind. I turned around and ran to the window behind me. The jump looked like suicide from my perspective, but I had no second thoughts, I simply jumped.

I quickly went and took out a grappling hook and grappled over the wall an alarm sound they quickly investigated the window, but I was long gone by then.




















Chapter 3


I’m back home, and right in time for school today for the rest of spring break I just laid back and relaxed. The Agency was supposed to contact me so I can investigate what ‘The Package’ is. I placed my gym clothes in my book bag, and after getting a bite of toast I left for school.

I sat quietly waiting for the bus today I had to cut Jessica loose. I don’t want my feelings for her to get in the way of my duties I placed my hand over my face to block the sun. I felt a hand on my shoulder behind me. I turned my head and Jessica was standing there, perfect timing as always.

“I didn’t see you for the entire break and didn’t hear from you since that Saturday.” She said.

“Oh…yeah sorry about that I was really busy.” I said. I wasn’t really lying but I wasn’t completely honest.

Jessica folded her arms and gave me that ‘I know when you are lying’ look.

“Doing what?” she suspiciously.

The bus came I leaped out of my seat and ran inside the vehicle. As always I sat in the back and Jessica sat two seats next to me. I felt so conflicted at this moment. It was the most perfect time for me to tell her but for some reason I couldn’t. If this is what love felt like I wanted to tear it out and abandon it in the middle of the ocean. At times it feels like it controls me it makes me forgetful and at other times it makes me push myself. I hated it so much.

Staying away from Jessica is the best thing I could do now besides deep down we both know we don’t feel that way about each other. I gathered enough courage to speak.

“Jessica, um… I have to tell you something.” I said.

Jessica moved the hair from her face before she spoke.

“About what?” she asked


A man buried in a dark cloak and dark shades interrupted me before I finished. He loomed over me leaving a dangerous impression on me.

“Is your name Jake” he asked quickly.

I nodded.

He pulled out a small note on loose leaf paper and handed it to me I slid away from Jessica and skim through it. It read:

Jake found out details on the package meet me at NSA HQ to discuss more.

I looked back up and saw that the man was gone I turned to Jessica who was silent the rest of the trip to school. She waited till we were off the bus to talk about it,

“What was that about?” Jessica asked.

I looked at her and noticed that was a little shaken about it but tried really hard to hide the expression on her face. I stopped at the light before I answered her question.

“It was nothing, don’t worry about it.” I replied.

“Jake don’t give me that, it’s not every day that a man come up to you with some kind of letter. What did it say anyway?” She asked.

“That for me to know” I said.

At the end of the conversation Jessica looked surprised as she walked ahead of me. I knew I was going to hear about this later. Back at school I transformed into the social outcast Jake and walked pass the other students. They were standing outside a crowd surrounding Jessica. I looked back real quick and asked myself was being a spy worth it? I barely have friends, and I keep to myself. In a way it’s better this way.

By Lunch time I received a call from Maria to leave school from the schoolyard I noticed a black van in standing idle in front of the school I walk to the gate door inconspicuously and picked the lock with my lock pick.

“Breaking out of school” Jessica said

I nearly jumped out of my shoes which is weird because as a special agent I must be prepared for anything. I turned around while trying to remain incognito.

“Yeah, I have to do something and a certain person must stay quiet.” I said

“Don’t worry I won’t rat you out…on one condition.” She said

I heard the horn of the van beep twice over the sound of the students. I had no time to waste with Jessica.

“Whatever it is I accept but I have to go now.” I said.

She nodded with a grin on her face. I took off the lock and ran to the van. This had to be important to call me up so suddenly.

It must have been important because the van drove me back to the NSA headquarters I was never to see this place unless we were at DEFCON 1 or something was a threat to National Security. The NSA HQ was nothing like I was expecting I guess I read too many spy books. Once I was inside Maria escorted me to the conference room there was a giant table and an even bigger plasma screen. The screen powered on and begins to show a slide show of America’s ‘black book.’

Maria skipped to a slide with the guy with the thick sideburns. According to this he was 6’3 from Australian decent had brownish eyes and was forty-three years old.

“I take it you remember him.” She said

I nodded at her

“His name is James Shetland, apparently he ranks second on Americas most wanted list after Al Quada of course.” She said

“What do you know about him” I asked.

“He’s a part of a terrorist organization that we just began investigating. However he spends most of his time with the Japanese Yakuza known as The Emperors Hand in Nagoya, Japan.” She informed.

A Japanese Yakuza was the same as a Mafia or a Triad for Japan. I doubted that the gang had any information on the Package which was more important than a small time gang.

“Where does this gang fit into the ordeal with the ‘Package’?” I asked.

“Well If Shetland worked closely with them then maybe their gang leader would have some information about it.” She said. “Thanks to that information you gave us in Greenland the package is an Enhanced Long Range Triggered Explosive.” Maria said

“And that is…?”

“This bomb has a radius the size of New York City” She clarified.

I stood up and walked to the exit. I was feeling way over my head this time; I mean come on a bomb that can destroy one of the largest cities in the world, but this is the life of a secret agent.

“When do I leave?” I asked.

We leave at tomorrow morning.” She corrected. “We’ll call your school and parents to clear everything up.” She said.

I raised my eyebrow, and made a slight grin on my face. I sat down on the large table.

“We? You’re not a field agent.” I reminded.

Maria tagged along on missions before but she would work behind the scenes like a director. She was a great partner, but I prefer to work alone. I mean my job is hard enough I didn’t need anyone without or even with the proper training to tag along.

“This mission is of the upmost importance, and the agency wouldn’t let you go unless I agreed to accompany you.” Maria stated.

Soon NSA agents escorted me out of the building into a black van. I kept thinking about what Maria said about ‘The Package’: What is the chemical? Even if we can stop it where is it going to detonate? I put those questions aside until I returned home.

It was a dark 7:30pm that night I returned home. I entered and my mom greeted me as usual but more excited than normal.

“Quickly, get ready for dinner. You have a visitor waiting for you.” She said softly.

I ran into the dining room praying that it isn’t who I think it is. I peeked around the corner and guess what? It was her. She was sitting with a table of home cooked food in front of her. I turned back around facing my mother. Her expression changed when she saw my surprised face.

“Mom! What is she doing here?” I asked softly.

“She said you invited her today” she responded.

I thought for a moment and remembered back at lunch in the schoolyard. So, this is what she wanted to have dinner with me and my family. I reluctantly marched upstairs entered my room.

After changing my clothes and freshened up. I went back downstairs. My parents were finished eating and apparently left shortly before I came down leaving me and Jessica. I sat down I looked cool and calm but I was totally freaking out on the inside. She eagerly greeted me when I entered. Mom left a plate of food for me on the opposite side of Jessica. I tried to avoid eye-contact with her by stuffing my face with food.

“I guess you were hungry” Jessica commented.

I didn’t reply, I just continued eating like a savage as if she said nothing.

“I don’t mean to annoy you; it’s just that you’re this secretive, cool guy who is keeps to himself and…”

I stopped eating and looked up at her. She was brushing her hair with her hands. It was kind of ironic all I cared about me and trying to keep my feeling buried. However I never stop to think about her. No matter how much I tell myself I don’t like her she would still like me. I still couldn’t help but think if I was to tell her the truth would that change how she feels. If she likes the secret, isolated me would it change anything that she knew why? If she knew about the Secret Agent Jake?

“Jessica it’s not you it’s just…

I simply froze she looked on in anticipation as if I ended in a cliffhanger.

“Yes?” she said

Was this it? Was my two years of isolation coming to the end? Thankfully the phone rang before I had had a chance to speak. All the fear suddenly disappeared as I ran for the phone.

“Hello.” I said

Maria voice spoke into my ear.

“Jake change of plans we leave at midnight hurry and pack.”  She said.

“Whoa…wait!” I said

She hung up the phone right after this changes everything now I took a deep breath the truth would had to wait I returned she was just finishing eating. She looked and gave me an inquisitive stare on her face which on an unrelated note made her look brighter.

“Jake, can I ask you something?” She asked.

I nodded.

“Are you like a spy or something?” she outburst.

I almost choked on my water, I looked back at her trying to hide the nervousness on my face by laughing it off, but I was actually about to freak out. She was so close to the truth, so close to knowing what I truly was.

"No, why would you think that?” I said regaining my composure.

“Well it just that you’re so secretive, I mean I don’t know anything about you besides your name and age, you also disappear for sometimes, and that thing with that guy on the bus.” Jessica Explained.

Right now I felt cornered like I was in checkmate. If she is suspicious than I can’t be defensive in my response this was crazy.

“Jessica I am not a ‘spy’.” I assured in a chuckling voice.

Jessica smiled to and stood up. It was past 9:00 she grabbed her stuff and I showed her to the door.

“Your right it was a stupid idea.” she planted a kiss on my cheek. “Goodnight Jake.”

“Night.” I tried to keep myself from sounding like an idiot.

  After she left I let out a huge phew being a spy I could handle but dinner with Jessica almost killed me. But in the end I still got a kiss from her and that made me want to do a backflip. I had to get ready for tomorrow so instead of a victory dance I cleaned everything up and made my way upstairs to bed. I had to get all the rest I could because in just 3 hours I will be on my way to the Land of the Rising Sun.



Chapter 4


After a mouthful of lying to my parents and school the government was actually running out of ideas for excuses. It was a wet dark Tuesday when I reached the private airfield Maria didn’t waste time on minor things such as plane check or any other preparations I guess this mission was real important. I boarded the chopper with my black duffle bag inside was my standard equipment such as my Mk.23 SD, several gadgets and my stealth suit. I spent most of the trip brushing up on my Japanese, I would have loved to visit the entertainment district but that had to wait till my next visit. I have to focus on where ‘The Package’ will detonate.

“Exactly, how are we going to find this Yakuza gang?” I asked. 

“There is a bathhouse in the city where the gang frequent a lot they buy it out three times a week.” Maria informed.

“What’s my objective?” I asked.

“You will find and interrogate the leader. I will create a distraction so you can infiltrate” she said

I let out a sigh afterward it was so boring these journeys. I was still sleepy and hopping to get at least a few minutes of sleep. Between the sunlight coming through the window and Maria kept telling me to wake up I couldn’t sleep. The air of Japan had the stench of fish and industrialization.

Me and Maria checked into a hotel for tourist, this was just until nighttime when the mission would begin. Maria’s room was one floor below me she turned it into a mini-CIA with wires all over the place along with small servers. I remained in my room for most of the day, about 3:30pm I heard a knock on my door. Maria needed update and synchronize something on my communicators. I sat on the floor while she was updating it. After everything was silent for a few minute I thought it was a good idea to ask her for advice.

“Hey, Can I ask you something?” I said.

“Why not.” Maria responded.

“There is this…person that goes to my school and---

I was interrupted by Maria’s sudden laughs and chuckles.

“Jake, is this about Jessica?” she outburst.

My eyes widen Maria read my shocked expression like a book unlike usual she didn’t scold me this time.

“How did you know?” I asked.

“I work for the Agency we know everything” She answered vaguely. “My advice: She likes you so don’t push away but at the same time don’t sidetracked it could be fatal, trust me.” She added.

After she left, I still thought about her advice. She was right I didn’t want to push her away but at the same time this is important I stood back up and reached for my G-shock it was two or three in the morning back home, way too late for me to call anyone. I put on my Dark stealth suit and my weapons. Next, place my civilian clothes over them just before I ran out the door.

Maria came in first dressed as a tourist she strolled around and placed small microphones and cameras in discreet locations. They would monitor the place for hours so we could locate the gang leader easier. 20 minutes after Maria entered the Gang came in who ordered everyone out. Maria started out making a big fuss which distracted the gang. That’s when I moved in.

I strolled in and quickly found the nearest bathroom I removed my civilian clothes and turned off the safety on my gun. Things began to die down in the main area. I slowly opened the door and crab-walked quietly around. The hallways were well lit so I watched my flank carefully. I also left me at a disadvantage because there were cameras all over the place and taking it out would more or likely sounded an alarm.

I found myself a dark closet where I began looking through the hidden cameras for the gang leaders. I found him on feed one where he was apparently flirting with a lady who works here. I would have to isolate him somehow.

I slowly opened the door and began to hear a sonic noise. The sound was so unbearable it sounded like my history teacher scraping the blackboard in school. The noise had now rendered me paralyzed, I couldn’t move, speak, and barely think straight. I noise came closer and closer to me I wanted the torcher to stop out of the corner of my eyes I could see someone moving closer. I heard Maria voice in my ear, but I couldn’t respond back.

The man stood in front of me wielding a device that resembled a remote control. The last thing that I remembered is being a victim of a solid right to the face.

I came to hours later I had no idea where I was or anything else. I was dangling upside down. My hands were tied behind my back and the left side of my face was sore. I began to struggle in an effort to break free until I heard a voice.

“It is useless to resist American”

A Japanese man dressed in a suit began to circle me. He spoke fluent English and had an American accent that was flawless.

“Who are you?” I asked.

I spoke in a deeper voice than normal.

“Don’t act stupid American, you know who I am.” Answered the angry Japanese man.

“So you’re the leader of this gang. So you know about the package.” I said.

The man laughed as if he heard a joke. This guy really made me mad because I can’t stand being laugh at.

“The package is classified. A biological weapon made here in Japan.” He explained. “Are you familiar with Ebola?” he asked.

“The flesh-eating virus?” I answered.

“We managed to create a new form of it to devastate the United States. We will create a plague that would spread for miles killing everything in its path.” He explained.

The Japanese man began to push me back and forth like on a swing set. I began to feel dizzy as all the blood in my head swish around. I paused for a minute as he began to slow down.

“So you supplied the chemical—

“Olive and his men created the bomb to deliver Shetland.” He finished for me.

He began to spin me around like a giant pendulum.

“You’ll never get away with this!” I exclaimed.

The man made a nefarious smile that stretched ear to ear.

“You are too late the bomb is on its way and will detonate in noon there with a radius of Both New York City and Moscow.” He said

The gang leader left laughing believing he had bested me. I reach for a concealed knife I kept in a place I don’t want to mention and began cutting my hands free. One my hands were free I slashed the rope the kept me dangling, I tried to land as silently as possible, then I heard the man nearby humming the theme song to Hawaii 5-0. Quickly I leaped and hugging the pipe that kept me dangling and crawled to a shadow in the corner. If this guy is a backhanded as I think he is than he would go investigate.

The man obviously knew I was missing his expression on his face immediately turned sour when he saw the rope sitting there. With his back turned I dropped discreetly to the floor. Crab-Walking towards him I ready my knife only two feet away from me I didn’t waste any time I grabbed him with my free hand and placed him in a choke hold. I took my other hand with the knife and placed it at his throat before he reached for his gun. The man cursed at me, but didn’t dare to reach for his gun.

“You know you really should do a better job with your rope tying.” I joked “Try the boy scouts they make good knots.” Sometimes I can have a really sick sense of humor.

“Clever, boy…you’re better than I expected.” He admitted.

I gripped him tighter as I look behind me at the door make sure I would encounter his gang members.

“I have a few questions for you so behave or its slice/slice” I warned.

He nodded.

“Question 1: where is my equipment?” I asked.

“…It’s in a crate next to the door over there.” He answered.

I tightened my grip again before I asked him another question.

“Question 2: What did you stun me with before?” I asked

“Some kind of black market tech that we got from the Scandinavian.” He snitched.

I looked behind me one more time before I asked the next question.

“Last Question: Where will the bomb detonate?” I asked.

The man was silent for a good moment so I took the knife and scraped it down his left cheek. The man began to squirm around.

“Ok…ok Olive and Shetland, they knew you were coming. they will plant the bomb in Washington D.C. Transit tunnel it will detonate as soon as they are no longer in the area so you have only little time American” He confessed.

After I got the information I knocked him out and hid him in a storage closet. I grabbed my equipment and contacted Maria via comlink.

Jake? Is that you?” She said

“Maria, they’re going to detonate the bomb in the Capital how fast can you get me state–side?” I said.

Washington? About 5 hours min how much time we got left?” she asked

“24 hours” I answered

“I’m waiting outside in a black Toyota hurry and explain on the way” Maria ordered.

I signed out and made my exit out a window below the bathhouse in an alley I heard the honking of a car and quickly ran to it. I didn’t know how but I had to stop these guys even if it killed me.












  Chapter 5


I race back home to the states we quickly began to evacuate people in nearby cities. With the radius of two of the largest cities in the world combined we would have a nationwide plague. I couldn’t help but to stop back home I had to make sure my mother were safe and were leaving the area. She was of course reluctant to leave me behind, but I convinced him.

I ran further into the city at the same time wishing that this was just a sick twisted nightmare. That I can wake up in my room, but it wasn’t and wishing wasn’t getting me through it. As I ran through the city I notice Jessica’s father was packing his stuff. I know that was her father because I remember him from the parent teacher conference a few months back. He was middle aged, a little shorter with facial hair. From the look of him it seems he been through some hard living.

“Excuse me, but is Jessica around?” I asked.

Even though I was kind of in a hurry I still spoke in a calmly voice.

“No son, she is with her cousin in Washington for the weekend.” He answered placing emergency supplies into his van.

Well, this is great not only that I have to stop terrorist from killing thousands of people I have to make sure Jessica gets out safe. Now how am I going to get there? I looked around a saw across the street and saw beautiful Camaro SS. It called to me, so I answered.

I drove quickly to the capital. I never drove a car before; I guess that training at the agency farm paid off. I drifted and swerved through traffic and got off the highway at downtown Washington. I contacted Maria who answered instantly. The evacuation of the city was going slowly.

Jake?” she said

“Maria I can’t take care of the bomb if there are people still here?” I informed

I know but the bomb might go off anyway if they noticed the evacuations.” Maria argued.

“Let me worry about that. I’m not gambling with people’s lives here” I said.

She paused for a moment. I banked left heading towards Georgetown.

Just…be careful Jake.” She said.

According to Jessica’s father she was not that far from the train station. She was standing outside a house with a briefcase. I honked the horn of the car to get her attention. When I got out she turned and hugged me. She stared at me and noticed my gun and cameo.

“What’s with the clothes” She asked.

“I…I happen to work for the United States Special Intelligence.” I confessed.

She let out a smile and tapped me on my forehead.

“Why I am not surprised.” She said sarcastically.

I picked up her briefcase and began dragging her back to her cousin’s house.

“Come on I have to make sure you leave safely” I said.

I returned to ‘my’ Camaro and opened the door. Jessica stood behind me and closed the door.

“You’re not going alone.” She said.

“No! Out of the question you have to go back to your cousin and have him take you as far from here as possible.” I argued.

I got into the car preparing to drive off. Jessica stubborn as ever got in the passenger seat. As I argued with Jessica a gunshot shattered my rearview mirror. I turned around and saw a black car speeding fast. I then heard Jessica locked in her seatbelt in preparation for the coming danger. I didn’t think, I floored the gas and drove forward.

The guy was in hot pursuit and gaining fast. I tried to make last minute turns to lose them, which made matters worse I had a bomb to defuse. The guy in the other car kept driving and shooting. I had to end this quickly if the guy doesn’t kill us than the virus will.

“Jessica, could you take the wheel for a moment?” I asked

Jessica drove while I looked through my duffle bag. Jessica was nervous under pressure but who wouldn’t. I took out my Submachine gun with extended mag and red dot sight. I then began to drive again.

“What’s that?” She asked.

“I have an idea.” I replied.

I kept driving to the train station at the same time keeping an eye on the other driver. If the guy didn’t slipstream me then my plan would work. I kept to the lane next to the car, with everyone in position I turned to Jessica.

“Keep your head down!” I warned.

She nodded and ducked her head to the windshield. I slammed in the brakes until I was right next to the driver side. I took the gun and shot through the tinted windows until I saw blood on the window, then I shot low and took out the tires. Success! The car lost control and was heading of road. It came to a halt and crashed in to a fountain right in front of the station.

I stopped my car right after. I got out examining the wreck. The car was done a wheel came off and the horn filled the air with acknowledging the drivers death. Jessica hugged me and planted a kiss on my face. But my celebrations were completely shattered.

I was in shock. It was that damn Scandinavian he emerged out the car wounded with only moments of life left he gathered whatever strength he had left and shot his gun. I tried to move Jessica out the way but it was too late. I caught her as she fell to the floor blood gushed out of her back. I sat there screaming and shouting for help but no one and nothing was around.  I don’t remember much what happened at that moment maybe it’s a good thing. I do remember my anger I hated the Agency, that Shetland, that Scandinavian, and more importantly myself. I looked up as it began to rain. I took my cell phone and called an ambulance. I knew I couldn’t stay there with her. Leaving her ate at me more than some flesh-eating virus, but I had to end it.  I began my descending into the train station, I grieved over her later.

I walked into the dark tunnel, hustling down the track I kept going until I heard a large ticking sound closer and closer. The bomb was attached to the wall, it was no bigger than a piece of paper such destruction in a little package. The countdown on the bomb was at 28 minutes. I had a little time left.

I began by unscrewing the cover plate revealing the wires and interior structure. There were 12 multicolor wires. There were more but still similar to most wireless timed explosives. So I flashed back to demo training and remembered that old poem.

“Roses are red.”

I cut the red wire, and nothing happened.

“Violets are blue”

  I cut the violet and blue wire, still nothing.

“Sugar is sweet”

Disconnected the pink one and the countdown kept going. There were eight wires if the four didn’t work then that means the last one could be anyone. I became even more nervous one wrong move and…

I took a deep breath and cut the green wire. The countdown stopped I let out a sigh but held my breath again when the countdown began again. I exclaimed out in anger I contacted Maria to get some advice.

Jake is it done? Is the bomb deactivated?” She asked.

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