Far Apart, Is Far Too Hard

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This article allows you to wonder whether Long distance relationships are worth it or just wasting your time. Why hold hands with a telephone chord when you could be holding someone in real life.

Submitted: December 10, 2012

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Submitted: December 10, 2012



A question that came into my mind today: can a long distance relationships last?
From today my boyfriend has gone interstate for a rugby tournament and is gone only for 5 days, but what if it had to be for 5 months? Or even 5 years? Would I really put myself through that for a man?

Some people may say that new technology can over rule the distance, whether its Skype, FaceTime, talking on the phone or constantly texting. But others may say that it doesn’t cover the gap, two people cannot physically or mentally want to miss someone that much and do nothing about it. As well as the ‘side affects’ such as temptation, lying or basically just getting over that one person you cannot have with you. Why wait for one when there could be with a hundred others at your door.
 Loneliness is something this society cannot grab onto and feel okay, whether its love, sex, drugs or money; there will always be something else to fill in the gap, even if it’s not true, its good enough.

You know that moment, when you argue with your partner and after it’s over you can just hold them and feel satisfied that your relationships saved and nothing could kill the bond between each other. What if they weren’t there after the argument, and all you have left in the fighting ring is yourself but no opponent to shake hands with. Being with someone whose far away is basically feeling lonely at the same time, I know I wouldn’t want that.

But if something is meant to be, there will always be some sort of magic in this cold world that makes things fall into place. Whether it’s realising that you’ve had enough or that through everything you both have been through, distance will not part the heart.

In today’s generation, we often get distracted to what is real. But my reality can be different to yours. I believe long distance relationships is a waste of time and your getting yourself into something that doesn’t have to be there. But maybe your in a long distance relationship and you’ve never been happier, prove us wrong, show today’s society that we all can do it, because I have certainly lost all hope.

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