7 billion souls, sometimes all we need is 1

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Its time for a generation to prevent teen suicide from all around the world. You need to realize that every little thing we do matters. What we do or what we say can effect someone you don't even know..

Submitted: December 12, 2012

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Submitted: December 12, 2012



On estimation there are 7.058 billion people living in our entire world today. 7 billion souls, and 276,000 youngsters between the ages 15-25 years end their lives.  I am 18 years old and like in Melbourne, Australia.

One of my closest friends committed suicide on February. 24th 2012.10 days, after my birthday. He had a family; a great education had a beautiful girlfriend, a heart of gold, a humble mind and another universe full of dreams.

I would never forget that day, that phone call and that visit to the hospital. Witnessing my beautiful boy with dark thickened lines wrapped around his neck, head swollen and tears still remained in his shuteyes. The thing that hurt most was knowing he had the capability and such a darkened state of mind that he was certain he wanted to leave.  Never will he leave my mind, I see him everywhere I go, whether I’m sleeping or at a function. I’ll miss him forever. The memories will never fade and neither will my love for him.

It funny, in that 276,000 teenagers ending their lives, one of them is my friend, he’s just a number, a statistic when deep down he could’ve been something so much bigger and brighter.

Now here’s my message to you; you know that kid, the one that sits in the corner in the back of the class? He cuts his wrists before he goes to sleep because he’s never noticed. You know that girl you all label as a slut? She’s tried to overdose on pills because she couldn’t handle being judged. See your best friend? They’re smiling and acting like their not hurting, but deep down there’s a thousand tears behind the eyes waiting to pour down. 

No matter what you do, or what you say, you matter. The teasing, the bullying, the love, the nurture and attention it all matters to someone and you may not even know it.  If you have strength give some to another. Smile, laugh and love.

Depression doesn’t need to be here, it’s time to take a stand and make the world believe there’s hope and that there’s some sort of magic in the cold world.  Take my hand and make a stand. We can do it together.

Turn to your sister, best friend a stranger and tell them they matter. Say something great, and I guarantee you, it’ll be on their mind all day, you may have saved a life on that day, who knew?

There are 7.058 billion people living in our entire world today. 7 billion souls, and 276,000 youngsters end their lives each year.

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